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Aai Majhi Kalubai is a Marathi Drama/ Mythological Tv show Telecasted on the channel Sony Marathi from the year 2020 to 2021 and is directed by Niranjan Patki and Bhimrao Mude.

Aai Majhi Kalubai was first aired in the year 2021 on the 14th of September. Aai Majhi Kalubai is also available on OTT platforms likeSony LIV. The Tv show has a single season consisting of 285 episodes with each episode having an approximate runtime of 22 minutes.

Directed by Niranjan Patki and Bhimrao Mude, the tv show is produced by Alka Kubal and Sameer Athlye under the production banner of Kashturisha Arts. The main Aai Majhi Kalubai cast includes Alka Kubal, Prajakta Gaikwad, Vivek Sangle, Rujuta Dharapa, and Rashmi Anpat among many others.

The story follows Goddess Kalubai, whom Arya worships, appears to her in a human form, and Kalubai is tasked with looking out for her.

Goa was briefly chosen as the new location for the production. Soon after, in May 2021, the filming moved back to Silvassa, where the narrative centred on Aarya's pregnancy and Virat's nefarious plots against the Patils. It later moved back to its original location in Satara, Maharashtra, in June 2021.

Aai Majhi Kalubai received an IMDB rating of 4.9 out of 10.

Director Niranjan Patki, Bhimrao Mude
Music By Prakash Chavan
Production Company Kashturisha Arts
Start Date 14 Sep 2020
Content Location Maharashtra
Country of Origin India
Genre Social drama, Thriller, Mytholical
In Language Marathi
Producer Alka Kubal, Sameer Athlye
Name Aai Majhi Kalubai
Aai Majhi Kalu Bai Character names Aai Majhi Kalu Bai Actors real names
Goddess Kalubai Alka Kubal
Aarya Amogh Patil Rashmi Anpat
Amogh Raje Patil Vivek Sangle
Vasundhara Hamberao Patil Ashalata Wabgaonkar
Sai SaiRujuta Dharap

Frequently Asked Questions

Aai Majhi Kalubai is a very popular Marathi Tv show.
Aai Majhi Kalubai Shoot location is Maharashtra and Goa.
The release date of the Tv show Aai Majhi Kalubai is 14 September 2020.
Aai Majhi Kalubai casts include Alka Kubal, Prajakta Gaikwad, Vivek Sangle, Rujuta Dharapa, and Rashmi Anpat.
Aai Majhi Kalubai is directed by Niranjan Patki and Bhimrao Munde.
Yes. You can watch Aai Majhi Kalubai online on Sony LIV.
The character name of Alka Kubal in Aai Majhi Kalubai is Goddess Kalubai.
The character name of Prajakta Gaikwad in Aai Majhi Kalubai is Aarya Amogh Patil.
The character name of Vivek Sanglein Aai Majhi Kalubai is Amogh Raje Patil.
The character name of Ashalata Wabgaonkar in Aai Majhi Kalubai is Vasundhara Hamberao Patil.
The character name of Prasanna Ketkar in Aai Majhi Kalubai is Madhavrao Raje Patil.
There are 285 episodes in Aai Majhi Kalubai.
Aai Majhi Kalubai ended in the year 2021.
The real name of Surendra from Aai Majhi Kalubai is Aniket Kelkar .
Aai Majhi Kalubai Purohit’s real name is Sharad Ponkshe.
No. Aai Majhi Kalubai is not a new Tv show. It was released in the year 2020.
Other TV shows like Aai Majhi Kalubai are Agnihotra and Avaghachi Sansar.

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