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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Boss! Keep reading to know more about Boss cast, Boss OTT, watch Boss online, Boss Instagram, Boss updates and more.

 Anthony D'Souza's 2013 action-comedy movie Boss is in the Hindi language. Along with Akshay Kumar playing the title character, it also stars Mithun Chakraborty, Shiv Panditt, Ronit Roy, and Aditi Rao Hydari in the lead parts. It was produced by Cape of Good Films and Ashwin Varde Productions. In supporting parts, it also has Shakti Kapoor, Johnny Lever, Rushiraj Pawar, and Sanjay Mishra, among others. It is a remake of Pokkiri Raja, a Malayalam movie.

Satyakant Acharya Shastri, a teacher who has two children named Surya and Shiv, introduces the movie. Satyakant pushes Surya out and disowns him after he repeatedly picks fights with another child and kills him. Years later, Shiv becomes his father's lone son and raises a family. It is revealed that Surya had saved the life of transport businessman Tauji, also known as Big Boss, who had adopted him and treated him as a son for 15 years, after being disowned. Surya has now changed into Boss, a dapper, tough businessman in the transport industry who fights for truth.

Ankita, a person Shiv first met in college, turns out to be the sister of crooked ACP Ayushman Thakur, and the two fall in love. Ayushman is working closely with Shoorvar Pradhan, the Home Minister who is unscrupulous and power-hungry. Pradhan advises Ayushman to arrange for Ankita to wed his son Vishal. Ankita will get married to him irrespective of her decision, Ayushman declares. He has Shiv arrested and found guilty of crimes he has not committed after learning that she is in love with Shiv. Additionally, it is made clear that Surya didn't kill his classmate. Instead, when Satyakant pushed them into a room to teach them how to interact with one another, he unintentionally impaled him.

Later, Satyakant tries to save Shiv and patiently explains everything to Ayushman. Instead, he is insulted and expelled from the police station. With no other option, Satyakant seeks assistance from his other son, meets Boss, and presents him with a picture of Shiv, which persuades Surya that Shiv's life is threatened. When Boss encounters Ayushman, Vishal persuades him to clear Shiv of all accusations by informing him that if Shiv is allowed to leave police custody, Boss will kill him. Boss, though, aids Shiv in evading capture. Boss gets captured by Pradhan's police, who then transport him to Ayushman's estate. Boss gets to Ayushman's estate after escaping the thugs.

Surya asks Ankita if she loves Shiv after noticing her, and she responds in the affirmative. Before Tauji and her brother Ayushman, he accepts the duty of getting Ankita wedded to Shiv. A contract killer sent by Pradhan named Jabbar Bhai and his thugs assaults Satyakant and Shiv. Surya saves his father and brother by beheading Jabbar Bhai and his gang.

With the help of an anonymous informant who was eventually identified as Boss, the media is able to catch 25 members of Pradhan's political party in a brothel with prostitutes. Shiv is arrested for a false rape allegation after Ayushman sets up Ankita's acquaintance Dimple as the accuser in a trap against Shiv. Then, in order to convince Vishal to petition his father to liberate Shiv from police prison, Surya tortures him and plants a phoney time bomb in his rear end. Satyakant is told by Tauji that Surya did not murder his classmate; rather, it was an accident.

When Satyakant and Tauji race to meet Surya, a truck dispatched by Ayushman strikes their vehicle. Satyakant sustains injuries and is hospitalised, while Tauji survives the collision. After a prolonged battle, Boss mercilessly beats Ayushman. In the conclusion, Satyakant is shown with Shiv extending his arms while pleading for Boss to embrace them.

Boss was a commercial hit, earning around INR 70 crores at the box office. It was praised by the critics for its dialogues, action sequences and acting performances by Akshay Kumar and Shiv Panditt. It was also loved by the general audience for being an action packed, fast-paced masala film.

Director Anthony D'Souza
Music By Meet Bros Anjjan
Production Company Ashwin Varde Production
Start Date 16 Oct 2013
Content Location Delhi
Country of Origin India
Genre Aciton, Comedy
In Language Hindi
Producer Viacom 18 Productions, Cape of Good Films, Ashwin Varde
Name Boss

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Frequently Asked Questions

Boss is a very popular Hindi movie
Boss Shoot location is Delhi
The release date of the movie Boss is 16 October 2013
Boss casts include Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty, Ronit Roy, Shiv Panditt, Aditi Rao Hydari
Yes. You can watch Boss online on Jio Cinema and Netflix
The character name of Akshay Kumar in Boss is Boss.
The character name of Mithun Chakraborty in Boss is Satyakant Shastri
The character name of Shiv Panditt in Boss is Shiv Shastri.
The character name of Aditi Rao Hydari in Boss is Ankita Thakur.
The character name of Ronit Roy in Boss is ACP Ayushman Thakur.
Boss is 2 hours and 23 minutes long.
The real name of Boss is Akshay Kumar.
Boss Ankita Thakur real name is Aditi Rao Hydari.
No. Boss is not a new movie. It was released in the year 2013.
Other movies like Boss are Khiladi 786 and R…Rajkumar.
There is no official Instagram ID of Boss.

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