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Use the power of celebrity influence for your interior design brand. Through strategic marketing, branding, and advertising, we partner with renowned celebrities to transform your brand's visibility and appeal. Enhance your projects and connect with a broader audience, making every space a testament to luxury and innovation.

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The global interior design market, worth $131.54 billion in 2022, is expected to reach $206.51 billion by 2030, growing at a rate of 5.8%. Most money is made from designing living spaces in homes and offices. Designs for kitchens and baths are especially popular. While simple, modern designs were big in 2022, a blend of classic and modern—transitional design—is expected to grow quickly. Most people are choosing mid-range budgets for their design projects. A full-service design, where everything is handled from start to finish, is the most common service type. Technological tools like virtual reality are playing a bigger role, especially for smart homes. North America currently leads the market, but Asia-Pacific and Europe are close behind. More interior design businesses are moving online, offering virtual services.

Market Size Of Interior Design Industry

The Global India Interior Design Market generated around USD 21.2 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow a CAGR of over 7.2% from 2022 to 2028 to reach around USD 31.2 billion in the forecast period 2028.  North India emerged as the top region for interior design, propelled by both governmental and private housing projects. The market is very competitive, with many players focusing on expansion through strategic mergers, acquisitions, and collaborations.

Important Interior Design Advertising Strategies To Follow

Discover eight impactful advertising strategies tailored for the world of interior design. Boost your brand, attract new clients, and showcase your creativity with these proven marketing techniques.

  1. Find a Specialized Niche: Focus on a specific area of interior design to stand out and appeal directly to your target audience.
  2. Optimize Your Facebook Business Page: Fully utilize your Facebook page for your interior design company by adding a custom banner featuring celebrity video ads and photos. Keep your information up-to-date and post engaging content including clips and images of celebrities endorsing your services.
  3. Have Presence Across All Social Media: Diversify your exposure by being active on multiple social platforms, each with its own unique tone. For Instagram, collaborate with celebrities to feature your interior design company through various formats: Instagram Reels and Posts on their accounts, Stories shared by them, links to your website in their bio, and having them go live to talk about your services.
  4. Distribute Content on Social Media: Share your articles across social media networks and engage in barter deals with celebrities and influencers for your interior design company. Also, collaborate for YouTube videos and Shorts to boost visibility.
  5. Email Marketing: Use email lists to engage and convert your audience into clients.
  6. Join Industry Sites: Connect with prospects and peers on platforms dedicated to home improvement and design.
  7. Ask for Reviews: Encourage happy clients to leave positive reviews which can boost your reputation. Encourage satisfied clients, including celebrities, to leave positive reviews and share images of your interior design work. Also, when a celebrity visits your interior design store, use this opportunity to enhance your reputation.
  8. Use Virtual Staging: Implement software that allows clients to take virtual tours of proposed designs. This can be showcased during events or visits by celebrities to your interior design store, adding excitement and visibility.

Best Interior Design Branding Ideas For Your Interior Designing Company

Explore top branding ideas for your interior design company. These tips will help increase your visibility, attract customers, and differentiate you from competitors.

  1. Define Your Brand Identity: Clearly articulate your unique style, values, and what sets you apart from competitors. This could range from eco-friendly designs to luxury, or minimalism.
  2. Professional Logo Design: Invest in a high-quality, memorable logo that reflects the essence of your interior design brand and can be consistently used across all mediums.
  3. Develop a Strong Online Presence: Build a professional website for your interior design company that showcases your portfolio, services, and customer testimonials. Make sure it's visually appealing and easy to navigate. Include celebrity video ads and images to enhance credibility and attract attention.
  4. Social Media Engagement: Utilize platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz to showcase your interior design work, inspirations, and behind-the-scenes processes. Actively engage with your audience and leverage celebrity collaborations, including:
    1. Instagram Reel shared on a celebrity's account, featuring your designs.
    2. Instagram Post on a celebrity's account, showcasing your work.
    3. Instagram Story by a celebrity, highlighting their experience with your company.
    4. An Instagram link in a celebrity's bio directs to your website or a featured project.
    5. A celebrity going live on Instagram, discussing or touring an interior design project by your company.
  5. Before and After Content: Showcase transformations through before and after images or videos to demonstrate the impact of your work.
  6. Client Testimonials and Reviews: Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive feedback on your website, Google My Business listing, and social media channels.
  7. Content Marketing: Regularly publish blog posts or articles on your website about interior design trends, tips, and case studies to establish authority and offer value.
  8. Partnerships with Influencers or Celebrities: Collaborate with influencers or celebrities for endorsements or to feature your work, leveraging their audience to boost visibility for your interior design company. Consider barter deals where celebrities or influencers promote your services in exchange for interior design work. Utilize YouTube videos and Shorts created by these celebrities and influencers to further enhance your brand's reach.
  9. Virtual Design Presentations: Offer virtual tours or 3D presentations of your designs to engage clients and give them a comprehensive understanding of your vision.
  10. Networking and Events: Participate in local events, trade shows, or design expos to network with potential clients and industry professionals. Enhance your company's visibility by:
    1. Hosting a special event where a celebrity visits your interior design company.
    2. Organizing a celebrity event specifically for showcasing your interior design projects and services.
  11. Referral Programs: Implement a referral program to encourage past clients to refer new businesses by offering them a discount or a gift in return.
  12. Create Signature Styles or Products: Develop a signature style or bespoke products that clients can only get through your services, adding exclusivity and distinctiveness to your brand.

