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Great Grand Masti



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Indra Kumar's Great Grand Masti is a 2016 Hindi-language supernatural horror adult comedy movie. After Masti and Grand Masti, it is the third film in the Masti film series. Sameer Nair, Aman Gill, Ashok Thakeria, Markand Adhikari, and Anand Pandit are the producers. Along with Shraddha Das, Mishti Chakravarty, Pooja Bose, and Sanjay Mishra playing crucial roles, it stars Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani, and Urvashi Rautela in the key roles.

Three pals named Amar, Meet, and Prem have always desired fun. They have wives named Sapna, Rekha, and Nisha, and due to their respective in-law mothers, brothers, and sisters, they lead unpleasant lives with their spouses. In order to bring about the rebirth of her deceased husband, Amar's mother-in-law has forbidden her daughter from engaging in physical contact with Amar for more than six months on the advice of a con artist Baba. Because Meet's wife is a twin, everytime he approaches her, it turns on his brother-in-law. The twins' connection leads to serious issues, such as when Meet's wife accidently beats him up as her brother is beating up some goons.

They eventually cross paths in a pub and choose to enjoy their lives together. They make the decision to travel to Amar's hometown in order to sell the family haveli while also having fun with the local women. When they get in the village, they learn that the Haveli is feared by the locals. An elderly man tells them that the haveli once belonged to a father-and-daughter pair; the daughter, Ragini, was quite attractive and many lads were charmed by her beauty, but her father never allowed any guy near her. Ragini, who died of a snake bite at the age of 20, still remains in the haveli and is looking for a guy to make love to her there.

The guys shrug it off and head towards the haveli, where they run upon an extremely attractive girl who has been living there covertly because she is homeless and all alone. She is employed by the boys as their maid, and they all begin pursuing her. She tells the lads that one of them must sleep with her in order to release her soul and that whoever does so would die as soon as it is discovered that she is, in fact, Ragini. As a result of their fear, the boys make futile attempts to flee the mansion. To buy them some time, Prem promises to do it with Ragini. In the meantime, they hire male prostitute Babu Rangeela to make love with Ragini. But when their spouses arrive at the last second, Ragini transforms Babu into a chicken.

To get the males to leave the haveli, Ragini makes them act strangely in front of their wives and in-laws who have joined them there. The boys decide to face Ragini after they discover that their wives are fasting covertly for them despite Ragini's portrayal of them as such perverts in front of them. As their wives are fasting for their long lives, they tell Ragini they won't have sex with her and that she can't hurt them. They are harmed by Ragini, but they set a fire around her and ask her father's spirit to intervene. Ragini's yearning is instead sated when Babu's soul visits and engages in sexual activity with her. The three spouses enjoy happy lives together after Babu and Ragini depart from this world.

Director Indra Kumar
Music By Sanjeev darshan, Shaarib-Toshi, Shaan
Production Company Balaji Motion Pictures, Maruti International, Sri Adhikari B
Content Location Parts of India
Country of Origin India
Genre Supernatural, Horror, Adult Comedy
In Language Hindi
Producer Sameer Nair, Aman Gill, Ashok Thakeria, Markand Adhikari, Anand Pandit
Name Great Grand Masti

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great Grand Masti is a very popular Hindi movie
Great Grand Masti Shoot location is parts of India
The release date of the movie Great Grand Masti is 15 July 2016
Great Grand Masti casts include Riteish Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani, Vivek Oberoi, Urvashi Rautela, Shreyas Talpade
Indra Kumar directed Great Grand Masti
Yes. You can watch Great Grand Masti online on Zee 5
The character name of Vivek Oberoi in Great Grand Masti is Meet Mehta.
The character name of Riteish Deshmukh in Great Grand Masti is Amar Saxena
The character name of Aftab Shivdasani in Great Grand Masti is Prem Chawla.
The character name of Urvashi Rautela in Great Grand Masti is Ragini
The character name of Shreyas Talpade in Great Grand Masti is Babu Rangeela.
Great Grand Masti is 2 hours and 14 minutes long.
Great Grand Masti released in the year 2016.
The real name of Amar Saxena Great Grand Masti is Riteish Deshmukh.
Great Grand Masti Ragini real name is Urvashi Rautela
No. Great Grand Masti is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2016
Other movies like Great Grand Masti are Mastizaade and Masti.
There is no official Instagram ID of Great Grand Masti.

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