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Dosti Ke Side Effects



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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Dosti Ke Side Effects! Keep reading to know more about Dosti Ke Side Effects cast, Dosti Ke Side Effects OTT, watch Dosti Ke Side Effects online, Dosti Ke Side Effects Instagram, Dosti Ke Side Effects updates and more.

Sapna Choudhary, a Haryanvi dancer and contestant on the reality television series Bigg Boss, co-stars alongside Vikrant Anand in the 2019 Hindi-language comedy-drama Dosti Ke Side Effects, which is directed by Hadi Ali Abrar and produced by Joyal Daniel. Zuber K. Khan, Anju Jadhav, and Neel Motwani all play significant roles in this film's ensemble cast. Sai Ballal and Vaishnavi Mahant are also included in the movie.  The movie was shot in several places in Mumbai, including Film City. Sai Ballal previously appeared in the television dramas Saraswatichandra and Udaan (2014 TV series). It stars Sapna Chowdhary, Vikrant Anand, Neel Motwani, Anju Jadhav, Vaishnavi Mahant, and Ansh Pandit.

Friendship has two sharp edges that can either cut you or your enemy's throat. That is specifically what the movie "Dosti Ke Side Effects" discusses. The suspenseful atmosphere in the movie really stands out, especially in the first half.

Avni (Anju Jadhav), Gaurav (Zuber Khan), Ranveer (Vikrant Anand), and Shristi (Sapna Choudhary) are best friends. Their friendship is unbreakable, and they remain steadfast and dedicated under all conditions. They were indeed childhood pals but had lost touch. When they finally connect after many years in college, they each share the difficult experiences they've had in life.

Ranveer's father, Dharamveer (Sai Ballal), a politician whose main goal in life is retribution, abandons him. Shristi is motivated by a desire for vengeance. Her father is an honourable academic, but because of a scam in which he was wrongfully implicated or trapped, his reputation has been damaged. As a result of his inability to handle the insult and humiliation, Shristi loses her father.

For the other two—Avni and Gaurav—life has been rather easygoing.

The movie's first twist occurs when Gaurav runs against Ranveer in the college elections. Avni and Shristi are aware that Ranveer, who aspires to become a politician in order to exact revenge on his father Dharamveer, is in a life-or-death predicament.

We are currently halfway through the film.

The spectator is left wondering who can be believed to be an honest person in the movie as the second half swings from one extreme to the other. Each character's intents and ambitions are constantly shifting. For the kind of audience that appreciates simpler plotlines, it can get quite perplexing.

But even this has a hint of suspense because we are left wondering what they will say next until the very end. All three characters are unpredictable, with the exception of Sapna's, who has a consistent personality.

How does their friendship fare? Do they ever reunite as friends or do they remain apart?

Director Hadi Ali Abrar
Music By Altaaf Sayeed, Manny Verma
Production Company Share Happiness Films
Content Location Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Comedy Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Joyal Daniel
Name Dosti Ke Side Effects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dosti Ke Side Effects is a very popular Hindi movie.
Dosti Ke Side Effects Shoot location is Mumbai.
The release date of the movie Dosti Ke Side Effects is 8 February 2019.
Dosti Ke Side Effects casts include Sapna Chowdhary, Vikrant Anand, Neel Motwani, Anju Jadhav, Vaishnavi Mahant, and Ansh Pandit.
Dosti Ke Side Effects is directed by Hadi Ali Abrar.
Yes. You can watch Dosti Ke Side Effects online on Amazon Prime Video, MX Player.
The character name of Sapna Chowdhary in Dosti Ke Side Effects is Shristi.
The character name of Vikrant Anand in Dosti Ke Side Effects is Ranveer.
The character name of Neel Motwani in Dosti Ke Side Effects is Manveer.
The character name of Zuber K. Khan in Dosti Ke Side Effects is Gaurav.
The character name of Anju Jadhav in Dosti Ke Side Effects is Avni.
Dosti Ke Side Effects is 130 minutes long.
The real name of Shristi Dosti Ke Side Effects is Sapna Chowdhary.
Dosti Ke Side Effects Ranveer real name is Vikrant Anand.
No. Dosti Ke Side Effects is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2019.
Other movies like Dosti Ke Side Effects are Tag and Old Enough.
There is no official Instagram ID of Dosti Ke Side Effects.

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