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A supernatural horror drama television series called Kavach... Kaali Shaktiyon Se (Season 1) and Kavach... Mahashivrati (Season 2) airs on Colors TV. This Balaji Telefilms production is centred on the love affair between Savitri and Satyavan. It stars Mona Singh, Vivek Dahiya, Mahek Chahal, Ashwini Kalsekar, and Ayansh Mishra in important roles.

On June 11, 2016, the first season of Kavach... Kali Shaktiyon Se, starring Mona Singh, Vivek Dahiya, and Sara Khan as Paridhi, Rajbeer, and Manjulika, made its debut. On November 20, 2016, the first season came to a close after 47 episodes.

On May 25, 2019, the second season of Kavach... Maha Shivratri with Deepika Singh Goyal, Namik Paul, and Vin Rana as Sandhya, Angad, and Kapil debuted. On October 27, 2019, the second season abruptly came to an end. There were just 42 episodes.

The second season explores the enigma surrounding the temple of Lord Shiva in Devlali, which is next to a cemetery, and claims that if a single woman worships the Lord on the eve of Mahashivratri, she will be able to see the face of her future spouse. This is the season when evil spirits roam freely.

Unmarried and stunning Sandhya finds her way to this temple where she worships Lord Shiva, who appears to her as a man. But Sandhya is set to marry Angad, who she believes is seeing someone else. She recognises the unidentified man as Kapil, Angad's best buddy. Sandhya experiences a multitude of setbacks, but Kapil always intervenes to save her.

When it is revealed that Kapil is an evil being who has been preparing retribution for two years, Sandhya ends up marrying Kapil before she marries Angad on the wedding day. Later, she learns the truth about Kapil and falls in love with Angad, ending her marriage to Kapil in the process. However, Kapil soon takes control of Angad, and Angad kills Ashutosh. Kapil also desires to get Sandhya pregnant so that she will carry his child in her womb. Sandhya learns the truth from a possessed Angad with the aid of Lord Shiva, and she decides to tie a rudraksha around Angad's neck as protection against Kapil.

Sandhya learns about Kapil's past, when he was a good man who lived with his wife Sakshi and son. Later, it turns out that Shakshi is Sandhya's twin sister who was left behind, as well as Usha and Vinayak's missing daughter. After Ashutosh, Manoj, Bhairavi, and Jolly killed Kapil and his family, he and Sakshi transformed into vengeful ghosts seeking retribution on the murderers of their family. Kapil's spirit is forced unwillingly to depart Earth with the aid of Shivji's priests when Sandhya tries to persuade Kapil and Sakshi to stop the killings. Kapil had, however, been successful in his physical relationship with Sandhya before he left. As a result, she conceives Kapil's child. Angad and their families support her decision to retain the child.

Prem, a newborn boy, is soon born to Sandhya. However, Sakshi's ghost accuses Sandhya of abandoning her and takes Prem hostage.

After seven years, Aastha, Angad and Sandhya's daughter, is eventually born. Sandhya, on the other hand, misses Prem and is frantically looking for him. Prem is depicted as living in Kapil's home like an animal, with no human contact whatsoever. Prem is quickly located by Sandhya and brought home, but due to his erratic behaviour, Prem is not well liked by all the Jindals. Prem causes a gap to form between Sandhya and Angad because Angad begins to believe that Sandhya favours Prem over their own daughter, Aastha, even though Prem is her and Kapil's son.

Returning, Sakshi develops resentment at Prem's increasing attachment to Sandhya. She quickly uses tantriks to gain possession of Sandhya's body. However, Sandhya is able to learn the truth about Sakshi's passing with the aid of a psychic named Rekha and persuades Angad to assist her. Sandhya informs Sakshi that she will give all to Sakshi and sacrifice herself and her life. Sandhya's thoughtful gesture moves Sakshi, who ultimately decides to depart and give Prem to Sandhya to keep safe.

Following Sakshi's disappearance, Prem is persistently plagued by an evil spirit known as Bhao. Prem is thought to have exceptional abilities because he was created when Sandhya, a human, and Kapil, a spirit, were united in marriage. But nobody knew this except a tantrik named Bhao who desired to possess his body in order to become everlasting. So, in order to make Sandhya give his son, he sends his spirits. However, with Rekha's assistance, Sandhya and Angad vanquish each spirit sent by Bhao. Bhao learns that Prem utilises his skills to save his family after first being concerned that Prem shouldn't know about them. Sandhya finally discovers Bhao's identity and how to kill him.

In the meantime, Bhao sends Rasika, a spirit that transforms Sandhya's entire family into ghungroo and demands that she give up Prem. Finally, she hands Prem over to Bhao. She succeeds in recovering her family. Bhao seizes Prem's body in the interim and moves to murder Angad and Rekha. Prem, though, puts up a fight, and his rituals become unfinished. In order to stop Sandhya from killing Bhao, he goes to her in Prem's place. However, Prem tries to alert Sandhya about Bhao so they can complete Bhao. Sandhya now serves as Prem's kavach (shield), shielding him from Bhao because she is his mother.

Director Santram Varma, Ranjan Kumar Singh
No. of Seasons 2
Production Company Balaji Telefilms
Start Date 11 Jun 2016
Content Location Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Supernatural Thriller
In Language Hindi
Producer Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor
Name Kavach 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kavach 2 is a very popular Hindi tv show.
Kavach 2 Shoot location is Mumbai.
The release date of the tv show Kavach 2 is 11 June 2016.
Kavach 2 casts include Mona Singh, Vivek Dahiya, Mahek Chahal, Ashwini Kalsekar, and Ayansh Mishra.
Santram Varma and Ranjan Kumar Singh directed Kavach 2.
Yes. You can watch Kavach 2 online on VOOT.
The character name of Mona Singh in Kavach 2 is Paridhi.
The character name of Vivek Dahiya in Kavach 2 is Rajbeer.
The character name of Mahek Chahal in Kavach 2 is Manjulika.
The character name of Ashwini Kalsekar in Kavach 2 is Saudamini.
The character name of Rajeeta Kochhar in Kavach 2 is Kammo.
There are 89 episodes in Kavach 2.
Kavach 2 ended in the year 2019.
The real name of Paridhi Kavach 2 is Mona Singh.
Kavach 2 Rajbeer real name is Vivek Dahiya.
No. Kavach 2 is not a new series. It was released in the year 2016.
Other TV shows like Kavach 2 are Kavach and Naagin.
There is no official Instagram ID of Kavach 2.

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