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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Chameli! Keep reading to know more about Chameli cast, Chameli OTT, watch Chameli online, Chameli Instagram, Chameli updates and more. 

Chameli is a Hindi-language movie from India from 2004. Anant Balani, who was supposed to direct it but passed away before it was finished, was replaced by Sudhir Mishra, who also starred in the movie with Kareena Kapoor and Rahul Bose, alongside Mahek Chahal in a supporting role. Later, the movie was remade in Telugu as Jabilamma, starring Navneet Kaur and Rajiv Kankala. Otherwise, this movie served as Rinke Khanna's last before she wed and left the business.

Rich investment banker Aman Kapoor (Rahul Bose) lost his pregnant wife Neha (Rinkle Khanna) in a car accident more than ten years ago. He feels lonely and dejected as a result of the occurrence. He unwillingly throws a party since he is forced to attend social gatherings. Aman becomes reflective due to the harsh weather and decides to return home. His cell phone battery dies while he is travelling, and his car breaks down on a flooded road. He seeks safety in an alley and encounters Chameli, a street-smart prostitute (Kareena Kapoor).

Aman is initially repulsed by Chameli after she offers him a match for his cigarette and makes a sexual proposition to him. When a possible client is turned away by Aman, he offers to make up for her lost wages, but Chameli disagrees. Two police officers show up shortly, searching for their bribe. They start to abuse Chameli, which enrages Aman, who is then terrorised by the police. After the two start talking about their lives, Chameli diffuses the conflict and Aman changes his opinion of her. Johnny, a young boy selling coffee and cigarettes, interrupts the conversation. Chameli is familiar with him because she pays his tuition and takes care of his health.

He assures Aman that he will return with a mechanic to fix the vehicle. After that, Chameli takes care of Raja, a troubled young man who stole Rs 50,000 from his father. Haseena is the object of Raja's affections, and he believes that she has fled to become a prostitute. Chameli comforts and counsels him before escorting him away. A hijra/trans woman named Haseena shows there and flirtatiously approaches Aman. When Chameli comes back, she tells Haseena to take the money and leave with Raja to another city. When Raja's homophobic father arrives to seek for them, he quickly departs after realising they are not there. Every incident strengthens Chameli and Aman's bond.

Usman, Chameli's pimp, has rented her out to Naik, a violent local official with a history of hurting prostitutes. Chameli is sought after by Naik's goons, but the couple manages to get away and head to a nearby tavern to speak with Usman. Chameli admits that she can't leave her pimp since she still owes him money from a loan she took out. Aman offers to settle Chameli's debt at the bar in exchange for her decision not to entertain Naik. Usman stabs the pimp during a struggle after demanding more cash from the ATM and threatening Aman with a knife. The police pick up Aman and Chameli, and because of his temperament, he is kept in a holding cell.

Chameli talks to a friend who knows Assistant Commissioner of Police K.P. Singh and persuades the officers to let Aman make a call. After hearing Aman's account, Singh decides to end the police protection given to Usman, who had earlier turned informant after being detained. Chameli informs Aman that because of the removal of protection, Usman and his family are now in risk of being murdered by more dangerous criminals. Singh grudgingly consents to keep guarding Usman. The ACP threatens him while Singh coerces Usman to phone Naik at the hospital, ultimately persuading Naik to leave Chameli alone.

Chameli jokingly teases Aman about the reaction his wife will have as they leave the hospital. Aman sobs and informs her about the collision, adding that Neha's death was his fault because he decided to drive in the torrential rain. Aman finally makes it back home the following morning as daylight breaks, a transformed man. The extremely exciting night changed his perspective on life and helped him accept his loss. He reestablishes contact with his father-in-law, who he had avoided since the passing of his wife. After some time, he goes back to see Chameli, where they once more cross paths. In addition, Mehak Chahal plays an important role in the film too.

Director Anant Balani, Sudhir Mishra
Music By Sandesh Shandilya,Irshad Kamil
Production Company Pritish Nandy Communications
Content Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Pritish Nandy, Udhaynidhi Stalin, Rangita
Name Chameli
Chameli Character names Chameli Actors real names
Chameli Kareena Kapoor Khan
Aman Kapoor Rahul Bose
Neha Kapoor Rinke Khanna
K.P Singh Yashpal Sharma

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chameli is a very popular hindi movie.
Chameli Shoot location is Mumbai, Maharashtra
The release date of the movie Chameli is 9 january 2004
Chameli casts include Kareena Kapoor Khan, Rahul Bose, Rinke Khanna , Yashpal Sharma.
Anant Badlani and Sudhir Mishra directed Chameli .
Yes. You can watch Chameli online on Youtube, Amazon prime, Hotstar and MX player.
The character name of Kareena Kapoor Khan in Chameli is Chameli.
The character name of Rahul Bose in Chameli is Aman Kapoor.
The character name of Rinke Khanna in Chameli is Neha Kapoor.
The character name of Yashpal Sharma in Chameli is K.P Singh.
There are 108 minutes in Chameli.
Chameli released in the year 2004.
The real name of Chameli Chameli is Kareena Kapoor Khan.
Chameli Aman Kapoor real name is Rahul Bose.
No. Chameli is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2004
Other Movies like Chameli are Gangubai Kathiawadi and Gangs of Wasseypur.
There is no official Instagram ID of Chameli.

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