Proven Interior Design Marketing Strategies Of 2024

Dive into the proven interior design marketing strategies of 2024! Discover how to grab attention, build your brand, and attract clients in the ever-evolving world of design with these cutting-edge tactics.

  1. Improve Your Google My Business Profile: Make sure your profile is complete and updated regularly to appear in Google searches and Maps.
  2. Use Realistic Designs to Win Clients: Use tools to create lifelike designs that help clients envision their projects, leading to more agreements.
  3. Advertise with Google Ads: Use Google Ads to appear at the top of search results for keywords related to your services and location.
  4. Showcase Your Work Online: Have a section on your website dedicated to displaying your past projects to show potential clients what you can do.
  5. Get Listed on Industry Websites: Increase your visibility by listing your services on websites specific to your industry.
  6. Take Part in Designer Show Houses: Participate in events where you can show your work directly to potential clients.
  7. Gather and Share Client Reviews: Ask clients to write reviews and make sure to respond to them to build credibility.
  8. Use Pinterest: Create boards with pictures of your work and include celebrity video ads and images promoting your interior design company. This approach attracts people planning design projects and showcases your celebrity endorsements.
  9. Post on Instagram: Share photos of your projects and collaborate with celebrities to extend your reach. This includes:
    1. Getting a celebrity to share an Instagram Reel about your company.
    2. Celebrities post about your company on their Instagram accounts.
    3. Celebrities sharing Instagram Stories mentioning your interior design company.
    4. Include your website's link in the bio of a celebrity or influencer's Instagram account.
    5. A celebrity going live on Instagram to talk about or showcase your interior design company.

Understand How Celebrities Are Important For Interior Design Promotion?

Celebrities play a pivotal role in interior design promotion due to their substantial influence and public appeal. When a celebrity endorses a brand, they lend their image and following to the interior design advertising efforts. This association can significantly boost an interior design branding campaign, as celebrities can sway public perception and consumer behaviour through their personal endorsement. Additionally, involving celebrities in interior design marketing can amplify the message and reach a broader audience, catalyzing the brand's identity in the market. Including famous personalities in promotional activities, whether through social media or traditional channels, adds a layer of credibility and desirability to the services offered. Notably, when celebrities showcase interior designs in their luxurious homes, it acts as a powerful form of interior design promotion, encouraging fans and followers to emulate their style, leading to increased client interest and potential sales.

Different Types Of Celebrities for Interior Design Advertising

TV Celebrities

An interior design company can leverage TV stars, influencers, anchors, and artists for effective marketing and advertising. By partnering with TV stars for endorsements, the company can tap into their large fan bases. TV influencers can promote the company’s projects through social media, offering authentic views into their designed homes. Collaborating with TV anchors could involve creating special TV segments that feature home design tips integrated with the company’s branding. Working with TV artists could lead to unique design collaborations, blending their artistic talents with interior design. 

Indian Celebrities

An interior design company can effectively use Indian celebrities, including Indian actors, Indian actresses, Indian influencers, and Indian stars, for better marketing and advertising. By teaming up with these celebrities, the company can feature them in advertisements or get endorsements, reaching the celebrities' large and devoted fan bases. Working with Indian influencers, especially those active on social media, can help showcase the company's designs in a relatable and engaging way. Organizing events or showcases with Indian stars can also create buzz and attract media attention, boosting the company's visibility. Leveraging the popularity and influence of Indian celebrities can bring glamour and credibility to the company, encouraging fans to check out and trust the company's interior design services.

