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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Kahiin To Hoga! Keep reading to know more about Kahiin To Hoga cast, Kahiin To Hoga OTT, watch Kahiin To Hoga online, Kahiin To Hoga Instagram, Kahiin To Hoga updates and more. 

Indian serial opera Kahiin To Hoga was shown on Star Plus from September 2003 to February 2007. Aamna Sharif, Rajeev Khandelwal, and Gurpreet Singh appeared in the Ekta Kapoor-produced programme. Based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, published in 1813, the play.  It stars Aamna Sharif, Rajeev Khandelwal, Rohit Bakshi, Vikas Sethi, Chaitanya Choudhry, and Eijaz Khan in important roles.

Five Sinha sisters, Kashish, Mahek, Mouli, Kanan, and Charu, reside in Shimla. Prof. Sinha, their father, is an idealistic college professor. One day, Kashish strikes Sujal Garewal's car by mistake. Sujal is a wealthy, young businessman.

Later, she visits his office for a job interview. Sujal hires her despite her presumption that she won't. Sujal works at a company that his father, Chetan Garewal, co-founded with his close friend and adopted brother, Lalit Raheja. Families Raheja and Garewal share a residence. Lalit's son Piyush is Sujal's closest friend. Rishi, the spoiled and haughty younger brother of Sujal, makes advances toward Mouli and Mahek. Varun, Piyush's younger brother, has a crush on Mahek.

As they become increasingly closer after seeing each other every day at work, Kashish and Sujal eventually fall in love. He receives a love note from her that she places on his desk. When Rishi, a Kashish-hater, sees the letter, he purposefully writes Piyush's name on it. Piyush reads the letter and assumes Kashish likes him, which causes him to start feeling the same way about her. Piyush and Kashish will be wed by Lalit and Prof. Sinha. Sujal and Kashish converse vocally about their love for one another in the meantime. Kashish expects that she and Sujal will soon be engaged. Kashish is taken aback when she realises Piyush is her fiancé on the day of the engagement. She chooses to remain silent though to spare her family from embarrassment. Sujal believes Kashish is cheating on him when he sees the letter that has Piyush's name on it.

He breaks off all contact with her and is devastated. Rishi and Mahek start dating, and she gets pregnant as a result, but he vehemently denies any involvement. The Sinha family feels humiliated. Sujal supports Rishi because she has blind faith in him. Because of her connection with and pregnant with Rishi, Prof. Sinha kicks Mahek out of the house, and Varun looks after her. Mahek, however, is ignorant of his feelings for her. Kashish and her family have Piyush's support. When Kashish notices this, he proposes to Piyush. Sujal discovers how Piyush came to get Kashish's letter on the wedding day. He understands his error. He visits Kashish, offers his regrets, and begs her to come back to him. Kashish decides to wed Piyush instead.

Between Sujal and Kashish on the one hand, and Sujal and Piyush on the other, a breach is now developing. Rishi soon develops envious feelings toward Varun and Mahek's connection and decides he does not want Varun to raise his child. Kashish and her husband Piyush are falling more and more in love as time goes on. Every time Sujal tries to trouble Kashish and Piyush, he gets stopped. He is expelled from the home since no one in the family will trust him any more. He swears to destroy Piyush. He runs across Archie, his childhood friend who has a crush on him. If Sujal marries Archie, her father pledges to give her his entire business. Sujal accepts since he is out of options.

When Kashish finds out she is pregnant Piyush's child, the pair is ecstatic. Sujal makes the decision to stop meddling in Kashish and Piyush's life as a result. But tragedy strikes as a car accident claims Piyush's life. Sujal is devastated by his friend's passing and starts to feel bad about what he did. As soon as Piyush dies, Kashish experiences depression.

The Sinha family's longtime friend Akshat Shergill arrives on the scene. His mother Reva and older brother Swayam then follow him into the room. Soon after meeting, Akshat and Charu start to fall in love. A son is born to Mahek.

Soon after, Varun declares his love for her and makes a marriage proposal, but she declines because she doesn't want to start dating again. However, she eventually agrees once she realises how eager he is to give up everything for her and her son, whom she names Roshan. Their marriage is arranged by Sujal, much to Rishi's dismay. Rishi flirts with Mahek as she moves in with the Raheja/Garewal family and develops a deep bond with their son. He realises that he really cares about Mahek, and he makes several attempts to keep Mahek and Varun apart but is always unsuccessful. Mouli decides to move in with Rishi after falling in love with him once more. She is no longer associated with Prof. Sinha.

It eventually becomes apparent that Piyush's death was not an accident. The car accident was intentionally caused. Kashish starts to believe Sujal murdered her husband. She marries him in order to punish him, but she later learns that Sujal is innocent. Archie is ultimately revealed to be Piyush's killer. Piyush was killed in the automobile wreck that was intended for his wife because Archie was envious of Sujal's love for Kashish and wanted to get rid of her. The love between Sujal and Kashish is reignited once the misconceptions have been resolved. It is revealed that Swayam and Akshat are Sujal's half-brothers and that Reva was Chetan's first wife. Swayam, a malevolent character, begins to cause issues for Sujal and his family.

