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An Indian television drama series called Lockdown Ki Love Story, or A Lockdown Love Story, aired on Star Plus from August 31, 2020, to January 23, 2021. Sana Sayyad, Jayati Bhatia, Ananya Agarwal, Rakesh Kukreti, and Mohit Malik appeared in the Rashmi Sharma-produced film, which was distributed by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms.

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown forces Dhruv and Sonam, who fall in love and are compelled to live together with their different families, to share a home in Mughalsarai.

Due to Sonam's modern lifestyle and her father Pratap's opinion that Dhruv's family is very backward in their thinking, Dhruv's mother Nutan and his aunt Sheetal are opposed to their relationship. Sonam's mother Subhadra and Dhruv's father Shashikant are the two people who are most in favour of the union. The wedding of Dhruv and Sonam was still going through despite Nutan, Sheetal, and Pratap's various schemes. Together, Tanu, Nutan, Sheetal, Pratap, and they managed to call off their wedding.

They want Dhruv to marry Milky, a childhood friend who has always had feelings for Dhruv. While pretending to be the bride, Milky convinced Sonam to go to her mother for bridal makeup. When Sonam does this, Milky's mother is able to put her to sleep using a medication. Sonam wakes up too late and sees Dhruv and Milky get married. Sonam makes an attempt to justify her absence from the wedding, but Milky and Nutan only blame Sonam. This goes on until Nutan purposefully sets herself on fire. Dhruv kicks Sonam and her family out of the house in a fit of wrath.

Even though his mother begs him to accept Milky as his wife, Dhruv refuses. When Sonam learns the truth about what actually transpired on the wedding day, she chooses to call Milky out for being a cheat to Dhruv. After discovering that Sonam is COVID-19 positive, the police pressure the Jaiswals to allow Sonam to stay in the home where she had previously been residing.

Dhruv sends kidnappers after Sonam to try and bring her back to Mumbai. However, the captors seize Milky instead of Sonam by error. After saving Milky from the kidnappers, Hulchal and Babloo phone her mother and demand she disclose the Jaiswals the truth about what really transpired on the wedding day in exchange for Milky.

Their strategy comes close to working, but Dhruv foils it by locating Milky and bringing her back before Milky's mother could admit what they were up to. Sonam never actually had COVID-19, according to Dhruv, and the whole thing was a ruse to get her inside the house. Later, when Dhruv wants to kick Sonam out of the house, Shasikant disagrees with him and decides to hold a vote on whether Sonam should remain there. Sonam receives the most votes and is allowed to stay. Later, Dhruv prevents Nutan from choosing Dhruv's future with a coin flip. Later, he realises that both sides are in it for his mother to win and tells everyone the truth.

After hearing Sonam's version of events, Dhruv challenges her to present him with proof of this within seven days. Sonam will return to Mumbai on the seventh day if she fails. Raghav, an estranged cousin of Dhruv, now joins the narrative. He despises Dhruv and intends to use Sonam, the person he is in love with, to exact revenge on Dhruv. Additionally, he has a video showing Milky's mother confessing to the events at the wedding. Raghav misleads Dhruv, causing him to kick Sonam out of the house once more, where Raghav kidnaps her and tries to forcefully wed her. After saving Sonam, Dhruv recognises the proof. When Dhruv faces the plotters, he chooses to wed Sonam.

Milky tries to burn herself in the kitchen to halt this. She then files a lawsuit against Sheetal, Shashikant, and Nutan, charging that they burned her for dowry. Sonam strikes a bargain with Milky and Raghav that if Milky frees the Dhruv family, Sonam will wed Raghav in exchange for bringing Shashikant and Nutan.

After Milky pretends that she realised her error and wants to bring them together, Dhruv asks that Sonam marry him. Sonam writes Dhruv a letter of apology on the day of their wedding, and Dhruv rushes to Sonam after he learns that Raghav is forcibly wed to Sonam from Raghav's mother, Sumitra.Raghav shoots Sonam during their argument, but Dhruv shields her and takes the bullets as a result. The following morning, Sonam discovers that Dhruv has lost his memory and is acting childlike. Sonam transforms into a child and helps Dhruv deal with all of the issues he was having because of the other kids in order to cheer up Dhruv. Milky used to adore Dhruv, but now she despises him since she views him as inferior to a child and doesn't want him in her life. She therefore helps her mother kidnap Dhruv, but Sonam rescues him. She stops the assailant from killing Dhruv by showing her love for him.

Sonam receives apologies from Nutan for the mistrust. Milky is expelled from Nutan and Sonam's home.

In addition to evicting Sonam and Dhruv's family from their home, Milky also threatens Dhruv. Dhruv becomes unconscious and is hospitalised as a result of the stress. Sheetal apologises to Sonam and assists her in deceiving Milky in order to reclaim their home. Dhruv remembers something. Sonam's father agrees to Dhruv and Sonam's decision to be married. Milky makes plans to end Sonam and Dhruv's union. As soon as Dhruv's servant Batasha learns about her schemes, she fabricates a pregnancy report and kills him. As a result, Milky threatens to kill the entire family unless Nutan kills Sonam. Many attempts to assault Sonam fail. In contrast, Sheetal and Sonam look for proof that Milky faked her pregnancy. Sonam quickly gets the proof and weds Dhruv.

Director Pawan Sahu
Music By Nishant-Raja
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Rashmi Sharma Telefilms
Start Date 31 Aug 2020
Content Location Mughalsarai
Country of Origin India
Genre Romance, Comedy
In Language Hindi
Producer Rashmi Shama, Pawan Kumar Marut
Name Lockdown Ki Love Story

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lockdown Ki Love Story is a very popular Hindi tv show.
Lockdown Ki Love Story Shoot location is Mughalsarai.
The release date of the tv show Lockdown Ki Love Story is 31 August 2020.
Lockdown Ki Love Story casts include Sana Sayyad, Mohit Malik, Jayati Bhatia, Ananya Agarwal, Rakesh Kukreti.
Pawan Sahu directed Lockdown Ki Love Story.
Yes. You can watch Lockdown Ki Love Story online on Hotstar.
The character name of Sana Sayyad in Lockdown Ki Love Story is Sonam Dhruv Jaiswal.
The character name of Mohit Malik in Lockdown Ki Love Story is Dhruv Jaiswal.
The character name of Jayati Bhatia in Lockdown Ki Love Story is Nutan Shashikant Jaiswal.
The character name of Rakesh Kukreti in Lockdown Ki Love Story is Pratap Goel.
The character name of Ananya Agarwal in Lockdown Ki Love Story is Sneha Shashikant Jaiswal.
There are 125 episodes in Lockdown Ki Love Story.
Lockdown Ki Love Story ended in the year 2021.
The real name of Sonam Dhruv Jaiswal Lockdown Ki Love Story is Sana Sayyad.
Lockdown Ki Love Story Mohit Malik real name is Dhruv Jaiswal.
Yes. Lockdown Ki Love Story is a new series. It was released in the year 2020.
Other TV shows like Lockdown Ki Love Story are Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke and Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali.
There is no official Instagram ID of Lockdown Ki Love Story.

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