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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Ishq Subhan Allah! Keep reading to know more about Ishq Subhan Allah cast, Ishq Subhan Allah OTT, watch Ishq Subhan Allah online, Ishq Subhan Allah Instagram, Ishq Subhan Allah updates and more. 

An Indian television programme called Ishq Subhan Allah made its debut on Zee TV on March 14, 2018. Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan appeared in it with Shalini Arora, which was produced by Dheeraj Kumar. It addressed current political, religious, and social topics including Triple Talaq and Sharia law and sought to clarify misconceptions about Islam against a background of Muslims.

After five years and greater education in Islam, Zara Siddiqui and Kabir Ahmad return to Lucknow at the start of the series. Zara and Kabir are coerced into getting married when their disagreement about Triple Talaq becomes viral online.

After getting married, Zara gradually comes to understand her feelings for the reluctant Kabir. As part of her attempt to separate them, Rukhsaar, who has been in love with Kabir since they were children, sends Miraj to sow discord between Zara and Kabir while also causing harm to the entire family.

Except for Zara, the family is to be protected from Miraj by Rukhsaar, who phones Nilofer and pretends to be Miraj's sister before getting married to Hamdan Alghazi and departing for Dubai. After buying out, Miraj murders Nilofer. Kabir uses the Triple Talaq procedure to divorce Zara as a result of a misunderstanding.

Zara rejects the fact that this was not a part of their weddings when it is disclosed. Zara tries to get Rukhsaar to come back to reveal Miraj's actual motivations but is unable to do so. Miraj claims that he wants her and will do anything to have her. Miraj joins the neighbourhood Shariah Board and is later shown to be a diamond smuggler who is also a money launderer.

Kabir's visionary initiative is no longer funded as a result of Miraj's incarceration. Before Miraj swears revenge on Zara and Kabir, who profess their love, the relationship between Miraj and Rukhsaar is made clear. Their remarriage is arranged by the family. Prior to that, Kabir travels to Dubai to protect Rukhsaar from being linked to Hamdaan's death; he later marries her to protect her. On his return, he marries Zara. Zara is devastated when she learns but chooses to stay.

By giving Zara false information about her and Kabir having a sexual encounter on their wedding night, Rukhsaar resumes her wicked plotting. Kabir then chooses to divorce Rukhsaar, but is unable to do so because Islam forbids doing so without good cause.

Rukhsaar, meantime, astonishingly agrees to sign the divorce documents, but with one stipulation. She plans to separate Zara and Kabir by poisoning both of them, so that Kabir must spend a night with her as he ought to have on their wedding night. Kabir unwillingly accedes to Rukhsaar's request on Zara's orders. Rukhsaar meets with an accident on the night of their wedding and is missing. Kabir acknowledges that he upset Zara. Zara relocates to the outhouse because she wants Kabir to be self-sufficient. Azhar, who is with Tabassum, is impressed by Zara's contemporary viewpoint. Shahbaz chooses to sell the house since he is in debt, but Kashan fools him and buys the property.

Kabir recognises Shahbaz's flaws and the good intentions behind Zara's advice for him to pursue independent employment. Zeenat and Kashan work together to arrange for Alina to wed local don Salamat's son Samir while Rukhsaar is sent to a hospital for treatment. Armed forces officer Amir and Alina, who fall in love and are married, help Zara and Kabir stop their scheme. Salamat tries to murder Zara and Kabir. Kabir is appointed chief priest.

Irfan recommends Zara take on the role of vice priest, Salamat threatens to kill Rukhsaar, and Zeenat becomes irate. Heer's case is taken before the Sharia Board, where she tries in vain to get her father to agree for her to study in Delhi.

Zara successfully prosecutes Kabir in the case. With the aid of Zeenat, Suraiya intends to succeed Kabir as Board Head after moving to Lucknow with Rizwan. Zeenat asks Salamat to pay off Khalid.

As soon as he joins the Board, Rizwan exposes Zeenat's behaviour and gets her put on the mental health registry. She threatens Rizwan with retaliation, and he begins slowly poisoning Irfan. The Board is presented with the case of Bilal and Kausar; Rizwan intends to sever Zara's relationship with Kabir by having him reveal to her that Kausar was engaged to Kashan and eloped on their wedding day before Kashan married Zeenat, who was obligated to Kausar's family.

