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Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki



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The first episode of Chikoo - Yeh Ishq Nachaye, an Indian serial opera in the Hindi language, aired on StarPlus on September 6, 2021 as Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei. Additionally, it is downloadable on Disney+ Hotstar. Initially starring Vaishnavi Prajapati, Paridhi Sharma, Himanshu Malhotra, and Monika Khanna, it was made by 4 Lions Films and Invictus T Media. It is a remake of the Bengali television programme Maa....Tomay Chara Ghum Ashena from Star Jalsha.

With a 10-year time jump, the series became Chikoo - Yeh Ishq Nachaye on February 14, 2022, starring Simran Tomar. Due to low TRP, the serial concluded on March 19, 2022. It stars Simran Tomar, Paridhi Sharma, Himanshu Malhotra, Monica Khanna, Zoya Humayun, and Sujata Thakkar in key roles.

On her third birthday, Payal Joshi is taken from her family, including her mother, Nupur Joshi, by a lady kidnapper named Rangoli. The Joshis have been convinced that Payal is dead for seven years, but Nupur still has hope. Rangoli has been raising Payal as "Chikoo" in the meantime. Like Nupur, she is a gifted dancer who is passionate about locating her parents. Soon, Payal and Nupur cross paths and become close. Payal was refused by the Joshis when Nupur brought her there, including Nupur's husband Milind.

When Kamini learns that Chikoo is Payal, she plots to have her destroyed. Shashikant, Milind's crippled father, also discovers Payal's secret after viewing the necklace she was given by Nupur.

Payal is ejected from Nupur's home as a result of a misunderstanding. Later, Rangoli admits that Nupur is her mother and makes apologies with the kids before Payal rescues them from a female kidnapper named Hira Amma. Mini, who is an orphan and is helped by Payal, betrays her by posing as "Payal." While Kamini and Mini plot against them, Nupur and Milind decide to adopt Chikoo.

Mini is soon uncovered, and Chikoo admits she is Payal. Joshis decides to expel them because they won't accept her story. However, the Joshis believe Payal is dead after she plunges from a cliff and loses her memories. Sameer Khaitan saves her, and she starts to live as Archie, his late daughter.

When Nupur runs across Payal, she tries to regain her memory. Payal eventually regains her memory, and Nupur learns that Chikoo is in fact her daughter, Payal. While Payal comes back to her, Nupur dies after falling down several stairs. After that, Sameer adopts Payal.

After ten years, Payal, who is now an adult, goes back to Mumbai. She goes by the online stage name "Ishq" and instructs dance while donning a mask on her social media account, "Yeh Ishq Nachaye." She comes into contact with Dhanush. Dhanush grows to like her, but his mother Alka pushes him to perform at the "first rank" in everything, which occasionally causes him to transgress lines of propriety.

Dhanush quickly acknowledges his errors, apologises to Payal, and offers to assist her. Mini also regrets her prior errors and apologises to Payal. It is discovered that Kamini killed Nupur. Kamini is exposed by Sameer, Payal, and Mini and later taken into custody. The Joshis recognise Chikoo as Payal and get back together with her. When Payal and Dhanush finally proclaim their love, everyone rejoices.

Director Arif Ali Ansari, Neeraj Pande
Music By Preetam Maer
No. of Seasons 2
Production Company 4 Lions Films, Invictus T Media
Start Date 06 Sep 2021
Content Location Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama, Romance
In Language Hindi
Producer Gul Khan, Karishma Jain, Nilanjana Purkayasstha
Name Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki is a very popular hindi tv show.
Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki Shoot location is Mumbai.
The release date of the tv show Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki is 6 September 2021.
Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki casts include Simran Tomar, Paridhi Sharma, Himanshu Malhotra, Monica Khanna, Zoya Humayun, and Sujata Thakkar.
Arif Ali Ansari directed Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki.
Yes. You can watch Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki online on Hotstar.
The character name of Simran Tomar in Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki is Payal.
The character name of Paridhi Sharma in Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki is Nupur.
The character name of Lakshay Khurana in Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki is Dhanush Chauhan.
The character name of Himanshu Malhotra in Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki is Rangoli.
The character name of Monica Khanna in Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki is Rangoli.
There are 168 episodes in Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki.
Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki ended in the year 2022.
The real name of Payal Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki is Simran Tomar.
Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki Nupur Joshi real name is Paridhi Sharma.
No. Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki is not a new series. It was released in the year 2021.
Other TV shows like Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki are Kundali Bhagya and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.
There is no official Instagram ID of Chiku Ki Mummy Dur Ki.

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