Movie Celebrities

To boost its marketing and advertising, an interior design company can partner with movie stars and movie influencers. By involving movie stars in their ads, the company can attract a broad audience who idolize these celebrities, making the company's services more desirable. Movie stars sharing their positive experiences with the company can also persuade fans to become customers. Meanwhile, movie influencers, who have dedicated fan bases, can show off film-themed decor projects or demonstrate how movie-inspired designs can elevate a living space, captivating movie fans. This approach of using familiar and admired faces from the film industry can help the company appear more glamorous and appealing to those looking to infuse a bit of movie magic into their homes.

Web Celebrities

An interior design company can use web stars and web influencers to boost its marketing. By teaming up with these online celebrities, who have large followings on social media and platforms like YouTube and TikTok, the company can reach a lot of people quickly. Web stars can show off the company's design projects in their posts and videos, giving genuine support that their fans trust. Web influencers, who often focus on specific topics and have dedicated audiences, can provide detailed reviews or show the behind-the-scenes of a design project, explaining why the company's services are valuable. This approach helps the company to get noticed by more potential customers who listen to and follow the advice of these web celebrities, making it a modern and attractive choice for their interior design needs.

International Celebrities

An interior design company can boost its global presence by teaming up with international stars and influencers. These global celebrities can help market the company by showing its designs in their homes or as they travel, offering a glamorous endorsement that reaches people worldwide. International stars can attract attention from various countries, making the brand more well-known and desirable. On the other hand, international influencers can share their experiences with the company's services online, engaging with their global followers through home makeover stories, design challenges, or reviews. This approach not only sets the company apart from competitors but also showcases it as a sophisticated brand that appeals to customers around the world, thanks to the wide appeal and credibility of these international celebrities.

Bollywood Celebrities

An interior design company can market itself effectively by partnering with Bollywood celebrities, including actors, social media personalities, and singers. These Bollywood stars can promote the company by showing off its designs in their own stylish homes, making it more appealing to their many fans who look up to them. Bollywood influencers can post about the company on their platforms, sharing the latest trends in design influenced by the glamour of Indian cinema. Bollywood singers can also add to the mix by featuring the company's designs in their music videos or events, combining fashion with music that reaches out to even more fans. Using these celebrities' fame and influence, the interior design company can attract a larger audience, connecting their brand with the excitement and appeal of Bollywood.

Tollywood Celebrities

An interior design company can tap into the popularity of Tollywood by working with Tollywood celebrities, such as film stars, social media influencers, and singers. These famous figures can help advertise the company’s designs by featuring them in their homes or videos, which can catch the eye of their many fans. Tollywood stars can add a touch of star quality to the company’s brand, while influencers can create relatable content like home transformations, linking the stylish world of movies to everyday interiors. Tollywood singers can also showcase the company’s work in music videos or performances, reaching out to a wider audience that enjoys films and music. By connecting with these celebrities, the interior design company can become more appealing to fans who admire Tollywood's charm and want to bring a bit of that glamour into their homes.

Marathi Celebrities

An interior design company can attract customers in the Marathi market by collaborating with well-known Marathi figures like actors, influencers, and singers. By featuring these Marathi celebrities in their ads, the company can display its designs within the homes of these popular personalities, appealing to fans who aspire to similar lifestyles. Marathi influencers can help show how the company combines traditional and modern styles through social media, targeting those interested in culturally rich yet contemporary interiors. Moreover, Marathi singers can highlight the company’s work in their music videos or concerts, visually linking beloved local music with unique design styles. This approach not only connects the company with the Marathi-speaking community through familiar faces but also showcases its ability to cater to specific cultural preferences, making it the preferred choice for people wanting to blend regional identity with modern living spaces.

Punjabi Celebrities

An interior design company can promote itself in the Punjabi market by partnering with Punjabi celebrities, including actors, social media stars, and singers. By having Punjabi stars feature the company's designs in their own homes, fans get a glimpse of the stylish interiors and may want the same for their places. Punjabi influencers can share these designs through their popular social media accounts, showing off interiors that combine lively Punjabi culture with modern trends. Then, Punjabi singers can help by showing the company's work in their music videos, reaching an audience that's passionate about Punjabi music and style. This kind of marketing connects the company to the community and makes its designs more interesting to those looking to add a mix of current and cultural flair to their homes.

