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Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri play the key characters in the 2018 Hindi-language romantic drama Laila Majnu. Sumit Kaul, Benjamin Gilani, Mir Sarwar, and Shashank Vyas also play significant roles. Imtiaz Ali is the presenter, and Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, and Preety Ali are the co-producers. The movie is directed by Sajid Ali.

Laila is a flirtatious person who enjoys making fun of boys who are drawn to her. She is from a well-known family in the community. She meets Qais, a wealthy guy whose family is engaged in a legal battle with her family. Nevertheless, despite the animosity between their houses, they both fell in love with each other right away. However, as Laila's family learns of their connection, they arrange for her to wed Ibban, her father's political aide. Laila waits for Qais to persuade her father, but when he speaks disrespectfully to him, she ends their relationship. She is informed by Qais that he will no longer be following her and is urged to locate him should she ever require him.

For his father's burial, Qais travels back from London after four years. He avoids Laila, but Laila, who is frequently abused by her intoxicated husband, the current MLA, makes the decision to meet Qais. She realises when she meets him that he has been fighting all these years with her memories, which has changed him. When Laila challenges her husband, they decide to file for divorce. Laila asks Qais to hold off till after her divorce. However, her spouse is killed in a car accident before to the divorce. On the day of the funeral, Laila makes the decision to flee with Qais, but her father begs her not to and tells her she can wed him in a few weeks. Qais is once more requested to wait by Laila.

Qais, who had been longing for her for years, begins to feel as though he would never be with her, which causes him to become crazy. Laila starts to appear to him in hallucinations; he speaks to her and ultimately flees to a mountain. He has been missing for days despite days of searching by his family, friends, and Laila. However, Qais begins a life with Laila on the mountain since he believes she is with him. He is apprehended by some individuals and returned to his residence. As he points in various directions, he argues that Laila is not just one person; rather, she is present everywhere.

Laila realises she's lost him for good and passes away from grief. A completely insane Qais rushes to her grave, trips, and suffers serious injuries. However, he stands up and turns to face Laila before scurrying up a mountain while grinning.

Director Sajid Ali
Music By Niladri Kumar, Joi Barua, Atif Aslam
Production Company Balaji Motion Pictures, PI Pictures
Content Location Chandanwari
Country of Origin India
Genre Romance, Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, Preety Ali, Sumit Kaul, Mir Sarwar
Name Laila Majnu

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Frequently Asked Questions

Laila Majnu is a very popular Hindi movie
Laila Majnu Shoot location is Chandanwari
The release date of the movie Laila Majnu is 7 September 2018
Laila Majnu casts include Avinash Tiwary, Tripti Dimri, Sumit Kaul, Parmeet Sethi, Benjamin Gilani
Sajid Ali directed Laila Majnu
Yes. You can watch Laila Majnu online on Zee 5
The character name of Avinash Tiwary in Laila Majnu is Qais Bhatt / Majnu.
The character name of Tripti Dimri in Laila Majnu is Laila
The character name of Benjamin Gilani in Laila Majnu is Sarwar.
The character name of Parmeet Sethi in Laila Majnu is Masood
The character name of Sumit Kaul in Laila Majnu is Ibban.
Laila Majnu is 2 hours and 20 minutes long.
Laila Majnu released in the year 2018
The real name of Laila Laila Majnu is Tripti Dimri.
Laila Majnu Majnu real name is Avinash Tiwary
No. Laila Majnu is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2018
Other movies like Laila Majnu are Fitoor and Heer Ranjha.
There is no official Instagram ID of Laila Majnu.

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