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Did you know? You can now book a personalized video message from your favorite characters of your loved show Hatim! Keep reading to know more about the Hatim cast, Hatim Zee 5, watch Hatim online, Hatim Instagram, Hatim new serial updates and more. 


Hatim is an Indian Hindi Language television show that ran on Star Plus from December 26, 2003, to November 12, 2004. Fantasy, drama and a variety of other genres are all present in this show. Amrit Sagar directed the film, which is based on the work of Hatim al-Tai. Rahil Azam, Kiku Sharda, and Pooja Ghai Played the lead in this Show.


The plot of the story revolves around. Hatim, the Emperor of Yemen's newborn son, is declared to spread the messages of peace and goodness in the Middle Ages. Najumi, Palace Resident, adopts the boy, gives him the name Dajjal, and instructs him in the black arts.


Many years have passed. Hatim develops into a kind-hearted and well-liked prince in Yemen. At the top of the palace's tower, Dajjal builds an eternal fire that provides him with evil powers. Prince Vishal of Janakpur, Sunena's lover, enters dressed as a beggar. Vishal begs Hatim to assist him in his fight against Dajjal.


To defeat Dajjal's terrible power, Hatim must go to other countries and answer seven questions. The Emperor presents Hatim with Jwestrongil, a supernatural sword. Hatim is aided by Jasmin's childhood friend and servant, as well as a fairy named Hobo(Kiku  Sharda), who serves as his bodyguard. Dajjal's abilities and magical towers are gradually dismantled when Hatim answers the questions.


They battle Dajjal's zombie army, and Hatim reaches the castle and defeats Dajjal. They both die at the same time, but Hatim defeats death by answering the seventh question.

Hatim is Directed by Amrit Sagar and Shakti Sagar. The star cast of Hatim includes Rahil Azam, Kiku Sharda, Pooja Ghai, Nirmal Pandey, Pooran Kiri, and others.

Director Amrit Sagar and Shakti Sagar
Music By Bharat/ Saurabh
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Sagar Films Pvt Ltd.
Start Date 26 Dec 2003
Content Location India
Country of Origin India
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
In Language Hindi
Producer Jyoti Sagar
Name Hatim
Hatim Character names Hatim Actors real names
Hatim Rahil Azam
Hobo Kiku Sharda
Jasmine Pooja Ghai
Dajjal Nirmal Pandey
Jurgal Pooran Kiri

Frequently Asked Questions

Hatim was a very popular Indian Tv Show.
Hatim Shoot's location is in Mumbai.
The Hatim casts include Rahil Azam, Kiku Sharda, Pooja Ghai, Nirmal Pandey, Pooran Kiri, and others.
Yes. You can watch Hatim online on Disney+ Hotstar.
Hatim was aired on Star Plus.
The character name of Kiku Sharda in Hatim is Hobo.
The character name of Vijay Ganju in Hatim is Najumi
The character name of Pooja Ghai in Hatim is Jasmine, The Princess of Paristan.
The character name of Nirmal Pandey in Hatim is Dajjal.
The character name of Aditi Pratap in Hatim is Princess Sunayna.
There are 47 episodes in Hatim.
The real name of Young Hatim in Hatim is Yashwant Mahilwar.
Rahil Azam is the name of Hatim.
Hatim Little Jasmine's real name is Jhanak Shukla.
Other TV shows like Hatim are Sonpari and Chandrakanta.
Hatim on Star Plus, although having a novel concept, failed to achieve high ratings that’s why it goes off air.
There is no official Instagram ID of Hatim.

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