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Ayush Raina and Vikram Bhatt's dramatic horror flick Horror Story is set in Bollywood. Famous television personalities Nishant Malkani and Karan Kundra make their Bollywood movie debut in the movie, which also stars Ravish Desai, Aparna Bajpai, and Hasan Zaidi. The movie premiered on September 13, 2013. The story centres on a night that seven people spend at a haunted hotel.

Sam, Maghesh, Achint, Neel, Nina, Sonia, and Maggie, seven buddies, reconnect in a neighbourhood pub after a period of time to celebrate Neel's departure for an overseas assignment. They find out about a deserted hotel that was once a facility for the criminally insane but was nearly completely destroyed by fire. A five-star hotel was constructed out of the remains. According to rumours, the spirit of an institution inmate drove the hotel owner to commit suicide.

They attempt to enter the hotel by the front door, but it is locked, so they enter through the rear entrance. Nina reports seeing unusual occurrences, but Neel dismisses her allegations. They discover a TV that is on but has no power or transmission. Then they hear a voice saying, "WELCOME TO DIE," which Achint and Neel then hear. Despite the fact that it is a hallucination, they continue to Room 3046, where Sam is murdered. When the party realises they are locked within the hotel with no way out, they leave in fear. When Achint and Maghhesh go to the terrace to look for cellphone service, Maghhesh is killed by a ghost.

The group is then terrorised, dragging Sonia into the shadows. After discovering that three people have died, the four survivors discover an abandoned jeep, which they use to escape the hotel while dodging eerie apparitions. The gang escapes after travelling through foggy places, only to discover that they have returned to the entrance of Room 3046. They understand that staying alive until morning is their only chance of escaping.

Achint and Neel believe Sonia to be the ghost when she first approaches them, but she quickly reveals that she is indeed there. The group finds that a possessed girl by the name of Maya was brought to the hotel when it was a mental hospital after killing her entire family. Maya would frequently assert that she had "married the devil" and act violently while at the facility, even murdering the physicians and starting the fire that killed all the patients. Thus, the group comes to the realisation that Maya is the one stalking them.

To figure out what Maya wants, Sonia tries to get in touch with her. She gets a call from Maya, who claims that her only goal is to kill them all. After that, Sonia is killed by Maya's ghost. When Nina asks Neel what time it is, he replies it's the same time (3:55 a.m.), which she had noticed on a clock in one of the rooms when she first arrived at the hotel. They decide to return to the same room to better comprehend Nina's extrasensory awareness because they think it is intuition.

They discover a book with explanations of the paranormal and information on how to identify the dark spirits' energy source there. They see visions of the past with the aid of magic spells from the book. They discover that the hotel was once a mental hospital and that a shock machine is where Maya's ghost gets its energy. To put a stop to the horror, they resolve to burn it down.

Maggie and Neel visit the kitchen in quest of a combustible object. Maggie observes a female ghost reading a newspaper while perched on a chair. Then Neel, a manifestation of Maya's ghost, kills Maggie. The spirit kills Achint, leaving just Neel and Nina alive.

When Neel attempts to burn the device, the ghost drags him into a wardrobe. Nina begins to be terrorised by the ghost. Nina ignites a blaze. With the aid of the ghost of Vikrant Narula, the hotel's former owner, and despite ghostly obstacles, she succeeds in setting the machine on fire, killing Maya's spirit. The movie closes with Nina, the lone survivor, walking outside shocked as the hotel doors open at daybreak.

Director Ayush Raina
Music By Amar Mohile
Production Company ASA Production and Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
Start Date 13 Sep 2013
Content Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama, Horror
In Language Hindi
Producer ASA Productions and Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Name Hate Story

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Frequently Asked Questions

Horror Story is a very popular Hindi movie
Horror Story Shoot location is Mumbai, Maharastra
The release date of the movie Horror Story is 13 September 2013
Horror Story casts include Karan Kundra, Nishant Singh Malkani, Ravish Desai, Hasan Zaidi, Aparna Bajpai
Ayush Raina directed Horror Story
No. You can not legally watch Horror Story online
The character name of Karan Kundra in Horror Story is Neel.
The character name of Nishant Singh Malkani in Horror Story is Achint
The character name of Ravish Desai in Horror Story is Mangesh.
The character name of Hasan Zaidi in Horror Story is Sam
The character name of Aparna Bajpai in Horror Story is Maggie.
Horror Story is 1 hour and 30 minutes long.
Horror Story released in the year 2013
The real name of Neel Horror Story is Karan Kundra.
Horror Story Nina real name is Radhika Menon
No. Horror Story is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2013
Other movies like Horror Story are Raaz and 1920.
There is no official Instagram ID of Horror Story.

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