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Kya Mast Hai Life



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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved TV Show Kya Mast Hai Life! Keep reading to know more about Kya Mast Hai Life cast, Kya Mast Hai Life plot, Kya Mast Hai Life OTT, watch Kya Mast Hai Life online, Kya Mast Hai Life Instagram, Kya Mast Hai Life updates and more. 

An Indian teen sitcom called Kya Mast Hai Life was broadcast on Disney Channel India from April 27, 2009, to July 7, 2010. There were 130 episodes of the Sol Productions television series. The actors Nazneen Ghaani, Shaheer Sheikh, Sana Amin Sheikh, Ashish Juneja, and Shweta Tripathi played the characters of five college buddies. It also stars Hiten Tejwani, Manini Mishra, Delnaaz Irani, Mihir Mishra and Vishal Malhotra, among others, in recurring roles

The teen Ragini "Rags" Juneja is the famous Bollywood actress Sushmita Juneja's daughter. She joins a group of lifelong pals at Redfield Academy, her new college, including Zenia Khan, Zee, Vir Mehra, and Ritu Shah. She wants to make acquaintances on her own, not because she is the daughter of a well-known actress, and she doesn't want anyone to know that. Despite the fact that she is a fantastic singer, she lies to them and claims that her mother teaches kindergarten and she is not skilled at singing.

After discovering her secrets, her friends finally forgive her despite their initial ire. At the end of season 1, the gang couples up and begins to have affections for one another, which causes the episodes to become increasingly interconnected. Each episode features a unique story centred on the college gang. Their college was on the verge of closing, but the gang performed a concert with such vigour that they were able to preserve it. As the gang makes significant decisions and overcomes numerous difficult obstacles in their quest to save the institution, this concert is something very meaningful in their lives.

The second season's events occur over the summer break. Zee works at a bookstore that Mr. Mandal currently oversees. There is a picture of Ritu in Ahmedabad. The mother of Zee and Zenia is introduced. Zee's discovery of a magic potion that turns folks' final wishes into reality signals the beginning of the season. When Ritu comes back, Ragini, Zee, Zenia, and Vir embark on an amazing journey with the magic potion. The magic elixir, however, turns out to be a ghost that intends to get revenge on the group as a result of a mistake Zee committed when they visit Ragini in Thailand. When Zee finally defeats him, Ragini's birthday is joyfully celebrated.

Director Aarif Shamsi, Siladitya Sen
Music By Sangeeth Haldipur and Vasudha Varma
No. of Seasons 2
Production Company Sol Productions
Start Date 27 Apr 2009
Content Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Genre Teen Sitcom
In Language Hindi
Producer Fazila Allana, Kamna Nirula Menezes
Name Kya Mast Hai Life

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kya Mast Hai Life is a very popular Hindi TV Show
Kya Mast Hai Life Shoot location is Mumbai, Maharashtra
The start date of the TV Show Kya Mast Hai Life is 27 April 2009
Kya Mast Hai Life casts include Shaheer Sheikh, Shweta Tripathi, Nazneen Ghaani, Sana Amin Sheikh, Ashish Juneja
You can watch Kya Mast Hai Life on Disney Channel
Yes. You can watch Kya Mast Hai Life online on Hotstar
The character name of Shaheer Sheikh in Kya Mast Hai Life is Vir Mehra.
The character name of Nazneen Ghani in Kya Mast Hai Life is Rags
The character name of Sana Amin Sheikh in Kya Mast Hai Life is Ritu Shah.
The character name of Ashish Juneja in Kya Mast Hai Life is Zee
The character name of Shweta Tripathi in Kya Mast Hai Life is Zenia Khan.
There are 130 episodes in Kya Mast Hai Life.
Kya Mast Hai Life ended in the year 2010
The real name of VIr Kya Mast Hai Life is Shaheer Sheikh.
Kya Mast Hai Life Rags real name is Nazneen Ghaani
No. Kya Mast Hai Life is not a new series. It was released in the year 2009
Other TV shows like Kya Mast Hai Life are Dil Dosti Dance and Sadda Haq.
There is no official Instagram ID of Kya Mast Hai Life.

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