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Chak De! India is a 2007 Hindi-language sports movie from India that was directed by Shimit Amin and made by Aditya Chopra under the Yash Raj Films banner. Shah Rukh Khan plays Kabir Khan in the movie, a former field hockey team captain for India. Due to religious prejudice, Khan is shunned from the sport following a catastrophic loss to Pakistan. Seven years later, in an effort to atone for his actions, he accepted the position of coach of the Indian national women's hockey team with the mission of making the team's sixteen problematic players into an honourable one. The team consists of Shilpa Shukla, Vidya Malavade, Tanya Abrol, Chitranshi Rawat and Sagarika Ghatge, among others. It also stars Vivan Bhatena, Mohit Chauhan and Aanjjan Shrivastav in supporting roles.

Chak De! India opens in the waning moments of Pakistan and India's Hockey World Cup match in Delhi, Pakistan has a 1-0 advantage. Kabir Khan, the captain of the Indian team, is fouled and is given a penalty shot. India loses the game as a result of his narrow miss. A picture of Khan shaking hands with the Pakistani captain was soon circulated in the media. Khan is accused of intentionally throwing the game out of compassion for Pakistan because the sports gesture was misinterpreted. He must leave town with his mother due to religious discrimination.

After seven years, Mr. Tripathi, the president of the Indian Hockey Association, meets with Uttam Singh, an advocate of field hockey, to talk about the Indian women's hockey squad. Tripathi claims that the team is doomed since women can only "cook and clean" in the long run. However, Uttam informs him that Kabir Khan desires to lead the team as a coach. Tripathi accepts the deal after initially being dubious.

Khan is put in charge of a group of 16 young women who are divided due to their rivalry and local stereotypes. Haryana villager Komal Chautala fights with Chandigarh resident Preeti Sabarwal, and Punjabi bully Balbir Kaur torments Rani Dispotta and Soimoi Kerketa, who are from isolated Jharkhand villages. Both Molly Zimik from Manipur and Mary Ralte from Mizoram in Northeast India experience frequent racial prejudice as well as sexual remarks from some strangers. The vice-captain of the Indian cricket team, Abhimanyu Singh, feels threatened by Preeti's engagement with the team, while team captain Vidya Sharma must decide between hockey and the aspirations of her husband Rakesh's family.

Khan understands that only by assisting the girls in overcoming their differences can he turn them into winners. In his first few days as coach, he benches a number of players who disobey his instructions, including the most seasoned player, Bindiya Naik. Bindiya responds by continuously urging the other players to challenge Khan. Khan abruptly resigns after she finally succeeds, but he invites the team and workers to a goodbye meal at McDonald's. Local youths taunt Mary during lunch, and Balbir responds by attacking them, which leads to a fight between the team and the lads. Khan stops the employees from interfering when he realises that they are finally acting as one. The women want Khan to continue coaching them after the fight.

The team must overcome new obstacles. Khan suggests a match against the men's squad after Tripathi declines to send the women's team to Australia for the World Cup. Tripathi decides to send his team to Australia despite the fact that they lose because of their performance. Khan has angered Bindiya by appointing Vidya as squad captain rather than her. Australia loses 7-0 as a result of her subsequent actions.

Bindiya attempts to get physical with Khan when he confronts her about her behaviour on the pitch. Khan rejects her and tells her to leave the game. Following triumphs over England, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, and Argentina, Khan continues to train the girls. Just prior to their match with South Korea, Khan approaches Bindiya and asks her to restart playing so they may defeat the Korean team's "Man to Man" marking tactic. Bindiya enters the field and defeats South Korea with the aid of Gunjan Lakhani.

The squad faces Australia in the World Cup final again, but this time they are victorious and take home the trophy. When the team gets home, their families treat them with more respect, and Khan goes back to his ancestral home with his mother after having his reputation restored.

Chak De! India went on to become a box office hit, with it earning a gross income of Rs. 109 Crore. It also went on to become the third highest grossing bollywood movie of 2007 and won various accolades including the National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment and the Filmfare Awards for Best Film (Critics)

Director Shimit Amin
Music By Salim-Suleiman
Production Company Yash Raj Films
Start Date 10 Aug 2007
Awards National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment, Filmfare Awards for Best Film (Critics)
Content Location Delhi and parts of Australia
Country of Origin India
Genre Sports Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Aditya Chopra
Name Chak De! India

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chak De! India is a very popular Hindi movie
Chak De! India Shoot location is Delhi and parts of Australia
Chak De! India casts include Shah Rukh Khan, Shilpa Shukla, Sagarika Ghatge, Chitranshi Rawat, Vidya Malawade
Chak De! India was directed by Shimit Amin
Yes. You can watch Chak De! India online on Amazon Prime Video
The character name of Shah Rukh Khan in Chak De! India is Kabir Khan.
The character name of Shilpa Shukla in Chak De! India is Bindiya Naik
The character name of Sagarika Ghatge in Chak De! India is Preeti Sabharwal.
The character name of Chitranshi Rawat in Chak De! India is Komal Chautala
The character name of Vidya Malavade in Chak De! India is Vidya Sharma.
Chak De! India is 149 minutes (2hrs 29mins) long.
Chak De! India released in the year 2007.
The real name of Kabir Khan Chak De! India is Shah Rukh Khan.
Chak De! India Vidya Sharma real name is Vidya Malvade
No. Chak De! India is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2007
Other movies like Chak De! India are 83 and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.
India Instagram ID? There is no official Instagram ID of Chak De! India.

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