Zara is asked by the family to disagree with the case, but she and Kabir make the decision. When the entire city rises up in opposition to them, Kabir turns on Zara and she is about to give up the case when Kausar attempts suicide. Shahbaz aims to assassinate Zara after she departs from Ahmads. She triumphs in the Sharia Board. Rizwan arranges Kabir's mishap, and Shahbaz's hired hitman shoots Zara. The two give way.

After a year, Zara and Kabir no longer live together. Kabir stays with his family in Lucknow, whilst Zara lives in Mumbai with Amina, Azra, and Nusu.

In an effort to set each other free, Zara and Kabir filed for divorce. However, when Kabir reads Zara's hospital records, he is horrified to learn that she was shot and was in a coma. Although Alina makes an effort to unite them, they reject her strategy.

After moving to Lucknow with Azra, Zara learns that Kabir became a writer after penning a book about their relationship. Finally, they make the difficult decision to try again, upsetting Zeenat and Shahbaz. Kabir consistently saves her from Shahbaz's attempts to have her killed.

As the Ahmads celebrate the possibility of the pair getting back together, Kabir taunts Irfan and asks the Qazi to implore him to take Zara back. Irfan suffers a heart attack, and Zara breaks up with Kabir out of frustration.

One month later, Zara learns from Kashan about Ayesha's condition and chooses to return solely for Ayesha's benefit. Ayesha and Kabir will be reunited on Eid, she decides. Shahbaz and Zeenat are concerned that Zara and Kabir might reconcile, so Shahbaz frequently incites Kabir to turn on Zara. All board members are required by the Sharia Board to celebrate Eid with their complete families.

Shahbaz tries to thwart the plot, but Zara, who is in charge of organising the event, controls the situation. While the family is away, Rukhsaar returns. With the aid of Rukhsaar, Zara and Azra are successful in reuniting Kabir and Ayesha.

Kabir and Zara will be reunited, as Rukhsaar swears. On April 12, Zara made an effort to identify her assailant. She is misled by Rizwan, who claims that Kabeer was the victim of blackmail rather than a deliberate attack. Rizwan starts preparing his plan of retaliation against Shahbaz and Kabeer. He intends to blame Shahbaz for killing Kabeer. During this time, Kabeer and Zara begin their collaboration with an NGO and visit a community to aid in the preservation of children's education. While Rizwan tries to trap Zara and Kabeer inside the warehouse so that Shahbaz will be held accountable for their deaths, Shahbaz organises the warehouse explosion in the village. In time to give Khula and separate, Kabeer and Zara manage to flee and return.

Then it becomes clear that Rukhsaar's true motives were to exact revenge on them and destroy their lives, not to bring Kabeer and Zara back together. Rizwan joins Rukhsaar in conspiring to harm Zara and Kabir, but their schemes are doomed to failure. After saving Zara from getting jailed (which was a part of Rukshaar's plan to bother Zara), Zain arrives from Mumbai, and Salma and Irfan arrange for his marriage to Zara. When they notify Ayesha about Zara's impending wedding, Kabir bans them from telling her. Zara, on the other hand, asks Kabir to attend her wedding and consent to her getting married before she does, and Kabir agrees. On the day of Zara's wedding, Ayesha learns about Rukhsaar's wicked schemes while he worsens her condition while pretending to be her caregiver.

Still, Ayesha is killed by Rukhsaar after she suffocates her with a pillow before being exposed. The funeral rites for Ayesha are carried out, Kabir consents to Zara getting married, but the ceremony is called off.

Zara and Kabir uncover Rizwan's plot with Imran's assistance and have him jailed. Kabir understands that prior events—not his being near Zara—were what put their lives in risk. Then, after receiving their approval, he approaches Irfan and Salma to request Zara's hand in marriage. When Kabir asks Zara out on a date and she accepts, their joy is short-lived since that same night, Shahbaz shoots and kills Zara. Zara is pronounced dead after a truck rams her car off a cliff and over it, causing it to explode.

One year has passed since Zara's passing. Kabir, also known as Johnny, resides in a mosque. Without any protection, he assists police officers in disarming bombs while purposefully trying to kill himself to reconnect with Zara. Salma is ill and is awaiting Kabir's return with bated breath. Rukhsaar, who is in charge of the Ahmed household, is using Shahbaz as leverage by holding the proof of Zara's killing against him. Later it is discovered that Zara was killed in an explosion when Rukhsaar caused her car to be run over. In the middle of the jungle, Kabir protects a young woman from thugs named Zara.

