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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved show Baalveer! Keep reading to know more about Baalveer cast, Baalveer sony liv, watch Baalveer online, Baalveer Instagram, Baalveer new serial updates and more. 

Baalveer is a fantasy television series set in India. It premiered on SAB TV on October 8, 2012, and stars Dev Joshi in the lead role. Optimystix Entertainment is in charge of the production. It also starred Shruti Sheth, Shweta Kawatra, Anushka Sen and Aditi Sajwan in the lead roles.

Bhayankar Pari tries to kidnap Baalveer when he is born, but Rani Pari arrives just in time and saves him. Bhayankar Pari's onslaught knocks Rani Pari out, but a maid in the house takes Baalveer with him, making Bhayankar Pari enraged. A fairy transports him to Parilok, however some fairies are dissatisfied, so everyone rushed to Rani palace to visit Rani pari. Rani Pari is the Queen of Parilok and the mother of Baalveer, fairies, and other Fairy world dwellers. She is the fairy realm's most powerful and experienced fairy. She is the only one who can make decisions. She recognises the child and informs everyone that he will be living in Parilok after that. She also gave him the name "Baalveer," and she has cared for him like his mother since then. He is the first human to live in the Fairy Realm. All of the fairies eventually accepted him.

Bhayankar Pari hypnotises the children of Earth and forces them to commit wicked acts. Due to the chaos on Earth, Pari Lok is in a state of panic. While Rani Pari calms the fairies, Bhayankar Pari enters Pari Lok and creates a terrifying atmosphere. If she can, she challenges Rani Pari to preserve her beloved Baalveer. Rani Pari believes that now is the appropriate time to bestow powers on Baalveer so that he can fight evil. Some fairies are dissatisfied with this because they believe he is not deserving of these abilities and fighting evils, but Rani pari has complete faith in her son Baalveer, hence fairies are unable to ignore Rani pari's command. 

Baalveer's every move is guided by Rani Pari. Bhayankar pari afterwards used her most lethal weapon to kill Baalveer during the Satkar Samaroh of Baalveer, but Rani pari sacrificed her life to save her beloved son Baalveer. After a few days, Baalveer had a talk with Rani Pari, who told him that he is a special person to her and that she will always love and be there for him. After a while, Maa Pari produced a new Rani Pari because Parilok could not be safe for long without Rani Pari's guidance. Many evil powers were defeated by New Rani Pari, Baalveer, and fairies.

Baalveer was a very popular kids show, airing for 4 years. It went off air on 4th November 2016 after airing 1111 episodes. The show was rebooted in 2019 and was named Baalveer returns with Dev Joshi reprising his titular role once again. 

Balveer also starred some prominent actors like Rukhsar Rehman, Arsheen Namdar, Shweta Tiwari and Purvesh Pimple, among others in recurring roles.

Director Maan Sing, Thusar Bhatia, Kushal Awasthi, Sanjay Satavase
Music By Lenin Nandi, Souvyk Chakroborty
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Optimystix Entertainment
Start Date 08 Oct 2012
Content Location Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Fantasy
In Language Hindi
Producer Vipul Shah, Sanjeev Sharama
Name Baalveer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Baalveer is a very popular hindi TV Show
Baalveer Shoot location is Mumbai, India
Baalveer casts include Dev Joshi, Shweta Kawatra, Shruti Seth, Aditi Sajwan, Anushka Sen
You can watch Baalveer on Sony PAL
Yes. You can watch Baalveer online on Sony LIV
The character name of Dev Joshi in Baalveer is Baalveer.
The character name of Shruti Sheth in Baalveer is Rani Pari
The character name of Shweta Kawatra in Baalveer is Bhayankar Pari.
The character name of Aditi Sajwan in Baalveer is Natkhat Pari
The character name of Anushka Sen in Baalveer is Meher Dagli.
There are 1111 episodes in Baalveer.
Baalveer ended in the year 2016.
The real name of Rani Pari Baalveer is Shruti Sheth.
Baalveer real name is Dev Joshi
No. Baalveer is not a new series. It was released in the year 2012
Other TV shows like Baalveer are Shararat and Chidiya Ghar.
There is no official Instagram ID of Baalveer.

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