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Did you know? You can now book a personalized video message from your favorite characters of your loved show Alif Laila! Keep reading to know more about the Alif Laila cast, Alif Laila Voot, watch Alif Laila online, Alif Laila Instagram, Alif Laila new serial updates and more. 


The One Thousand and One Nights, often known as the Arabian Nights, served as the inspiration for the Indian television series Alif Laila. Sagar Arts was the producer of this show. It took two seasons to produce. The 143 episodes of the show aired on DD National from 1993 to 1997. The main leads of Alif Laila are Firoz Ali, Girija Shankar, and Damini Shetty.


The series' storyline of Ali Laila begins when Shahrzad begins telling Shahryar stories, and it includes both well-known and lesser-known tales from the One Thousand and One Nights that are described below. The name Alif Laila is a shortened version of the One Thousand and One Nights' original Arabic title, Alif Layla wa-Layla. Most significantly, the episodes were sharp, well-directed, and featured the strongest cliffhangers. There was no bias, melodrama, or politics. 


Alif Laila is Directed by  Anand Sagar, Prem Sagar, and Moti Sagar. The star cast of Alif Laila includes Firoz Ali, Girija Shankar, Damini Shetty, Shahanawaz Pradhan, Swati Anand, and others.

Director Anand Sagar, Prem Sagar, and Moti Sagar
Music By Ravindra Jain
No. of Seasons 2
Production Company Sagar Arts
Content Location India
Country of Origin India
Genre Fantasy
In Language Hindi
Producer Subhash Sagar
Name Alif Laila

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alif Laila was a very popular Indian TV Show.
Alif Laila Shoot's location was in India.
The Alif Laila casts include Ruhana Khanna, Aditi Sharma, Hiten Tejwani, Vishal Vaishistha, Gungun Uprari, and Others.
Yes. You can watch Alif Laila online on MX Player.
Alif Laila was aired on DD National.
The character name of Firoz Ali in Alif Laila is Shehzada Afaque.
The character name of Girija Shankar in Alif Laila is King Shahryar.
The character name of Damini Shetty in Alif Laila is Queen Shahrzad.
The character name of Shahanawaz Pradhan in Alif Laila is Royal Vizier.
The character name of Swati Anand in Alif Laila is Princess Sofonibsa.
There are 143 episodes in Alif Laila.
The real name of Merchant Sirajuddin Shareef Zardaari in Alif Laila is Pramod Kapoor
Alif Laila Aladdin's real name is Navdeep Singh.
Other TV shows like Alif Laila are Arabian Nights and Shri Krishna.
The name Alif Laila is a shortened version of the One Thousand and One Nights' original Arabic title, Alif Layla wa-Layla.
There are 143 episodes of the TV Show Alif Laila
Edward Everett Hale is the Original writer of Alif Laila.
There are 2 seasons of the TV Show Alif Laila.
There is no official Instagram ID of Alif Laila.

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