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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Hate Story 2! Keep reading to know more about Hate Story 2 cast, Hate Story 2 OTT, watch Hate Story 2 online, Hate Story 2 Instagram, Hate Story 2 updates and more. 

Vishal Pandya is the director of the 2014 Hindi-language sexual thriller movie Hate Story 2. It is made by T-Series Films and features Jay Bhanushali, Surveen Chawla, and Sushant Singh in significant parts. It is the follow-up to the surprise smash Hate Story from 2012. The movie premiered on July 18, 2014. It is the second film in the Hate Story franchise. It stars Surveen Chawla, Jay Bhanushali, Sushant Singh, Rajesh Khera, and Vijay Singh Parmar in important roles.

An elderly guy walks into a cemetery to place flowers on a grave as the movie opens. He hears the sound of someone writhing in a nearby coffin. He finds a female buried alive in the casket, much to his shock. He brings the girl to the hospital, where Siddharth Kher's portrayal of Police Inspector Anton Varghese instructs the attending physician to notify him as soon as the girl regains consciousness. An unidentified person is called by the officer manning the girl's room to let him know she is still alive. He attempts to choke her, but she manages to tell the nurse. Inspector Anton is contacted, but the patient's escape from the hospital is successful.

Sonika (Surveen Chawla), the mistress of prominent political figure Mandar Mhatre, is revealed to be the girl (Sushant Singh). Sonika, a student studying photography, is abused and kept in isolation by Mandar. She grudgingly finds solace in Akshay Bedi, a college classmate who secretly loves her (Jay Bhanushali). They fall in love, but Sonika is powerless because she is unable to disclose to Akshay her relationship with Mandar. When Akshay learns the truth, he consoles her. In order to be together, they plan to flee. Sonika feels content and gains hope for a life of freedom. She has fled with her lover, which Mandar learns.

When they get to Akshay's residence, Mandar and his men attack him. Sonika begs him to leave Akshay alone, but despite her pleas, they tie Akshay to a rope and drive him into a lake, where they kill him. Sonika is likewise buried alive in a casket by Mandar. After being saved, she swears to get revenge on Mandar. murders the policeman who attempted to kill her first. She then documents her agony in a journal. She jumps into the same lake before loading it into the vehicle. Then she murders one of the three individuals responsible for Akshay's death. She then tells Inspector Anton about Akshay's decomposing body. But Mandar presents it as though Sonika murdered Akshay.

Then Sonika shoots a second Mandar's man who was complicit in Akshay's demise. Sonika works with Mandar's opponent to find the third person who assisted in killing Akshay, but Mandar ends up killing him.

It is revealed that when Mandar promised to share his seats with him in the election, his rival had turned into a partner. Sonika is detained by the police after Mandar accuses her of the killings. She does, however, escape with Anton's assistance. Then, with the assistance of Mandar's wife, who has now seen her husband's true face, Sonika murders Mandar.

The following day, Anton gives Sonika a locked house to live in safety, giving her the new name of Veronica, because he knows that no one would ever suspect that a fugitive is hiding in a safe house provided to her by the very cop who is heading the search for her.

Director Vishal Pandya
Music By Arko, Mithoon, Meet bros, Laxmikant- Pyarelal
Production Company T- Series Films
Content Location Goa
Country of Origin India
Genre Erotic Thriller
In Language Hindi
Producer Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar
Name Hate Story 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hate Story 2 is a very popular Hindi movie.
Hate Story 2 Shoot location is Goa.
The release date of the movie Hate Story 2 is 18 July 2014.
Hate Story 2 casts include Surveen Chawla, Jay Bhanushali, Sushant Singh, Rajesh Khera, and Vijay Singh Parmar.
Vishal Pandya directed Hate Story 2.
Yes. You can watch Hate Story 2 online on Hotstar.
The character name of Surveen Chawla in Hate Story 2 is Sonika .
The character name of Jay Bhanushali in Hate Story 2 is Akshay.
The character name of Sushant Singh in Hate Story 2 is Mandar.
The character name of Siddharth Kher in Hate Story 2 is Inspector Anton.
The character name of Rajesh Khera in Hate Story 2 is Atul.
There are 130 minutes in Hate Story 2.
The real name of Sonika Hate Story 2 is Surveen Chawla.
Hate Story 2 Akshay real name is Jay Bhanushali.
No. Hate Story 2 is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2014.
Other movies like Hate Story 2 are Hate Story and Hate Story 3.
There is no official Instagram ID of Hate Story 2.

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