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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Krishna Arjun! Keep reading to know more about Krishna Arjun cast, Krishna Arjun OTT, watch Krishna Arjun online, Krishna Arjun Instagram, Krishna Arjun updates and more. 

Produced by Cinevistaas Limited and Contiloe Entertainment, Krishna Arjun is a detective programme. Hussain Kuwajerwala,Shweta Kawaatra, Ronit Roy, and Shraddha Nigam appeared in the StarPlus programme.

Two teenage investigators working out of Mumbai take on cases involving murder mysteries, abductions, thefts, missing persons cases, and fraud.

Detectives Krishna and Arjun, who are headquartered in Mumbai, focus on cases involving murder mysteries, kidnappings, thefts, missing persons cases, and fraud. This stylish couple is in their early 20s and has a long history of successfully solving problems. Despite being located in Mumbai, their notoriety has allowed them to travel throughout the nation and even internationally. Together, this powerful combination can solve crimes that have no hope of being solved.

Krishna is a contemporary young woman who lives in Mumbai. She works very hard. She never has the time or desire to look at any men because she constantly has a list of things she needs to get done. She has an analytical bent of mind and constantly welcomes challenges. She is a young, vibrant girl with a vision who is driven by the urge to remedy a wrong. Krishna is the organization's brains. She gathers puzzle parts in her photographic memory and ultimately determines the solution to the whole thing.

Despite not spending a lot of time in front of the mirror and not being overly concerned with her appearance, Krishna has a razor-sharp mind and vibrant, cheerful looks. Arjun Arjun, who possesses the practical skills to help them escape any sticky circumstance, complements Krishna's keen analytical abilities. Ironically, however, the adjective "lazy" best describes his character. He has no desire to work at all; instead, his ideal day would involve spending hours on the beach admiring lovely women. He is a harmless flirt who retreats if any women rejects his flirtatious advances.

Unbeknownst to him, Krishna is the only girl he feels most at ease with. He enjoys making jokes on everyone nearby, especially Krishna. Arjun is interested in fashion and enjoys trying out various outfits and accessories.

Director Vijay Krishna Acharya
Music By Pritam Chakraborty
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Cinevistaas Limited, Contiloe Entertainment
Start Date 18 Mar 2002
Content Location Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Comedy
In Language Hindi
Producer Aditya Narain Singh, Supriya Khan
Name Krishna Arjun

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Frequently Asked Questions

Krishna Arjun is a very popular Hindi Tv show.
Krishna Arjun Shoot location is Mumbai.
The release date of the tv show Krishna Arjun is 18 March 2002.
Krishna Arjun casts include Hussain Kuwajerwala,Shweta Kawaatra, Ronit Roy, and Shraddha Nigam.
Vijay Krishna Acharya directed Krishna Arjun.
The character name of Shraddha Nigam in Krishna Arjun is Krishna.
The character name of Hussain Kuwajerwala in Krishna Arjun is Arjun.
The character name of Aanjjan Srivastav in Krishna Arjun is Krishna’s Father.
The character name of Mouli Ganguly in Krishna Arjun is Malini.
Krishna Arjun ended in the year 2004.
The real name of Krishna Krishna Arjun is Shraddha Nigam.
Krishna Arjun Arjun real name is Hussain Kuwajerwala.
No. Krishna Arjun is not a new series. It was released in the year 2004.
Other TV shows like Krishna Arjun are Arjun and Jeet.
There is no official Instagram ID of Krishna Arjun.

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