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From 20 August 2007 to 29 October 2010, Star One broadcast the Indian medical drama television series Dill Mill Gayye (Hearts Have Met).  It was a follow-up to Sanjivani - A Medical Boon on Star Plus.  Digital copies of the show are accessible on Disney+ Hotstar.


The drama centres on a new generation of medical interns, with Dr. Armaan Malik, played by Karan Singh Grover, and Dr. Riddhima Gupta, first played by Shilpa Anand, who was later succeeded by Sukirti Kandpal and then Jennifer Winget, as its central characters. Shilpa Tulaskar and Pankit Thakker have also been seen alongside.

The Sanjeevani hospital's resident doctors and surgical interns are the subjects of the television programme. The stresses, drama, romance, interpersonal relationships, and humour in their lives are all covered in this book. The interns include Drs. Anjali Gupta, Armaan Malik, Riddhima Gupta, Atul Joshi, and Sapna Shah at the beginning of the programme. The hospital's director and the father of Anjali and Riddhima is Dr. Shashank Gupta.

At first, Riddhima and Armaan were at odds. Riddhima, Atul, and Sapna also develop close friendships, as do Anjali and Armaan. In a village where Armaan and Riddhima are becoming closer together, a medical camp is set up. They slowly start to get along. Riddhima discovers that she is actually Nurse Padma's daughter and not Dr. Shashank's. Anjali and Armaan wager that Riddhima will fall in love with him. Riddhima becomes aware of this. She is devastated. After a few incidents, they come to an agreement, and Riddhima admits her feelings for Armaan. They are having fun being together.

Dr. Rahul Garewal and Dr. Muskaan Chadda welcome two new interns. There is a tashan between Rahul and Armaan. Rahul likes Riddhima whereas Muskaan prefers Armaan. Atul began to like Anjali in the meantime, and Sapna wed a patient. Muskaan and Rahul's family wants them to be married, but they are opposed to the idea. Without alerting Riddhima, Muskaan seeks assistance from Armaan to escape this predicament. As a result, Armaan and Riddhima become estranged from one another. They are now known to Rahul.


Dr. Shashank and Nurse Padma married. The doctor likes the doctor Keerti. After reestablishing their friendship, Riddhima and Armaan eventually confess once more, cementing their union. On the other hand, Muskaan and Rahul start to feel attracted to one another. Joining Sanjeevani is Dr. Nikita Malhotra.


It comes out that Nikita is a college classmate of Armaan's and Rahul's who is secretly in love with Armaan. Sanjeevani is saved from a financial catastrophe by Dr. Abhimanyu Modi. The interns disagree with some of his decisions. They engage in a campaign of non-cooperation and plan a spectacular performance to raise money. Dr. Abhimanyu feels Dr. Riddhima's affections initially. All of Armaan's friends have doubts about their relationship. So they seek Nikita's assistance. They all believe Armaan and Nikita are having a scene instead of Riddhima because Nikita helps Armaan preserve the secret instead.


Armaan considers fooling Dr. Shashank by changing his appearance to that of a gentle, truthful guy in order to make an impression. This has made Riddhima furious. For her, Armaan sets up a specific date. Unfortunately, they are caught by the police, and everyone finds out. Nobody permits them to interact. Dr. Shashank and Anjali are convinced to stop their relationship by Armaan with the assistance of all of their friends. He begins to live in a tent outside of their home. The media began to raise awareness of this issue. Finally, on Valentine's Day, Dr. Shashank caves in and accepts them because of Ridhhima's worsening health. "Dr. Love" receives his love, and Armaan Riddhima reconciles. They have a planned Roka.


Family of Armaan arrives. Billy is quite direct, which bothers Dr. Shashank. Billy and Annie were split up, and Dr. Shashank is trying to find out why. On this, Armaan Riddhima started to disagree. Shubhanker and Dr. Keerti were wed. Dr. Shubhanker's sister Bubbly is honest with Armaan, which Riddhima dislikes. Armaan Riddhima frequently argues with Dr. Abhimanyu and Bubbly. Armaan suffered an accident one day and lost all of his recent memories, including Riddhima. Riddhima is inconsolable. Riddhima is Armaan's life, but he still teases her for it. The medical exam needs to be redone by Armaan. She assists him. Both move in tandem. Armaan hears from his friends how much he adored her. They are going to get engaged and are back together.


