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Did you know? You can now book a personalized video message from your favorite characters of your loved show Gunjan Saxena! Keep reading to know more about the cast, Gunjan Saxena  Hotstar, Watch Gunjan Saxena online, Gunjan Saxena Instagram, Gunjan Saxena new serial updates, and more.

The Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl is an Indian Hindi Language Movie produced by Dharma Productions and Zee Studio. It was released on 12 August 2020.  The movie is based on the real-life story of Gunjan Saxena, who was one of the first  Indian Female Air- Force pilot role played by Jahanvi Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi and Angad Bedi Are in supporting roles.

The film begins with Gunjan Saxena and her older brother, Anshuman, on a flight. Gunjan requests to peek out the plane window, but Anshuman refuses. Gunjan is taken to the cockpit by a helpful air hostess who takes care of the matter. Looking at the aircraft evokes in her a strong desire to become a pilot.

Gunjan, on the other hand, wants to drop out of high school and pursue a career as a pilot. Anshuman believes that women should not be in the aircraft and should instead be in the kitchen cooking for their families, while Anup disagrees. He allows Gunjan to pursue her dream of becoming a pilot because he believes in gender equality. 

Gunjan tries several times, but each time is stopped by concerns about her educational qualifications and high costs, prompting her to return home discouraged. While her parents have opposing views on her dream, with Kirti hoping her daughter grow up to be afraid and Anup insistent on allowing his daughter to pursue her dreams no matter what, an advertisement in the newspaper for acceptance into the Indian Air Force provides Gunjan with just the opportunity she needs.

Somehow she manages there, after facing lots of difficulties, she even gave up on her dream. But she realizes soon that is the carer is e  dreamed of and gets back to her duty. The Kargil war begins in 1999, and all Air Force pilots are required. Gunjan is passionate about fighting in the war, and despite Anshuman's best attempts to stop her, she disregards his objections once more. She finds herself critically required in a mission and accepts it, only to be told that the job is too complex for her to complete. She hesitantly accepts the camp's offer. Suddenly, news arrives of army troops who have been severely injured in the fight, and it is up to her to save them.

Despite being shot at herself, Gunjan rescues the other pilot and the injured soldiers and completes a dangerous act. She is rewarded for her daring and bravery after the operation and the battle, and Anup is proud of her.

The film is an inspiration for many girls who want to pursue their dream and teaches every family to support their children when the whole world is against them. Some Brave officers like Chief Operating Officer, SSB Officer Sameer Mishra, Chief Instructor Ashish Ahuja whose roles are played by Gulshan Pandey, and Maneesh Verma Chandan Anand also plays a remarkable and significant role in this film.  Another beautiful concept of father and daughter's relationship is gracefully portrayed by Pankaj Tripathi and Jahanvi Kapoor.

The Director of Gunjan Saxena is Sharan Sharma and it is written by Nikhil Mehrotra and Sharan Sharma. The star cast of Gunjan Saxena includes Jahanvi Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi, Angad Bedi Gulshan Pandey, Maneesh Verma, and Chandan Anand.

Director Sharan Sharma
Music By John Stewart Eduri
Production Company Dharma Productions and Zee Studio
Start Date
Content Location Lucknow
Country of Origin India
Genre Biographical Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar and Apoorva Mehta.
Name Gunjan Saxena

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gunjan Saxena is a very popular Indian Hindi Language Movie.
The Gunjan Saxena shoot location is in Lucknow.
The Gunjan Saxena cast includes Jahanvi Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi, Angad Bedi Gulshan Pandey, Maneesh Verma, and Chandan Anand.
The genre of Gunjan Saxena is Biographical Drama.
Yes. You can watch Gunjan Saxena online on Netflix.
The Character name of Jahanvi Kapoor in Gunjan Saxena is Indian Air Force Pilot Gunjan Saxena
The Character name of Pankaj Tripathi in Gunjan Saxena is Lieutenant Colonel Anup Saxena.
The Character name of Angad Bedi in Gunjan Saxena is Anshuman Saxena, Gunjan’s Brother.
The Character name of Angad Bedi in Gunjan Saxena is Anshuman Saxena, Gunjan’S Brother.
The Character name of Gulshan Pandey in Gunjan Saxena is Chief Operating Officer.
The Character name of Maneesh Verma in Gunjan Saxena is SSB Officer Sameer Mishra.
The Character name of Chandan Anand in Gunjan Saxena is Chief Instructor Ashish Ahuja.
Gunjan Saxena's lead actors are Jahanvi Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi, and Angad Bedi
Another Movie like Gunjan Saxena is Neerja.
Gunjan Saxena is about 47 years old.
There is no Official Instagram Id of Gunjan Saxena.
Riva Arora played the role of young Gunjan Saxena.
Gautam Narain is the husband of Gunjan Saxena.
Gunjan Saxena was a flop despite its great performance but get a profitable return from the OTT Platform.

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