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Digital Road Advertising In Bhubaneswar

Digital road advertising in Bhubaneswar is all about using cool digital screens on busy streets to show off your ads. It's a great way to get your brand noticed by lots of different people as they go about their day. This smart way of advertising can really help your business stand out and reach potential customers.

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Let's talk about a really cool way to advertise in Bhubaneswar - digital road advertising. Imagine those bright, colourful screens you see on the side of the road while you're out and about. That's digital road advertising for you. It's like a high-tech billboard that can change what it shows, making it super adaptable and eye-catching.

Now, why is this awesome for Bhubaneswar? Well, our lovely city is growing every day, bustling with life and filled with both tradition and innovation. Digital road advertising is the perfect fit here because it can grab the attention of everyone, from locals going about their day to tourists exploring what the city has to offer.

It's beneficial because it's more flexible than traditional billboards. You can change your ad in real time to share the latest info or deals with people. Plus, it's really effective. People tend to remember these bright, animated ads more than a regular poster. And since Bhubaneswar has such a mix of old and new, technology like digital advertising adds to the city's vibrant, modern edge. So, it's a win-win for businesses looking to make a mark and for a city on the move like ours.

Types Of Digital Road Advertising In Bhubaneswar

  1. Digital Billboards: These are the big, bright screens you often see alongside highways or at major intersections. They're perfect for high-impact visuals and can be seen from a distance, making them ideal for grabbing attention in busy areas.
  2. LED Mobile Vans: These are vehicles with large LED screens mounted on them. They're mobile, so they can go wherever the audience is and are perfect for targeted campaigns or promotions across different parts of the city.
  3. Digital Kiosks: These tend to be smaller, interactive screens found in high-foot-traffic areas like shopping malls, bus stands, and marketplaces. They can provide information, display ads, and sometimes even offer touch-screen interactivity.
  4. Pole Kiosks: These are digital displays attached to poles or streetlights along the roads. They are usually placed at regular intervals and offer ongoing exposure to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  5. Outdoor LCD Displays: These high-resolution screens can be found in places like bus shelters or mounted on building walls, providing clear visibility to passersby even in direct sunlight.

Why Digital Road Advertising In Bhubaneswar Are Beneficial?

Locations and Areas For Digital Road Advertising In Bhubaneswar

When considering locations for digital road advertising in Bhubaneswar, it's essential to choose areas that have high traffic—both vehicular and pedestrian—and are prominent parts of the city. Here are some strategic locations and areas in Bhubaneswar where digital advertising can be highly effective:

  1. Jayadev Vihar: An important junction that sees a mix of commercial and residential traffic, perfect for reaching a diverse audience.
  2. Rasulgarh Square: A major industrial and commercial hub in Bhubaneswar, ideal for targeting business professionals and daily commuters.
  3. Bapuji Nagar: Known for its shopping and business districts, digital advertisements here can attract shoppers and business people alike.
  4. Acharya Vihar: Near educational institutions and research centres, this area is great for targeting students, educators, and young professionals.
  5. Nayapalli: A densely populated residential and commercial area, making it suitable for a wide range of advertising campaigns.
  6. Patia: Home to many tech parks and educational institutions. Digital advertising here can effectively target tech-savvy and younger demographics.
  7. Khurda Road: A vital roadway that connects multiple major areas, ideal for reaching out to commuters and long-distance travellers.
  8. Bhubaneswar Railway Station and Biju Patnaik International Airport: High-traffic areas that are perfect for targeting visitors and locals entering or leaving the city.

What Is The Cost Of Digital Road Advertising In Bhubaneswar?

The cost of digital road advertising in Bhubaneswar can vary depending on several factors, including the size and location of the display, the duration of the campaign, and the specific advertising package selected.

1. LED Billboards

The cost of LED billboards in Bhubaneswar can range from INR 75,000 to INR 1,50,000 per month, depending on the size of the display and its strategic placement along major thoroughfares or intersections.

2. Digital Signage

Smaller digital signage solutions, such as those placed in shopping malls, bus stops, or commercial complexes, generally range from INR 25,000 to INR 75,000 per month, depending on the display size and the level of foot traffic in the chosen location.

3. Interactive Kiosks

The cost of interactive kiosks in Bhubaneswar can vary from INR 50,000 to INR 1,00,000 per month, taking into account the interactive features, hardware specifications, and the high-traffic areas where they are deployed.

4. Mobile LED Displays

The cost of mobile LED displays in Bhubaneswar can range from INR 50,000 to INR 1,00,000 per month, depending on the size of the display, the duration of the campaign, and the specific routes or events targeted.

5. Hybrid Solutions

For a combination of traditional static billboards and dynamic digital elements, the cost can range from INR 1,00,000 to INR 2,00,000 per month, providing a comprehensive and integrated advertising solution.

Need Celebrities For Your Billboards?

Boost your digital road advertising campaign with celebrity endorsements! Feature Bollywood stars, sports icons, and local influencers on our dynamic billboards across Bhubaneswar. Connect with us to enhance your brand visibility and engagement throughout the city.

Reach out today to discover how celebrity-driven digital advertising can transform your outdoor marketing in Bhubaneswar. Let's create a compelling campaign together that resonates with your audience and drives impactful results for your business!

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