Kabir returns to Lucknow on the anniversary of Zara's passing to visit Zara's grave, which is located adjacent to Ayesha's. On his way back, Kabir notices Salma and Azra in a car, both of them appearing sick. He makes the decision to pursue them and learns that Salma has been ill since since Zara left.

Kabir's homecoming is announced to Shahbaz by Imran, and Shahbaz requests that Kabir go back to his house. Shahbaz is happy that his son is home again. Shahbaz is compelled by Rukhsar to request that Kabir spend two weeks in Lucknow in order to become closer to him. Although Kabir concurs, he doesn't want to be close to Rukhsar. Zara, the young woman Kabir saved, visits Lucknow to meet the kids.

She reared her three children from infancy, but when Abid Ali abducted them, Zara wanted to aid in their release. Shahbaz declines Abid Ali's friendship offer after learning who he is and being charged with trafficking children. At the mosque, Zara runs into Qazi Irfan Siddiqui. She explains to him about the kids and her lack of a house. She is cordially welcomed in Qazi Irfan Siddiqui's home by his wife and Azra.

The issue of children's guardianship comes up. Two children's parents have passed away, and the third child's parents have refused to give the child back to the family, Kabir and New Zara learn.

In order to negotiate for child custody, Kabir chooses to wed Rukhsar. Although the new Zara is unhappy about it because she feels like she would lose contact with her kids, Kabir employs the new Zara to work as a tutor in his home. Kabir ignores Rukhsar entirely as New Zara and Kabir start to become closer to one another. Only memories of his Dawn remain in his heart. Together with Shahbaz, Rukhsar hatches a scheme to harm Kabir and the kids. Rukhsar makes repeated attempts to murder the new Zara and the kids but is unsuccessful.

As Kabir searches for Zara's killer, New Zara will soon learn more about Zara, the woman to whom he was married.

When New Zara discovers the truth—that Shahbaz was responsible for Zara's death—she informs Kabir. Kabir tries to murder his father Shahbaz, but he is prevented from doing so by fear of Allah. Kabir and Shahbaz grow to hate one another. In order to get Kabir into a mental institution, Shahbaz and Rukhsar pose as being insane. Shahbaz and Rukhsar are outed by New Zara, who also frees Kabir. Rukhsar's involvement in Zara's death is later revealed to be a factor. Shahbaz previously won elections and became a minister. A decision is made to resign Qazi Irfan Siddiqui and select a new Qazi Lucknow. There are two contenders: Kabir and Jalali.

Shahbaz's friend Jalali joins forces with Shahbaz and Rukhsar to plan an attack against New Zara and Kabir. Jalali is well-liked and has a sizable following of people who regard him as holy and close to Allah. Zara recognises Jalali and informs Kabir that Jalali murdered her parents by slicing off their heads and delivering them to little New Zara on a tray. Because of this image, New Zara has been unable to shake her fear of Jalali. Kabir aids New Dawn in overcoming her fear, and she seeks retribution from Jalali. To stop Kabir from succeeding as the new Qazi, Jalali and Shahbaz abduct Shariah Council members before to the elections.

As drug traffickers, Kabir and New Zara visit Jalalpur to see where the Shariah Council members were taken. They encounter Jalali's sorcery in the village and are attacked by genies, but they are able to vanquish Jalali, and Kabir takes over as the new Qazi of Lucknow. Zara ran into her brother Asim in the village of New, who did not know her because he was a Jalali slave who had been abusing opium heavily every day since abandoning his sister. Asim is brought to Lucknow by Kabir and New Zara after they successfully persuade him that New Zara is his sister. In Lucknow, Jalali, Shahbaz, and Asim are detained. However, Jalali and Shahbaz are able to escape.

The new Zara acknowledges her love for Kabir. Kabir is to be fired from his position as Qazi and replaced by Jalali, Shahbaz, and Rukhsar. Rukhsar plots an attack on Kabir and claims in front of the Shariah Council that he is being unfaithful to her and cheating on her with New Zara. Despite the fact that they are not having an affair and Kabir was unaware of her affections for him, New Zara admits to the council that she loves Kabir. Kabir will be fired from his position as Qazi, the council decides. Within a month, Kabir makes the decision to locate New Zara a husband. In response, the new Zara begs Kabir to marry her, but he declines.

As a result, Kabir locates New Zara's husband, and she departs with him.