A pregnant couple tries to hide in the hospital on the day of their engagement. Politicians of note were involved in the case. Riddhima and Armaan are also caught up in the predicament. In the season's final scene, Riddhima is shot and knocks Armaan over, causing him to crash into a glass table. Also wounded is Atul. Jiah, Dr. Abhimanyu's ex-wife, returns.


The programme then presents Drs. Sidhant Modi, Yuvraj Oberoi, Naina Mehta, Tamanna Patil, and Dr. Jitendra Prasad, five new interns. Dr. Siddhant Modi falls in love with Tamanna, but she decides to wed her father's choice out of respect for him. When Dr. Shashank is hurt, Riddhima returns to Sanjivani.


It is revealed that Armaan left her because physicians said she would never be able to walk again owing to the bullet's damage to her spine. She and Sid eventually argue and grow angry with one another. Riddhima finds out that Armaan broke up with her due to nerve injury sustained when he struck the glass table during the firefight. Sid follows her as she searches for him out of remorse while he tries to shield her. As a result of misconceptions about Sid and Riddhima's relationship, Dr. Shashank practically pressures her to wed him. On the wedding day, she makes an attempt at suicide but Sid intervenes to stop her. Sid and Riddhima decide to try again with their union.

They eventually had some intimate moments together before Dr. Armaan returned and learned of their marriage, which devastated him. Despite how much it bothers him, he attempts to make amends with Sid and Riddhima and is successful in doing so. When Dr. Shilpa comes, she immediately falls for Dr. Armaan. Dr. Armaan becomes depressed after losing his love since he is unable to handle it. Knowing that Dr. Riddhima is her stepsister and that Armaan still loves her dearly, Dr. Shilpa chooses to sacrifice her love.

Riddhima is currently torn between Siddhant and Armaan. After realising that Riddhima will never be able to love him, Siddhant divorces her. In the end, Riddhima decides for Armaan, and the programme concludes with Riddhima singing a song for Armaan.

Director Nissar Parvez, Amit Malik, Arshad khan, Aniruddh Rajderekar, Vikram V Labhe , Rahul Agarwal.
Music By Sonu Nigam and Prajakta Shukre
No. of Seasons 2
Production Company Cinevistaas limited
Start Date 20 Aug 2007
Content Location Mumbai , Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Genre Romantic Comedy, medical drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Cinevistaas Limited
Name Dill Mill Gayye

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dill Mill Gayye is a very popular TV series.
Dill Mill Gayye Shoot location is Mumbai, Maharashtra
The release date of the movie Dill Mill Gayye is 20 August 2007.
Dill Mill Gayye casts include Karan Singh Grover , Karan Wahi, Shilpa Anand , Shilpa Tulaskar,Jennifer Winget.
You can watch Dill Mill Gayye on Disney+Hotstar.
Dill Mill Gayye is 722 episodes long.
The character name of Karan Singh Grover in Dill Mill Gayye is Dr.Armaan Malik
The character name of Karan Singh Grover in Dill Mill Gayye is Dr.Armaan Malik
The character name of Riddhima Gupta in Dill Mill Gayye is Jennifer Winget.
The character name of Shilpa Malhotra in Dill Mill Gayye is Shilpa Anand.
Nissar Parvez, Amit Malik,Aniruddh Rajderekar, Arshad Khan, Vikram V Lambe, Rahul Agarwal directed Dill Mill Gayye.,
Dill Mill Gayye ended in the year 2010.
The real name of Dr. Siddhant Gupta Dill Mill Gayye is Karan Wahi.
Dill Mill Gayye Dr.Armaan Malik real name is Karan Singh Grover.
No. Dill Mill Gayye is not a new series. It was released in the year 2007
Other TV shows like Dill Mill Gayye are Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar.
There is no official Instagram ID of Dill Mill Gayye.

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