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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Dum! Keep reading to know more about Dum cast, Dum plot, Dum OTT, watch Dum online, Dum Instagram, Dum updates and more. 

The action movie Dum, which was released in 2003 in Hindi, was made by Ali and Karim Morani. It was directed by Eeshwar Nivas. It is a remake of the Tamil movie Dhill from 2001. In addition to Sushant Singh, Mukesh Rishi, Abhay Bhargava, and Sheeba playing supporting roles, the movie stars Vivek Oberoi, Diya Mirza, Govind Namdeo, and Atul Kulkarni.

Mohan and Uday are from lower middle-class backgrounds. The boys are adamant about entering the police force, against the objections of their relatives. The pair wants to achieve success exclusively via their skills. Even though they have no references or any advantages to get into the police academy, luck is on their side because Raj Dutt Sharma, their training officer, is a blessing.

The pair also repays his favour by achieving their goals and making him happy. They quickly have a reputation for being honest, no-nonsense cops. But one day, Kaveri, who also occurs to be Uday's lover, confronts Inspector Shankar, also known as Encounter Shankar, after she sees him urinating in the river. Uday steps in and severely beat Shankar when he attempts to slap Kaveri. Shankar threatens to exact revenge before leaving. Sharma informs Uday that Shankar is an egotistical, unscrupulous police officer who abuses his authority after discovering this.

He admits that a thug named Babu Kasai assassinated his opponent under the direction of Minister Deshmukh. Lakshmi Sharma, one of the several spectators of the killing, was the only one to come forward and provide testimony. In front of Lakshmi, Shankar, who worked for Deshmukh as well, broke into Sharma's home and murdered Sharma's daughter. After shocking Lakshmi, Shankar was given the responsibility of choosing officers for training while Sharma was demoted and received a promotion.

Sharma chose the team for a number of reasons, including these. Uday now makes the decision to keep going till Shankar's threat is eliminated permanently. Shankar, though, already launches an attack by killing Mohan. After forcing Uday into a corner, Shankar believes he is secure. Uday, however, responds by attacking Shankar. He uses Shankar's stolen gun to shoot Babu, giving the impression that Shankar was the one who did it. Shankar murders Deshmukh in vengeance and blames Uday for it. It has now been made clear that Babu's death was a hoax and that he is genuinely in Uday's custody.

Shankar manages to start a major manhunt for Uday while being unaware of this. When Shankar finds out that Babu is still alive, he immediately starts looking for Babu, Uday, and Kaveri. As he pursues the group, a gunfight takes place. During the altercation, Babu sustains mortal injuries. Utilizing the circumstance, Shankar tries to corner and murder Uday. While Kaveri is filming it, Babu, who is dying, confesses all of his sins to her.

The Commissioner shows the deathbed statement to him when he arrives at the crime scene. The Commissioner tells Uday and Shankar to submit after revealing Shankar's true face. Shankar tries to flee, but Uday finds him and murders him, taking revenge for everything Shankar did wrong. Uday turns himself in, and a court-ordered trial follows. He is ultimately found not guilty based on the facts, and is thereafter warmly welcomed by the populace.

Director Eeshwar Nivas
Music By Sandeep Chowta
Production Company Cineyugg Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Lionheart Production House
Country of Origin India
Genre Action
In Language Hindi
Producer Ali Morani, Karim Morani
Name Dum
Dum Character names Dum Actors real names
Uday Shinde Vivek Oberoi
Kaveri Dia Mirza
Inspector Shankar Atul Kulkarni
Minister Deshmukh Govind Namdeo
Raj Dutt Sharma Mukesh Rishi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dum is a very popular Hindi movie
The release date of the movie Dum is 24 January 2003
Dum casts include Vivek Oberoi, Dia Mirza, Atul Kulkarni, Govind Namdeo, Mukesh Rishi, Sheeba Akashdeep
Eeshwar Nivas directed Dum
Yes. You can watch Dum online on Jio Cinema, MX Player, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video and Youtube
The character name of Vivek Oberoi in Dum is Uday Shinde.
The character name of Dia Mirza in Dum is Kaveri
The character name of Atul Kulkarni in Dum is Inspector Shankar.
The character name of Govind Namdeo in Dum is Minister Deshmukh
The character name of Mukesh Rishi in Dum is Raj Dutt Sharma.
Dum is 2 hours and 51 minutes long.
Dum relased in the year 2003
The real name of Uday Dum is Vivek Oberoi.
Dum Encounter Shankar real name is Atul Kulkarni
No. Dum is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2003
Other movies like Dum are Shool and Singham.
There is no official Instagram ID of Dum.

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