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Snacks Marketing, Branding and Advertising Ideas To Boost Sales With Celebrities

Discover new-age strategies for marketing, branding, and advertising of snack products. Learn how using celebrities and influencers can skyrocket your snack sales. From Instagram stars to YouTube vloggers, unlock the full potential of celebrity endorsements to enhance your snack brand's presence and profitability.

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The Indian snacks market is thriving, with a size of Rs 44,000 crore. This market encompasses a wide variety of snack options, reflecting the diverse tastes and preferences of consumers across the country. From traditional favourites like samosas and bhajis to modern snacks like chips and flavoured nuts, there's something for everyone in this rapidly growing sector. The market's robust growth indicates a strong demand for convenient, flavorful snacks, presenting opportunities for both established companies and new entrants to innovate and cater to evolving consumer preferences.

Types Of Snacks In Indian Market

  1. Namkeens: Namkeens are savoury Indian snacks typically made from ingredients like chickpea flour (besan), lentils, nuts, and spices. Examples include bhujia, sev, chivda, and mixture.
  2. Chips: Potato chips, corn chips, and other crispy snacks are popular options available in various flavours like classic salted, masala, tomato, and chilli.
  3. Biscuits and Cookies: Biscuits and cookies come in a variety of flavours such as butter, chocolate chip, cream-filled, and digestive biscuits. They are often enjoyed with tea or coffee.
  4. Instant Noodles and Pasta: Instant noodles and pasta are convenient snacks that come in a range of flavours and varieties, including masala, curry, tomato, and cheese.
  5. Ready-to-Eat Popcorn: Packaged popcorn is available in different flavours like butter, cheese, caramel, and spicy, offering a quick and convenient snack option.
  6. Traditional Snacks: Traditional Indian snacks like samosas, pakoras, kachoris, and vadas are also available in packaged form, offering the convenience of enjoying these delicacies at any time.
  7. Nut Mixes: Packaged nut mixes containing almonds, cashews, pistachios, and other nuts are popular for their nutritional value and convenience.
  8. Energy Bars: Energy bars made from ingredients like nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and grains provide a quick and nutritious snack option for people on the go.
  9. Roasted Snacks: Roasted snacks like roasted chickpeas, peanuts, and makhanas (fox nuts) are gaining popularity as healthier alternatives to fried snacks.
  10. Protein Snacks: With a growing focus on health and fitness, protein-rich snacks like protein bars, roasted chickpeas, and soy snacks are becoming increasingly popular.

Market Size Of Snacks Industry

In 2022, the Indian snacks market was valued at INR 38,603 Crore. It is projected to grow to INR 70,731 Crore by 2028, with a CAGR of 10.4% during 2023-2028. The surge in demand for on-the-go food items, especially among working individuals and Millennials, urbanization, changing dietary habits, and improved living standards are key market drivers. Additionally, the preference for ethnic snack varieties and stringent quality standards set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is contributing to market growth.

The introduction of organic, natural, vegan, low-calorie, and gluten-free snack options is expected to further boost the market. The report segments the market by product type, region, pack type, pack size, and distribution channel, with detailed profiles of leading companies like Agro Tech Foods Ltd., Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd., and Haldiram Snacks Private Limited among others.

Table Of Contents

Snacks Branding Ideas To Maximize Sales

  1. Storytelling with Celebrity Video Ads: Feature celebrities in video ads that tell your brand's unique story. Celebrities sharing personal anecdotes about their connection with the snack can make the story more relatable and compelling.
  2. Health-Conscious Positioning with Celebrity Images: Use images of health-conscious celebrities enjoying snacks as part of a balanced diet. Shared on Instagram and other social platforms, these images can inspire followers to make healthier snack choices.
  3. Sustainability Focus in Celebrity Events: Host eco-friendly events with celebrities who are known for their environmental activism. Documenting these events on YouTube can broaden the reach and reinforce the brand's commitment to sustainability.
  4. Customization Options Through Celebrity Influences: Have celebrities create their own flavour combinations and share these through Instagram posts or stories. This can encourage fans to try the customization feature themselves.
  5. Lifestyle Association with Celebrity Endorsements: Partner with celebrities who embody the lifestyle your brand wants to associate with. Whether it’s fitness, gaming, or travel, having them appear in YouTube videos or Instagram posts using your snacks can strengthen this brand image.
  6. Bold and Unique Packaging with Celebrity Unboxings: Send new, uniquely packaged products to celebrities and have them unbox these on Instagram or YouTube. The unboxing experience can generate excitement and anticipation among viewers.
  7. Influencer Marketing on Instagram: Collaborate with influencers to create authentic content that naturally incorporates your snacks. This content can range from Instagram posts and stories to Instagram reels.
  8. Interactive Digital Campaigns Featuring Celebrities: Launch social media contests or challenges where celebrities challenge their followers to create unique snack recipes or share inventive ways to enjoy your snacks, boosting engagement.
  9. Snack Pairing Suggestions by Celebrities: Create video content with celebrities sharing their favourite snack pairings on YouTube or Instagram. This can be an effective way to showcase the versatility of your snacks and inspire fans to try new combinations.

