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A 2022 Indian Hindi action comedy film called Bachchhan Paandey is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and directed by Farhad Samji. Starring in it are Arshad Warsi, Jacqueline Fernandez, Kriti Sanon, Shivanshu Anshika Sachan, Prateik Babbar, Pankaj Tripathi , and Akshay Kumar.

A producer tasks aspiring director Myra Devekar with coming up with a riveting and violent mafia plot in order to make a movie. The producer decides to research a real-life gangster's life for the script in order to fulfil both her desire to make a realistic movie and her commercial outlook. Her investigation uncovers ferocious mobster Bachchhan Paandey of Baghwa, a one-eyed man surrounded by eccentric yet terrifying minions.

Myra makes the trip to Baghwa, where she sees her best buddy Vishu and shares her concept for a movie about Bachchhan with him. Vishu becomes enraged and begs her to leave, but is eventually convinced to assist her with the movie. In an effort to approach Bachchhan, both Vishu and Myra begin to hunt down his henchmen. One of the thugs, Virgin, tells them about his ex-girlfriend Sophie, whom the latter killed. In order to listen in on Virgin's chats with Bachchan, Vishu and Myra install a microphone in his cellphone.

The betrayal of Bachchhan by Virgin to another criminal, Rana Lohia, is later revealed. However, he is discovered and slain by him. Through the microphone, Vishu and Myra hear the murder, but they are discovered by Bachchhan's crew. When he learns that Myra is directing a gangster movie, Bachchhan decides to change his mind about killing Vishu and Myra in exchange for playing the lead role in the movie. Myra initially refuses, but Bachchhan kidnaps her producer, forcing Myra to hear his backstory in order to write the script.

In a flashback, Bachchhan works for a corrupt politician Laalji Bhagat. Following a fallout, the politician murders Sophie, Bachchhan's girlfriend. Bachchhan kills Bhagat in vengeance as he is being treated for a wound at the hospital.

Since Bachchhan and his thugs lack acting experience, they receive acting instruction from Bhavesh Bhoplo. Much to the dismay of Bachchhan and his cronies, Bhavesh beats, threatens, and degrades them. But Myra convinces them not to hurt Bhavesh for the sake of the film. Myra and Bachchan start to feel something for one another quickly.

Eventually, the movie is finished and shown in theatres. At first, Bachchhan and his henchmen enthusiastically promote the movie "BP," believing it to be the gritty mafia thriller that it was advertised as. They are horrified to learn that the movie is actually a comedy about them. On the other side, Myra's movie is a box office success and receives accolades from her director, who used to be very critical of her work.

Bachchhan and the goons decide to kill her in order for him to lose his fear of people, but they eventually decide against it after Bachchhan changes their minds and claims that his ears were ringing when his mother called him, and his admirers were also impressed by him. Later on, Bachchhan achieves fame, and Kaandi, a close goon to Bachchhan, decides to stop watching porn. Vishu is cast in the lead of an unidentified movie. The awards for best comedic actor Bachchhan, best acting teacher Bhavesh Bhoplo, and best director Myra all go to these three people. In addition, his mother, with whom he hasn't spoken in ten years, respects him. He gives up crime and turns to acting.

Director Farhad Samji
Music By Julius Packiam, Amaal Malik, B Praak, Jaani
Production Company Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
Content Location Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Genre Comedy Action
In Language Hindi
Producer Sajid Nadiadwala
Name Bachchhan Pandey

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bachchhan Pandey is a very popular Hindi movie.
Bachchhan Pandey Shoot location is Maharashtra.
The release date of the movie Bachchhan Pandey is 18 March 2022.
Bachchhan Pandey casts include Arshad Warsi, Jacqueline Fernandez, Kriti Sanon, Shivanshu Anshika Sachan, Prateik Babbar, Pankaj Tripathi , and Akshay Kumar.
Bachchhan Pandey is directed by Farhad Samji.
Yes. You can watch Bachchhan Pandey online on Amazon Prime Video.
The character name of Akshay Kumar in Bachchhan Pandey is Bachchhan Pandey.
The character name of Kriti Sanon in Bachchhan Pandey is Myra Devekar.
The character name of Jaqueline Fernandez in Bachchhan Pandey is Sophie.
The character name of Arshad Warsi in Bachchhan Pandey is Vishwakant Mhatre.
The character name of Prateik Babbar in Bachchhan Pandey is Virgin.
Bachchhan Pandey is 146 minutes long.
The real name of Bachchhan Pandey Bachchhan Pandey is Akshay Kumar.
Bachchhan Pandey Myra Devekar real name is Kriti Sanon.
Yes. Bachchhan Pandey is a new movie. It was released in the year 2022.
Other movies like Bachchhan Pandey are Boss and Baaghi.
There is no official Instagram ID of Bachchhan Pandey.

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