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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved Tv show Kahe Diya Pardes! Keep reading to know more about Kahe Diya Pardes cast, Kahe Diya Pardes OTT, watch Kahe Diya Pardes online, Kahe Diya Pardes Instagram, Kahe Diya Pardes updates and more. 

Kahe Diya Pardes is a Marathi soap opera Tv show Telecasted on the channel Zee Marathi from the year 2016 to 2017 and is directed by Ajay Mayekar.

Kahe Diya Pardes was first aired in the year 2016 on the 28th of March. Kahe Diya Pardes is also available on OTT platforms like Zee5. The Tv show has 2 seasons consisting of 478 episodes with each episode having an approximate runtime of 22 minutes.

Directed by Ajay Mayekar, the tv show is produced by Jitendra Gupta and Mahesh Tagde under the production banner of Tell-A-Tale Media. The main Kahe Diya Pardes cast includes Rishi Saxena, Sayali Sanjeev, Shahnawaz Pradhan, Madhuri Sanjeev, Teyana Ashnita, and Shubhangi Gokhale among many others.

The story follows Shiv Shukla a kind-hearted North Indian who comes to Mumbai post his promotion. He becomes a neighbor to Gauri, a sweet Maharashtrian girl. He falls in love with her but does not confess. Gauri's father is attached to the Marathi language. He later befriends Shiv due to his kind gestures. Later, Gauri also falls in love with Shiv and both confess their feelings, but don't disclose it due to cultural differences. Shiv's parents come to Mumbai to look after him. Shiv's father learns about it and accepts his relationship but his mother is against it. Shiv and Gauri disclose their relationship to their families. Due to cultural differences, their families try to separate them, but they win against all odds. 

Kahe Diya Pardes received an IMDB rating of 7.7 out of 10. the show replaced Ka Re Durava on Zee Marathi from Monday through Saturday at 9 PM. This Tv show consistently ranks in the top 5 on BARC.

Director Jitendra Gupta, Mahesh Tagde
Music By Mandar Pilvalkar, Madhura Datar
No. of Seasons 2
Production Company Tell- A- Tale Media
Start Date 28 Mar 2016
Country of Origin India
Genre Soap Opera
In Language Marathi
Producer Jitendra Gupta, Mahesh Tagde
Name Kahe Diya Pardes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kahe Diya Pardes is a very popular Marathi tv show.
The release date of the Tv show Kahe Diya Pardes is 28 March 2016.
Kahe Diya Pardes casts include Rishi Saxena, Sayali Sanjeev, Shahnawaz Pradhan, Madhuri Sanjeev, Teyana Ashnita, and Shubhangi Gokhale among many others.
Kahe Diya Pardes is directed by Ajay Mayekar.
Yes. You can watch Kahe Diya Pardes online on Zee5.
The character name of Rishi Saxena in Kahe Diya Pardes is Shivkumar Mataprasad Shukla.
The character name of Sayali Sanjeev in Kahe Diya Pardes is Gauri Madhusudan Sawant.
The character name of Shahnawaz Pradhan in Kahe Diya Pardes is Mataprasad Shukla.
The character name of Madhuri Sanjeev in Kahe Diya Pardes is Narmada Mataprasad Shukla.
The character name of Teyana Ashnita in Kahe Diya Pardes is Sarla Ramkumar Shukla.
There are 478 episodes in Kahe Diya Pardes.
Kahe Diya Pardes ended in the year 2017.
The real name of Madhusudan Sawant from Kahe Diya Pardes is Mohan Joshi.
Kahe Diya Pardes Sarita Madhusudan Sawant’s real name is Shubhangi Gokhale.
No. Kahe Diya Pardes is not a new Tv show. It was released in the year 2016.
Other TV shows like Kahe Diya Pardes are Freshers and Ka Re Durava.

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