Go-To Snacks Advertising Strategies For Effective Brand Promotion

  1. Print Ads: Feature high-quality, visually appealing images of celebrities enjoying or endorsing your snacks in magazines and newspapers. These can create a lasting impression on the reader, lending a sense of prestige to your brand.
  2. Interactive Social Media Campaigns featuring Celebrities: Have celebrities kick off social media challenges related to your snacks, such as creating a unique recipe on Instagram or Facebook. Their involvement can increase the campaign's visibility and participation rate.
  3. Influencer Collaborations with Celebrities: Beyond typical influencers, partner with celebrities who align with your brand to create authentic content across their platforms. They can share their genuine love for your snacks in stories, posts, or dedicated YouTube videos, reaching a wider but targeted audience.
  4. Billboards: Utilize larger-than-life images of celebrities with your snacks on billboards in strategic locations. The physical presence and star power can significantly boost brand visibility and allure among passersby.
  5. Nostalgia Marketing involving Celebrities: Utilize celebrities from past decades in your campaigns to evoke nostalgia. For instance, feature them in social media videos reminiscing about their favourite snacks from their youth, which aligns with your product, or recreate iconic scenes integrating your snack.
  6. Lifestyle Integration Ads with Celebrity Appearances: Create ads that depict celebrities integrating your snacks into their lifestyles, whether they're on a movie set, post-workout, or at home. Share these ads on Instagram and YouTube to reach audiences interested in emulating the lifestyles of their favourite stars.
  7. Seasonal and Holiday-Themed Campaigns with Celebrities: Engage celebrities for special holiday-themed campaigns, showcasing them enjoying or gifting your seasonal snack offerings. Share these festive ads on social media and YouTube to attract attention during key shopping periods.
  8. YouTube Collaboration featuring Celebrities: Produce unexpected and engaging video content for YouTube, such as a mini-series where celebrities face off in cooking challenges using your snacks. The involvement of well-loved personalities can drive views, shares, and brand engagement.
  9. Celebrity Appearance At Snack Store: Consider having celebrities appear at in-store promotions or on packaging.

Incredible Snacks Marketing Tips For For Boosting Product Sales

  1. Customized Content Marketing: Produce content such as blog posts or video interviews featuring celebrities discussing how your snacks fit into their lifestyle or diet. This authentic perspective can bolster your brand's credibility and appeal to fans of the celebrity.
  2. Social Media Engagement: Have celebrities engage with your brand on social media by sharing images of them enjoying your snacks, participating in live Q&As about their favourite flavours, or posting stories featuring unboxing experiences. This strategy leverages the celebrity's vast audience and endorses your brand in a personal way.
  3. Influencer Partnerships: Beyond traditional influencers, partner with celebrities for a broader reach. They could do everything from creating a signature snack flavor to sharing behind-the-scenes content from a celebrity-endorsed photo shoot, tapping into both their creativity and fanbase.
  4. Loyalty and Referral Programs: Launch programs where customers can win exclusive merchandise signed by celebrities or even a meet-and-greet event. This makes joining your loyalty or referral program more attractive and can significantly boost participation.
  5. Interactive and Experiential Marketing: Organize events where celebrities make appearances, such as grand tasting events, snack launches, or snack-related challenges hosted by celebrities. These can also be live-streamed on platforms like Instagram and YouTube for broader access.
  6. Product Sampling: Have celebrities announce online giveaways or surprise sample drops at public locations through their social media channels. The celebrity endorsement can create a buzz around the sampling campaign, encouraging more people to try your snacks.
  7. Sustainability Practices: Collaborate with celebrities who are vocal about sustainability issues to endorse your brand's eco-friendly initiatives. This can include video messages shared on social media, YouTube documentaries detailing the production process of your snacks, and appearances at sustainability-themed events.

Get the Best Of The Celebrity Marketing, Advertising And Branding World With Us

Step into the exciting world of marketing with us and make your snack brand shine using star power. Picture celebrities in ads, their images on your packaging, and even visit your stores. Imagine them sharing your snacks on Instagram, from quick stories to engaging Reels and direct links in their bios. Tune in as they go live on Instagram to chat about your snacks, or strike a deal to get a celebrity shout-out in exchange for your tasty products. Plus, catch them on YouTube, where they create fun videos showcasing your brand. Ready to make your snacks famous? Join us.