Gujarati Celebrities

An interior design company can connect with the Gujarati community by working with Gujarati celebrities like actors, social media influencers, and singers. By featuring the company's designs in Gujarati stars' homes, fans get a peek at stylish and practical interiors, making them more interested in the company’s services. Gujarati influencers can take to social media to show how the company’s designs mix traditional Gujarati elements with modern styles, appealing to those looking for homes that reflect both their heritage and contemporary trends. Additionally, collaborating with Gujarati singers to include the company’s interiors in their music videos or stage setups can blend lifestyle aspirations with cultural pride. This approach not only boosts the company’s visibility among Gujaratis but also positions it as a brand that respects and incorporates Gujarat’s rich cultural values into modern living spaces.

Telugu Celebrities

An interior design company can make a big impact in the Telugu-speaking market by teaming up with popular Telugu celebrities such as movie stars, social media influencers, and singers. By featuring the company’s designs in the homes of beloved Telugu stars, they can attract their fans by showing how stylish and upscale their offerings are. Telugu influencers can help by promoting these designs on Instagram and YouTube, highlighting how the company combines modern looks with traditional elements, appealing to those wanting to stay trendy yet connected to their roots. Also, Telugu singers can showcase the company’s interiors in their music videos or during their concerts, connecting the brand with the cultural vibe of Telugu entertainment. This approach not only extends the company’s audience among Telugu speakers but also positions it as a go-to for creating modern spaces that respect and incorporate cultural heritage.

Celebrity Singers

An interior design company can use famous singers to boost its marketing and advertising efforts in a smart way. By working with well-known star singers, the company can make its designs look glamorous and appealing because these singers can share their stylishly designed spaces with their large fan bases. Instagram singers, who are good at setting trends and have a close connection with their audience, can highlight the company’s creative designs in their posts, making interior decor seem both cool and achievable. YouTube singers offer a special chance to feature the company’s designs in their video content, showing how well music and stylish interiors go together. Furthermore, Bollywood singers, who often have huge followings, can include the company’s designs in their personal spaces or music videos, providing a broad platform that connects high-end design with a wider audience. This approach uses the popularity and influence of singers across different platforms to reach more people and make the company’s interior design options more attractive to a varied audience.

Celebrity Models

An interior design company can use famous models to boost its marketing efforts. By teaming up with star models, who are often seen as fashion icons, the company can get its designs featured in these models' homes or in stylish photo shoots. This can make the company's interior designs more appealing to people who admire these models and want to emulate their luxurious lifestyles. Furthermore, model influencers on social media can help by sharing how the company's designs fit into various lifestyles, from luxury to everyday living, through Instagram posts or YouTube videos. Their large followings and the trust their fans have in their opinions can draw attention and interest to the company’s designs. This strategy targets a fashion-savvy audience that prioritizes beauty in their living spaces, expanding the company's reach and appeal effectively.

Instagram Celebrities

An interior design company can boost its marketing by working with popular figures on Instagram, like stars, influencers, artists, and content creators. Instagram Stars can show off the company's designs in their posts, quickly catching the attention of their many followers. Instagram Influencers, who often focus on home decor, can share personal stories about how the company's designs fit into their own homes, influencing their fans who are looking to update their spaces. By teaming up with Instagram Artists, the company can highlight how interiors can blend with art to create stylish spaces. Lastly, Instagram Content Creators can make engaging videos like home tours or design tutorials, showing the before and after of spaces designed by the company. 


An interior design company can use YouTube to boost its marketing by teaming up with YouTube Influencers and Content Creators. These YouTube stars have large groups of followers who trust their opinions and enjoy watching their videos about lifestyle, home decor, and DIY projects. By featuring the company's interior design projects in their videos, these influencers can give a real-life look at how the designs work in different spaces, making the content both enjoyable and practical for viewers. YouTube Content Creators can also make a variety of videos, like room makeovers or design tips, using the company’s designs. This approach not only shows off the designs in action but also reaches a wide audience globally. Partnering with these YouTube personalities allows the interior design company to tap into their creativity and influence, helping to attract more people interested in refreshing their own spaces.

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