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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters from your loved movie Loveyatri! Keep reading to know more about the Loveyatri cast, Loveyatri OTT, watch Loveyatri online, Loveyatri Instagram, Loveyatri updates, and more. 

Loveyatri Overview

Young Sushrut and Michelle fall in love after meeting during the Navratri celebration. Sushrut sets out on an adventurous adventure across a foreign country to win back the lady he loves when Michelle returns to the UK. Loveyatri's Movie genre is Romance and Comedy.

Loveyatri Release Date and OTT Platform

Loveyatri was released on 5th October 2018. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

Loveyatri Cast Details

Along with Ronit Roy, Ram Kapoor, Naisha Khanna, Pratik Gandhi, and Manoj Joshi playing significant roles, it features debutants Aayush Sharma and Afghan actress Warina Hussain in the key roles.

Loveyatri Crew

In 2018, Salman Khan under the banner of Salman Khan Films produced the romantic drama Loveyatri: A Journey of Love, which was directed by newcomer Abhiraj K. Minawala.

Loveyatri Shooting Location

Two schedules were used to shoot the movie. Additionally, a few sequences were filmed in Vadodara in March 2018. The second half began in London in April 2018 after that. In June 2018, principal photography was finished.

Loveyatri Story and Plot

The narrative opens with Sushrut and Michelle meeting at a Garba festival. Michelle is a talented NRI student, and Sushrut is a local Gujarati man who wants to start a Garba academy. When Michelle visits Vadodara, they cross paths. Sushrut, who fell in love with Michelle at first sight, wants to see her again. Sushrut hangs out with Michelle on one of the Garba nights, and she unintentionally strikes dandiya in the eye. He makes up a wound. She apologizes by calling him. Sushrut shows signs of severe injury.

He spends some time with Michelle, and they grow close. Sushrut tells Michelle the truth because he is afraid of losing her if she finds out about his deception. He erred and wrapped his forehead on the wrong side, so Michelle claims she already knew the injury was a ruse. He only retained the bandage for a day before forgetting to put it on.

After the nine Garba evenings, Michelle and her father return to the United States. Unable to handle being apart from Michelle, Sushrut travels to meet her. The presence of Sushrut makes her extremely pleased. They have a few joyful days together before Sushrut begins acting strangely. He starts to act erratically and exhibits excessive possessiveness toward Michelle. He also becomes envious of her successes.

After numerous scenes, it is revealed later in the film that Sushrut suffers from bipolar disorder. After nearly killing her with a bottle, Michelle abandons Sushrut despite her best efforts to bring him back to his former self. In shorts and a vest, Sushrut begins roaming America's deserted streets.

While Michelle observes, he is dancing on the streets, hoping to make some cash for that day's meal. Michelle feeds him a sandwich since she feels awful for him. She is not recognized by Sushrut. Even so, he has forgotten about her. She goes. Michelle was informed of Sushrut's passing the following day. A news report detailed how a homeless man had been poisoned and how cruel the world was. Michelle places the newspaper in the trash can before leaving while grinning subtly.

Loveyatri Reviews

The straightforward love story in "LoveYatri" is all that it is. The producers obviously intended to make a sweet movie, and they succeed in doing so with zest and a tonne of nostalgic appeal. Abhiraj Minawala, a new filmmaker, plays things safe by adhering to a tried-and-true template and emphasising sentimental moments to generate drama. Too many sweet nothings in between are the issue, and it doesn't assist an unambitious screenplay. The songs in the movie are praised in particular for depicting the celebration and mood surrounding garba. The dynamic interpretations of "Chogada" and "Dholida" by composer Tanishk Bagchi are sure to be a hit on every Navratri playlist. Many people would want to shake a leg to Vaibhavi Merchant's choreography as well.

Director Abhiraj K. Minawala
Music By Taanishk Bagchi
Production Company Salman Khan Films
Content Location Baroda, Gujarat
Country of Origin India
Genre Romance, Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Salman Khan
Name Loveyatri

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Frequently Asked Questions

Loveyatri is a very popular Hindi movie
Loveyatri Shoot location is Baroda, Gujarat
The release date of the movie Loveyatri is 5 October 2018
Loveyatri casts include Aayush Sharma, Warina Hussain, Ronit Roy, Pratik Gandhi, Manoj Joshi
Yes. You can watch Loveyatri online on Amazon Prime Video
The character name of Aayush Sharma in Loveyatri is Sushrut Pandya.
The character name of Warina Hussain in Loveyatri is Manisha Patel
The character name of Ronit Roy in Loveyatri is Sameer Patel.
The character name of Pratik Gandhi in Loveyatri is Nagendra Pathak
The character name of Manoj Joshi in Loveyatri is Natthu Kaka.
Loveyatri is 2 hours and 17 minutes long.
Loveyatri released in the year 2018.
The real name of Sushrut Loveyatri is Aayush Sharma.
Loveyatri Manisha real name is Warina Hussain
No. Loveyatri is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2018
Other movies like Loveyatri are Sanam Re and Love Aaj Kal.
There is no official Instagram ID of Loveyatri.

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