A few months later, it is found that Shabhaz is bedridden, Rukhsar is still living with Kabir as his wife but is no longer married. In a flashback, it is revealed that New Zara did not depart with her new husband because she left Kabir a note in which she confesses to lying to him the entire time. She tells him in the letter that her real name is Babli and that she was pretending to be Zara in order to deceive him, but she was unable to do so because she fell in love with him instead.

It is discovered that the Old Zara is still alive, but she is now a doctor named Nargis who treats people with music. Nargis refers to the woman she lives with as "Ammi Jaan" and who cared for her after the accident. When Kabir approaches, she claims she is not Zara. Kabir asks her to come see Salma and use her music to heal her since he is certain she is his Zara. Salma and Irfan's bedroom is filled with bees, and Rukhsar locks them inside because she too thinks Zara is responsible. After saving them, Zara reveals that she is the real Zara. She claims that months earlier, after emerging from a coma, she saw him with and tells Kabir why she lied and the pretend Zara and assumed he had moved on.

Once more, Rukhsar and Zeenat plot against Zara. The brother of Miraj and Suraj kidnaps Zara and puts Irfan's life in danger. When he and his men attempt to forcefully marry her, Kabir fools them and marries Zara instead. Zara learns that Rukhsar is expecting a child. Zara is about to leave Kabir again when Kabir stops her and reveals that Rukhsar was involved in a plot with Miraj and Suraj's brother, but that he turned on them and blackmailed Zara into sleeping with him. Shahbaz, who is defenceless and has confessed his crimes, is tormented by Rukhsar when she informs him that she killed Ayesha.

Rukhsar poses a threat to both herself and the unborn child, so Kabir and his family decide to lock her up in a place with no potential hazards.

After several months, Zeenat finally reveals Rukhsar's identity and claims that he murdered Ayesha. In an effort to save herself, Rukhsar tries taking pills, but she gives birth as a result. After giving birth, she delivers her daughter to Kabir and Zara. Before being detained, Rukhsar apologises to Kabir and Zara for bothering them and receives their forgiveness. At home, Kabir and Zara present their daughter, whom they have named Ayesha, before the Shariah Board.

As Kabir and Zara comfort a sobbing Ayesha at the close of the episode, they talk about how much they would treat, adore, and instil excellent morals in their daughter.

Director Vikram Ghai, Rohit Raj Goyal, Vidyadhar Mohite, Arvind Gupta, Avinaash Sharrma
Music By Mukul Puri
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Creative Eye Limited, Essel Vision Productions
Start Date 14 Aug 2018
Content Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama, Romance
In Language HIndi, Urdu
Producer Zuby Kochhar, Dheeraj Kumar, Sunil Gupta
Name Ishq Subhan Allah.
Ishq Subhan Allah Character names Ishq Subhan Allah Actors real names
Kabir Ali Ahmed Adnan Khan
Zara Siddiqui Zara Siddiqui
Babli Tunisha Sharma
Salma Irfaan Siddiqui Shalini Arora

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ishq Subhan Allah is a very popular hindi tv serial.
Ishq Subhan Allah Shoot location is Mumbai, Maharashtra.
The release date of the TV show Ishq Subhan Allah is 14 March 2018.
Ishq Subhan Allah casts include Adnan Khan, Eisha Singh, Tunisha Sharma, Shalini Arora
You can watch Ishq Subhan Allah on Zee 5
Ishq Subhan Allah was directed by Vikram Ghai, Rohit Raj Goyal, Vidyadhar Mohite, Arvind Gupta, Avinaash Sharrma
The character name of Adnan Khan in Ishq Subhan Allah is Kabir Ali Ahmed.
The character name of Eisha Singh in Ishq Subhan Allah is Zara Siddiqui.
The character name of Tunisha Sharma in Ishq Subhan Allah is Babli.
The character name of Shalini arora in Ishq Subhan Allah is Salma Irfaan Siddiqui
There are X episodes in Ishq Subhan Allah 586.
Ishq Subhan Allah ended in the year 2020.
The real name of Kabir Ali Ahmed Ishq Subhan Allah is Adnan Khan
Ishq Subhan Allah Zara Siddiqui real name is Eisha Singh.
No. Ishq Subhan Allah is not a new series. It was released in the year 2018.
Other TV shows like Ishq Subhan Allah are Ishq Aaj Kal and Qurbaan Hua.
There is no official Instagram ID of Ishq Subhan Allah.

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