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The Science fiction action movie titled Disco Raja released in 2020 in the Indian Telugu language. Ram Talluri produced it under the SRT Entertainments label. Along with Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Tanya Hope, Bobby Simha, Sunil, and Vennela Kishore, Ravi Teja appears in it in a dual role.

An exploration team discovers a man who had been savagely attacked and left for dead in the Ladakh mountain ranges. He was found frozen. He is brought to the Re-Live lab, where Dr Shishir shows Dr Parineeti and Phalguni a technique that can bring back the dead. The patient wakes up after the experiment, but he is unaware of his past. However, Vasu's girlfriend Nabha tells a loan officer that she fell in love with him while he worked various jobs from day to night. Vasu located his stepbrother Kaushik, who had stolen the family's money, but he never came back. She also discloses that the members of Vasu's family are orphans who moved in to live together.

Returning to the lab, Vasu uses Parineeti's card to leave, but he is caught after passing out from exposure to bright lighting. Then, Parineeti explains that he was slain and then revived by medical professionals. Parineeti, who is adamant that Vasu must have his memories restored, takes an item from his corpse and gives it to Phalguni for repair.

Vasu beats up a minister in an effort to attract the attention of people who remember him, and the video quickly went viral after his detention. With the aid of Laalu Sastry's crew, an elderly mobster by the name of Burma Sethu, who is shocked to discover him alive, sends his men to get him from the police station. Vasu, his brother, and the doctors are taken away by the gang of goons. Vasu receives a parcel from Parineeti that Phalguni is compelled to throw away. When Vasu takes up the package, he discovers a music player and headphones inside. His memories come back to him as he listens to the music. He defeats the goons and reveals his identity as Disco Raj; Laalu Sastry also informs Sethu of this.

Raj was frozen for 35 years, thus Shishir says that his actual age is 70; it's possible that Raj isn't Vasu. Phalguni travels alongside Raj as he sets out to reclaim his identity. A hurt Shishir tells Sethu about Raj's recovery in the hospital. A buddy describes how Raj used to be a music-loving mobster at odds with Sethu, a rival gangster whose failure to cooperate led to a gang war when Raj visits the Madras Bar, which he built. Both parties murdered each other's members, but Raj was able to secure Sethu's lifelong detention. A deaf and mute woman named Helen also caught Raj's attention; she initially turned him down but later did reciprocate. Raj married her, pretended to die, and left his group behind when she became pregnant before their wedding. Sethu, however, was released from prison and executed Raj's gang members as payback. In Ladakh, Raj and Helen were again attacked, but Raj was able to transport Helen out in a truck before losing his life.

Contrarily, a policeman who had saved Vasu and informed him of his father, Raj, orders him to kill him for murdering Helen. Vasu attacks Raj and Phalguni as they arrive at the scene and confronts him about killing Helen. Raj fights with Sethu after denying killing her. A wounded Sethu admits that he did not kill Raj in Ladakh and that he pursued Raj to exact revenge for the killing of his wife. When Raj realises the truth, he murders the policeman who had not only deluded Vasu but also hired thugs to kill Vasu's family, despite Raj's denials that he had killed the woman. 

The thugs flee after seeing the picture of the officer's dead body. Before Anthony, who turns out to be Raj's gang member Uttar Kumar (Sunil), kills Raj, Raj and Phalguni discover that a man by the name of Anthony Das gave the cop orders to kill them. Raj and Phalguni, together with Vasu, then hold Anthony's men at gunpoint. He admits that after murdering Sethu's wife, he persuaded Sethu to kill Raj's group. He was one of the individuals who attacked Raj in Ladakh and even staged his own demise. However, Raj, Vasu, and Phalguni defeat and eliminate the thugs together. Raj ends Anthony's life while also dying from his wounds. Vasu repays his family's money when he returns to Delhi with the aid of Kaushik, and he makes amends with Nabha.

In the end, as Sethu and Anthony are recovering in the lab and physicians are able to revive Raj once more.

Director Vi Anand
Music By S Thaman
Production Company SRT Entertainments
Start Date 24 Jan 2020
Content Location India and Iceland
Country of Origin India
Genre Science fiction, action
In Language Telugu
Producer Ram Talluri
Name Disco Raja
Disco Raja Character names Disco Raja Actors real names
Disco Raj/Vasu Ravi Teja
Helen Payal Rajput
Nabha Nabha Natesh
Dr Parineeti Tanya Hope
Burma Sethu Bobby Simha

Frequently Asked Questions

Disco Raja is a very popular Telugu movie
Disco Raja Shoot location is India and Iceland
The release date of the movie Disco Raja is 24 January 2020
Disco Raja casts include Ravi Teja, Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Tanya Hope, Bobby Simha
Vi Anand directed Disco Raja
Yes. You can watch Disco Raja online on Jio Cinema
The character name of Ravi Teja in Disco Raja is Disco Raj and Vasu.
The character name of Payal Rajput in Disco Raja is Helen
The character name of Nabha Natesh in Disco Raja is Nabha.
The character name of Tanya Hope in Disco Raja is Dr Parineeti
The character name of Bobby Simha in Disco Raja is Burma Sethu.
Disco Raja is 2 hours and 29 minutes long.
Disco Raja released in the year 2020.
The real name of Disco Raj Disco Raja is Ravi Teja.
Disco Raja Helen real name is Payal Rajput
Yes. Disco Raja is a new movie. It was released in the year 2020
Other movies like Disco Raja are Raja The Great and Baadshah.
There is no official Instagram ID of Disco Raja.

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