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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Devanshi! Keep reading to know more about Devanshi cast, Devanshi OTT, watch Devanshi online, Devanshi Instagram, Devanshi updates and more. 

Devanshi is a Hindi-language drama TV show from India that airs on Colors TV. Sonali Jaffer and Amir Jaffer's Full House Media is in charge of producing it. The last transmission took place on September 29, 2017. The programme, titled Debangshi on Colors Bangla, premieres on April 21 at 7.30 p.m. The programme has also been dubbed and will begin airing on Colors Odia on March 28 at 6 p.m. It has also been dubbed in Tamil for Polimer TV under the name "Devi."

The drama takes place in Haryana. It focuses on superstition-related topics. Devanshi, a kid "divinely" chosen as a devotion to the goddess, is the centre of the story. The paradox is that the child's innocence defeats the cunning of the adults around her, starring Helly Shah, Shrey Pareek, Piyush Sachdev, Mudit Nayar, and Dolphin Dubey.

After 14 years, Devanshi and Sakshi have grown up and, in accordance with the wishes of their father, both left Jwalapuri. However, she must return to Jwalapuri because of her sister's mental instability. Sakshi puts a barrier in the way of the goddesses. Devanshi, rather than Sakshi, is the target of a fire bow, but Vardhan saves her despite his newfound cruelty towards this superstitious belief. Sakshi and Devanshi are misunderstood by the people as each other. The irate villagers and Kusum make them both targets, but Vardhan continually intervenes to protect them. Devanshi and Vardhan are beginning to develop feelings for one another. Everyone eventually learns that Sakshi is Devanshi and vice versa.

As a result, Sakshi recovers from her mental condition and starts to fall in love with Vardhan. However, she quickly learns that Vardhan is actually in love with Devanshi. Devanshi learns about Kusum's transgressions, including the passing of her parents. When Sakshi learns that Devanshi genuinely loves her, she ends their scheme against him. Sakshi and Kusum initially plot to have Devanshi killed. Sakshi leaves as Devanshi asks her to do so after Kusum attempts to kill her. Vardhan and Devanshi exchange vows. She humiliates Kusum in front of the villagers with Ishwar's assistance, but Kusum escapes with Mohan's assistance. Menka, who is wed to Vardhan's cousin Golu but is in love with Vardhan, appears.

As Menka's bua, Kusum comes and plots to have Devanshi killed. When Kusum and Mohan attempt to bring Menka and Vardhan closer together, Devanshi and Vardhan get physical. Devanshi becomes pregnant but is falsely accused of bearing an unnatural child. Ishwar suffers a heart attack and passes away as a result. Devanshi is attacked by the locals and loses her child as she falls into the river. Planning to exact revenge.

A decade later

Everyone believes Devanshi is dead, but in reality, she has changed into the successful businesswoman Kalki Shah. She comes back to Jwalapuri and makes life difficult for everyone. She divides Menka and Vardaan, wins Nutan and Bhupi, and pits Mohan and Kusum against one another. Eventually, Kusum tries to convince Vardaan and Kalki to get engaged.

because 50% of Kalki's property will go to her husband. Menka becomes extremely envious of this and attempts to murder Kalki while blaming Kusum. However, Pavan Bakshi shows up, declares that Kalki is his wife, and ultimately saves Kalki from Menka's lethal trap. Pavan Bakshi loves Kalki. While assisting her, Pavan begins to fall in love with her. Because he does not want Devanshi to return to Vardaan, he begins to plan against her. She eventually succeeds in making Vardaan realise that Menka is only pursuing his money, and as a result, their wedding is called off. Later, Vardaan discovers Devanshi's innocence, and his sorrow causes Kalki, who had intended to make Vardaan's life difficult, to change her mind.

Furthermore, with Pavan's assistance—who is trying to protect Devanshi from Kusum, Mohan, and the villagers—she once more makes the truth about Kusum Sundari known to everyone. A girl named Kalki, who is 11 years old, emerges from the hundi and informs everyone to leave "Devanshi didi" alone because she is from an orphanage. Vardaan initially feels terrible about himself after learning the whole truth and attempts suicide, but Devanshi intervenes and decides to give him another shot.

Mohan tries to run away after being arrested with Kusum Sundari, but Pavan and Vardaan pursue him in an effort to kill him. Devanshi visits them and is angry with them for attempting to murder Mohan.

When Mohan was last struck in the head, the police inspector inquires. Vardaan hit him last, and Devanshi saw it, but he doesn't want Vardaan to go to jail. In order to take responsibility for Devanshi's happiness, Pavan chooses to. He admits to Devanshi the reality that he was planning to have her leave Vardaan and that he has since learned what true love is. She prevents the police from removing Pavan as they are about to do. She admits to the police that Vardaan actually struck Mohan. Vardaan is in disbelief. Devanshi promises him she would free him from prison, but she is unable to tell lies, so she is hoping he will understand.

She is shocked when he pulls her away and claims she is lying to the police in order to get revenge on him and be with Pavan. Pavan steps in to save her. Vardaan is not worthy of her affection, she informs him. Vardaan follows the law enforcement. Because Pavan plotted to harm her, he breached her trust, and she is upset with him. Devanshi is subsequently reminded by Kalki (the child) that Pavan saved her life and merits another opportunity. Pavan becomes her brother as well. Vardaan starts making plans to harm Devanshi. Another bad character enters their lives; this time it's Kalki's mother, Kukarni Devi, who is hostile to Maiyya (child).

The child of Kukarni Devi assumes the name Maya and adopts the form of Pavan's sister. After her secret is revealed, Pavan and Devanshi decide to take up her cause. When Vardaan enters the home and sees Pavan with Devanshi, he becomes envious. He attempts to remind Devanshi that he is her spouse at first, but she snaps at him since he is imposing himself on her. Vardaan resists to divorce, and he causes difficulty for her, but she decides to go through with it. Vardaan is soon killed by Mohan in retaliation. Devanshi recognises Pavan's genuine love for her and they are married after defeating all of the key villains in the programme. They have Kalki, the child, and they live a happy life.

Director Anshoo Shyam
Music By Dony Hazarika, Udbhav Ojha
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Full House Media
Start Date 03 Oct 2016
Content Location Haryana
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Sonali Jaffer , Amir Jaffer
Name Devanshi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Devanshi is a very popular hindi TV show.
Devanshi Shoot location is Haryana.
The release date of the TV show Devanshi is 3 October 2016.
Devanshi casts include Helly Shah, Piyush Sachdev, Mudit Nayar, Dolphin Dubey, Shrey Pareek.
You can watch Devanshi on JIO Cinema.
Anshoo Shyam directed Devanshi .
The character name of Helly Shah in Devanshi is Devanshi Bakshi.
The character name of Piyush Sachdev in Devanshi is Pawan Bakshi.
The character name of Mudit Nayar in Devanshi is Vardaan Choudhary.
The character name of Shrey Pareek in Devanshi is Ashutosh Ojaswal.
The character name of Dolphin Dubey in Devanshi is Geeta Choudhary.
There are 324 episodes in Devanshi.
Devanshi ended in the year 2017.
The real name of Devanshi Bakshi Devanshi is Helly Shah.
Devanshi Piyush Sachdev real name is Pawan Bakshi.
No. Devanshi is not a new series. It was released in the year 2016.
Other TV shows like Devanshi are Swarangini and Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2.
There is no official Instagram ID of Devanshi.

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