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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved movie Aashiqui! Keep reading to know more about Aashiqui cast, Aashiqui OTT, watch Aashiqui online, Aashiqui Instagram, Aashiqui updates and more. 

Rahul Roy, Anu Aggarwal, and Deepak Tijori play the main characters in Mahesh Bhatt's 1990 Hindi love drama film Aashiqui, which also serves as the first entry in the Aashiqui series. Tom Alter, Avtar Gill, Reema Lagoo, and Mushtaq Khan play supporting roles. The soundtrack for the movie, composed by the Nadeem-Shravan combo, was well-known and at the time of its release, the best-selling Bollywood record. The movie garnered 7 nominations for the 36th Filmfare Awards, and it took home 4 prizes, including a clean sweep in the music categories. The soundtrack album has the most sales of any Bollywood soundtrack ever with 20 million units sold.

In his rage and fury, Rahul pays an uninvited visit to the wedding and tosses his mother's mangalsutra and all the other home belongings she maintained because he is upset with his dad for getting married to a second bride when his mother is still alive. He causes the wedding car's windows to break, which leads to his arrest and transportation to the closest police station.

Anu flees Arnie Campbell's repressive ladies' hostel in the meantime, and he reports her missing to the police station right away. She is apprehended by the police, who detained her at a nearby station that also houses Rahul.

Rahul gives Anu his jacket while they wait for Arnie, and she accepts it. When Arnie finally shows up, he assures the police inspector that this will not happen again and drives the woman back to the unpleasant hostel. The inspector turns to Rahul after they have left and gives him some advice before releasing him to go back to his damaged house.

Rahul is unable to stop thinking about the lovely Anu. Rahul visits the hostel area the very following day in an effort to meet her and notices his jacket hanging outside. He can't get in because she lives in a dorm for girls. So, when playing cricket with a friend, he intentionally smashes the ball into the neighbourhood. He is permitted in by security so that he can get the ball. When Rahul enters, he discovers Anu ascending a ladder. His presence causes her to lose her balance and fall off the ladder. Rahul placed a letter on the electricity bill his mother had instructed him to pay that day because he is unable to convey his affection for her. Anu picks up the note and walks away.

Arnie finds her shortly after he departs and drives her to Ooty so she may check into a different dormitory. To eavesdrop and find out where Anu is heading, Rahul sends a spy. Anu's travel itinerary is discovered by the spy, who also notifies Rahul. Rahul joins his friend in looking for Anu and discovers where she is staying. They learn that Arnie had lied to Anu about moving her to a new hostel since she would not have consented and had instead intended to marry her.

Rahul accepts Anu's invitation to the hostel's farewell party, which Arnie has organised for her. Rahul agrees to attend. They intend to elope after the celebration. He flees the celebration with Anu, and Arnie uses the police to apprehend them. Rahul goes back to his house, and Anu must travel back to Ooty with Arnie.

A few months later, Rahul seeks out Mr. Arnie because he can't stop thinking about his buddy Anu, who he is aware is miserable. Then, Rahul learns from Arnie that Anu is an orphan with an alcoholic distant cousin named Uncle Peter who lives in Ooty. Peter signed the paperwork to have sole custody of her a very long time ago.

Arnie divulges all when Rahul asks about Anu's whereabouts and other information so that he might assist her in settling. They both discover Anu living in misery with Uncle Peter, so they pay him 20,000 rupees in exchange for his signing papers releasing Anu from his legal custody.

Anu wants to become independent and enrols at a typing school after she is finally released from Uncle Peter, Arnie, and the hostel. Anu is invited to an audition when she discovers a job posting looking for a model to represent the 'Jean Cardin' clothing company in Mumbai. Anu consents, winning 10,000 rupees in addition to a complimentary tour of Paris.

After hearing their story, Rahul's mother visits Anu and gives her some advise. Knowing that Anu is a lonely orphan, she tells her not to marry him until he succeeds in life because equal status between spouses is necessary for a happy marriage.

Rahul shows up at the location where Anu is conducting a picture shoot the following day. Rahul complains when he overhears the supervisor ordering her to put on a swimming outfit. He explains that they were going to get married shortly and that he disapproves of her wearing such provocative attire. When he finds out that Anu has already signed a contract stating she won't get married for two years, he is even more startled.

Her choice has left Rahul sad, and he writes Anu a letter in his blood.

Rahul gains recognition as a vocalist over time, and Anu has fame as a model. Rahul had planned to meet Anu right away, but Padamsee tells him that Anu was responsible for getting his debut record published to the public. This news profoundly affects Rahul, who is now doubting his own abilities and talent. Rahul decides to call off their wedding as a result.

Anu, who is devastated by Rahul's choice, chooses to advance her career under director Padamsee and agrees to go to Paris with him.

Rahul's mother informs him that Anu had earlier declined to wed him as a result of her advice, and that Anu was merely a vehicle for his singing talent to be discovered by the public. She exhorts him to return to his true love, Anu.

Anu consents to leave the director behind and stays behind to rekindle their relationship when Rahul arrives to prevent her from getting on the plane.

Director Mahesh Bhatt
Music By Nadeem Shravan
Production Company T-Series Films
Content Location Ooty and Mumbai
Country of Origin India
Genre Romance, Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Gulshan Kumar
Name Aashiqui

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aashiqui is a very popular Hindi movie
Aashiqui Shoot location is Ooty and Mumbai
The release date of the movie Aashiqui is 17 August 1990
Aashiqui casts include Rahul Roy, Anu Aggarwal, Avtar Gill, Tom Alter, Mushtaq Khan
Aashiqui is directed by Mahesh Bhatt
Yes. You can watch Aashiqui online on Youtube
The character name of Rahul Roy in Aashiqui is Rahul Vikram Roy.
The character name of Anu Aggarwal in Aashiqui is Anu Verghese
The character name of Avtar Gill in Aashiqui is Police Inspector Deshpande.
The character name of Tom Alter in Aashiqui is Arnie Campbell
The character name of Mushtaq Khan in Aashiqui is Rafoo Master.
Aashiqui has a runtime of 2 hours and 30 minutes long.
Aashiqui released in the year 1990.
The real name of Rahul from Aashiqui is Rahul Roy.
Aashiqui Anu real name is Anu Aggarwal
No. Aashiqui is not a new movie. It was released in the year 1990
Other movies like Aashiqui are Aashiqui 2 and Shiddat.
There is no official Instagram ID of Aashiqui.

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