Different Types Of Celebrities for Your Snacks Brand

TV Celebrities

Snack brands can get more people to notice and buy their snacks by working with TV celebrities. Imagine seeing your favourite TV stars talking about or eating these snacks during their shows – it makes you interested too, right? When these stars or TV influencers share something, lots of people pay attention. TV anchors, whom people trust for news, can also mention snacks in a good way, making people feel like they are a smart choice. And when TV artists, like actors, show these snacks in fun ads, it makes people feel a connection with the brand. So, by having these popular TV faces with them, snack brands can make their products stand out and attract lots of fans.

Indian Celebrities

Snack brands can get a big lift in India by teaming up with Indian celebrities. Imagine seeing big-time Indian Actors and Indian Actresses in ads, happily munching on your snacks - that might get you interested in trying them too, right? They can show the snacks in TV ads, online banners, or even photos in magazines. Also, teaming up with Indian Influencers, who are really popular on social media like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, can get more people buzzing about the snacks. They can share cool posts, maybe showing a fun recipe or snack hack. Plus, famous Indian Stars can give a shout-out to the snacks during big events, getting even more people excited about the brand. It's a fantastic way for snack brands to make a splash using the popularity of Indian Celebrities.

Movie Celebrities

Snack brands can get a big boost by working with Movie Celebrities. Think about seeing your favourite Movie Stars in ads for these snacks. Whether it's on TV, on a giant billboard, or even on social media, when you see these stars loving the snacks, you might want to try them too! Snacks can also show up in movies themselves, which is a cool, chill way for the brand to get noticed. Plus, those in the know about movies, called Movie Influencers, can help too. These are people who love talking about movies and have lots of followers. They could try the snacks and chat about them with their fans. It's like getting a movie star-like shout-out! So, by having these well-known movie folks on board, snack brands can shine and attract lots of snack lovers.

Web Celebrities

Snack brands can make a big splash online by teaming up with famous internet personalities, known as Web Stars and Web Influencers. These are the people who have tons of followers on websites, blogs, and social media. When these online celebs show off or talk about a snack brand in their posts or videos, it can grab a lot of attention quickly. They might do fun things like taste tests, and contests, or even just include the snacks as part of their day-to-day online content. This makes their fans curious because they trust these influencers' choices. The best part? When something cool or fun about the snack goes viral, thanks to these web celebs, it can reach millions of people in no time. So, by working with Web Stars and Influencers, snack brands can get a lot more people to know about and want to buy their snacks in a fun and trust-building way.

International Celebrities

Snack brands can go global and get noticed by people all around the world by teaming up with famous International Celebrities. Think of having big-name stars from different countries in their ads, where they're seen enjoying the snacks. This can make people everywhere interested in trying out these snacks just because their favourite stars like them too. Also, when these brands work with International Influencers – these are people with lots of followers on social media across the world – it can help even more. These influencers can share their own experiences with the snacks, like doing taste tests or showing how they fit the snacks into their daily life.

Bollywood Celebrities

Snack brands can get popular with Bollywood-loving crowds by working with Bollywood Celebrities. Imagine seeing big-time Bollywood Stars in snack ads! When people see their favourite stars enjoying these snacks, they'll want to try them too. Alongside stars, brands can also work with Bollywood Influencers. These are the folks who know all about the movie industry and have lots of followers on social media. They can share their snack adventures, which can convince their fans to give these snacks a whirl. And don't forget the Bollywood Singers! If they create a catchy song or jingle for the snack brand, it can get stuck in people's heads and remind them about the snacks. So, with the help of popular Bollywood personalities, snack brands can make a splash and get noticed by loads of potential customers.

Tollywood Celebrities

Snack brands can become popular with Tollywood fans by getting Tollywood Celebrities involved in their ads and promotions. When people see their favourite Tollywood Stars in ads eating and enjoying these snacks, they'll be keen to try them hoping they're as good as their stars make them seem. And that's not all! Brands can also team up with Tollywood Influencers. These are people who are quite famous on social media and know a lot about the regional film landscape. They can share their own snack-eating experiences, inspiring their fans to try these snacks. Also, having Tollywood Singers create a catchy song to go with the brand can make a huge difference. When people hear this song, they'll remember the snacks associated with it. So, with the help of these famous Tollywood personalities, snack brands can catch the attention of many potential customers in the region.

Marathi Celebrities

Snack brands can get a big audience in the Marathi-speaking community by working with Marathi Celebrities. People just love seeing famous Marathi Stars they admire in snack ads. They become curious to taste the snacks that their favourite stars are enjoying. There are also Marathi Influencers who are popular on social media. They talk about their local culture and are trusted by their followers. If these influencers share videos or positive reviews about the snacks, their fans might want to try them out too. Plus, when brands hire Marathi Singers to make catchy tunes or jingles, it can stick in people's minds. So next time they hear the song, they think of those snacks.