After learning about Rishi's flirting actions behind her back, Mouli wants to go home, but her father forbids it. However, the sisters pardon her. She moves into a new home by herself.

Sujal gets into a fight with several criminals on the way to see Kashish, falls into a river, and is later found dead. He is still alive but suffers from memory loss and requires reconstructive surgery. He is given a new appearance and given the name Tushar. Dr. Archita takes care of him. Without realising it, Tushar soon meets Kashish and falls in love with her. Kashish also develops feelings for Tushar but chooses to hold them back because of love for her ex-husband Sujal.

After believing Kashish and Akshat were getting married, Charu quickly becomes drawn to Tushar and ultimately falls in love with him. Kashish arranges for Tushar to wed Charu. When Kashish learns that Tushar is actually Sujal, he advises him to stay with Charu because she is content with him. Sujal breaks off his relationship with Charu after learning that she had conned him. He tries to approach Kashish again, but Charu is pregnant, sick, and in a wheelchair after getting into an accident. After a one-night encounter, Kashish learns from Sujal that she is pregnant beyond her due date and immediately regrets it, while Sujal is pleased.

The truth is finally revealed, and Charu is shunned by everyone. Charu had been pretending to be ill so that Sujal could get close to her. Then, Kashish and Sujal get together. At a party, Charu kills herself, leaving Akshat in grief, although there are rumours that she was murdered inexplicably. Mouli marries Siddharth, the wealthy Shabbir Ahluwalia's brother-in-law, after falling in love with him.

Sujal anticipates starting again with Kashish. But she discovers that the Ahluwalia family is where the truth about her sister's passing may be uncovered. So, in an effort to track down Charu's killer, Kashish marries Shabbir Ahluwalia. Sujal is angry and hurt and wants Kashish to take it out on her. He so pretends to be in love with Gayatri, the daughter of Mr. Ahluwalia, who is a coworker. Kashish develops jealousy, despite the fact that she is aware Sujal is solely out for her own good. Kashish is arrested, and Kashish's father is slain once Mr. Ahluwalia learns who the culprit is. Due to their disagreements, Varun and Mahek divorce. She also finds out she is expecting his child. To ensure that she has custody of her unborn child, Mahek marries Rishi. Varun, meantime, is smitten with and marries Shivangi, the youngest child of Mr. Ahluwalia.

Rishi soon changes his ways and starts to take care of Mahek. Kashish discovers that Charu, Mr. Ahluwalia, and Prof. Sinha were killed by Siddharth. Mahek, Rishi, and Kashish relocate to a new city. There, they encounter Piyush's clone Abhishek Chauhan, a navy officer (who is later found to be his identical twin). Sneha is the little daughter of widowed Abhishek. Until Swayam returns, Kashish, Mahek, and Rishi start living happily. Soon after, Rishi passes away while trying to save Sujal, leaving Mahek and Sujal in tears. Swayam warns Kashish that he'll accuse Sujal of killing Rishi. Kashish must permanently leave him in order to save Sujal.

She thus consents to wed Abhishek. She is making a sacrifice, though, and Abhishek is aware of it. Kashish and Sujal get married by him. Swayam's nefarious schemes to persecute the Garewals and frame Sujal fall through. Mahek kills him for killing Rishi and for stealing her child. Kashish and Sujal might be seen cohabitating contentedly five years later. There is also Mouli. Both Abhishek and Mahek are married and have families of their own.

Director Santram Varma, Anil V Kumar, Santosh Bhatt, Rishi Tyagi
Music By Priya Bhattacharya
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Balaji Telefilms
Start Date 08 Sep 2003
Content Location Shimla
Country of Origin India
Genre Soap Opera
In Language Hindi
Producer Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
Name Kahiin To Hoga

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kahiin To Hoga is a very popular Hindi movie.
Kahiin To Hoga Shoot location is Shimla.
The release date of the tv show Kahiin To Hoga is 8 September 2003.
Kahiin To Hoga casts include Aamna Sharif, Rajeev Khandelwal, Rohit Bakshi, Vikas Sethi, Chaitanya Choudhry, and Eijaz Khan.
Santram Varma, Anil V Kumar, Santosh Bhatt, Rishi Tyagi directed Kahiin To Hoga.
Yes. You can watch Kahiin To Hoga online on Hotstar.
The character name of Aamna Sharif in Kahiin To Hoga is Kashish.
The character name of Rajeev Khandelwal in Kahiin To Hoga is Sujal.
The character name of Vikas Sethi in Kahiin To Hoga is Swayam.
The character name of Shabir Ahluwalia in Kahiin To Hoga is Rishi.
The character name of Chaitanya Choudhry in Kahiin To Hoga is Akshat.
There are 799 episodes in Kahiin To Hoga.
Kahiin To Hoga ended in the year 2007.
The real name of Kashish Kahiin To Hoga is Aamna Sharif.
Kahiin To Hoga Sujal real name is Rajeev Khandelwal.
No. Kahiin To Hoga is not a new series. It was released in the year 2003.
Other TV shows like Kahiin To Hoga are Kumkum Bhagya and Kohi Apna Sa.
There is no official Instagram ID of Kahiin To Hoga.

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