Punjabi Celebrities

Snack brands can be a big hit with Punjabi folks by working together with Punjabi Celebrities. It becomes really exciting for people when they spot their favourite Punjabi Stars in snack ads. With these stars' popular appeal and energy, the snacks also get noticed a lot more. But that's not all. Punjabi Influencers are another group that can help. These are well-known people on social media who talk a lot about Punjabi culture. They can share their fun times with these snacks, which can inspire their fans to join in on the fun. And have you heard the catchy beats of Punjabi Singers? Imagine having a jingle or song from them for the snack brand! It can stick in people's minds, and when they hear it, they'll be reminded of the snacks. 

Gujarati Celebrities

Snack brands can catch the eye of people in Gujarat by teaming up with Gujarati Celebrities. When snacks are shown in ads with Gujarati Stars, people feel a closer connection to the brand, because they see familiar and beloved faces enjoying the snacks. This makes the snacks seem more tempting to try. Then, there are Gujarati Influencers on social media. These are people who share lots of content related to Gujarati culture and lifestyle. If they start talking about a snack, their followers might get curious and decide to try it too. And let’s not forget about Gujarati Singers. If a snack brand has a catchy jingle or song created by one of these singers, it can become really popular. Songs are a big part of Gujarati culture, so a good tune can make people remember and feel good about the snack. 

Telugu Celebrities

Snack brands can make a big impression among Telugu people by teaming up with Telugu Celebrities. Seeing their favourite Telugu Stars in snack adverts sparks interest among fans, making the snacks seem even more attractive. Stars endorsing a product make people trust the brand more. Telugu Influencers are another great way to promote snacks. They are popular on social media and know what their followers like. When they talk about a snack, it comes across as a friendly recommendation, which is more likely to get followers interested. And who wouldn't love a catchy song about their favourite snack? If brands get Telugu Singers to make a jingle, it can make their ads stand out and be more memorable. People might even start associating the catchy song with the snack!

Celebrity Singers

Snack brands can stand out if they work with famous singers. If they get Star Singers, who have lots of fans, to be in their ads, people are more likely to notice and want to try those snacks. When they use singers from Instagram, who share fun music and have lots of followers, this can make the snack seem cool and trendy. These Instagram Singers can make short, catchy tunes about the snack that could get a lot of likes and shares. YouTube Singers are good for ads too, because they can include the snack in their music videos that lots of people watch. Lastly, Bollywood Singers are super popular, and if they sing a song about the snack, it can get stuck in people's heads. 

Celebrity Models

Snack brands can stand out and seem more stylish with the help of Celebrity Models. If they feature Star Models, who are glamorous and well-known, in their ads, the snacks can seem more special to customers. Doing this can catch people's attention and make the brand seem more high-end. On top of this, Model Influencers are helpful too. These are models who have a lot of followers on social media. If they start showcasing the snacks in their online posts or stories, their fans might also want to try the snacks. It's like getting a friendly recommendation from someone you look up to. And because these models are seen as fashionable and trendy, the snacks can also come across as such.

Instagram Celebrities

Snack brands can get really popular by teaming up with famous people on Instagram. Instagram Stars have lots of followers who look up to them. When these stars show off a snack on their profile, people notice and might want to try it too. Instagram Influencers have the power to change what people buy. They make the snacks look fun and tasty in a real, everyday kind of way. Instagram Artists can bring their style to the table, making amazing pictures or videos that include snacks. This can really grab the attention of people who love art. Plus, Instagram Content Creators, who make all sorts of different videos and posts, can tell cool stories or show fun moments with the snacks. This can make more people want to share the snack stories with their friends.


Snack brands can get more people to notice and try their products by teaming up with popular YouTubers. YouTube Influencers are people who have a lot of fans and are trusted by their viewers. When they talk about or show off a snack in their videos, like in cooking tips, fun challenges, or snack taste tests, their fans might want to buy and try those snacks too. This is because fans often believe what these YouTubers say and find them relatable. Also, YouTubers who create content know how to tell interesting stories or make funny or cool videos that include snacks. They can make videos that fit the snack into all sorts of themes, like daily vlogs or comedy skits, which can make the snack seem more fun and appealing. 


Snack brands can get a lot of attention by working with Vloggers, who make fun and interesting video blogs on different platforms. Instagram Vloggers can show the snacks as part of their daily life or special themes in quick and catchy videos. These can make their followers curious to try the snacks too. Facebook Vloggers can also share about the snacks in a friendly and casual way in their vlogs which cover everyday activities or special moments. This can make their viewers start associating the snack with good times. YouTube Vloggers can include the snacks in longer video stories, like unboxing new snacks, taste-testing them or using them in recipes. These videos can entertain their viewers, and also get them excited about buying and trying the snacks.

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