Last Minute Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas To Help You Save The Day


Febronia Fernandes

3 MIN Read | 10-07-2021


Youve suddenly realized that Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and cant figure out what to get your sibling? Dont worry, weve got you covered! Its almost impossible to keep up with these important dates and be on top of it all. So, were here to make this journey to the perfect last-minute Raksha Bandhan gift a smooth one for you! Fasten your seatbelts, because weve clubbed together some of our best recommendations for this Rakhi. Theyre easily accessible as well, so no ones going to find out that its a last-minute quick gift! (Yeah, you can thank us later!)

Here are 5 of our top favourite last-minute Raksha Bandhan gift ideas that will not look like they were last minute

A DIY photo frame

Theres no doubt that when it comes to pictures, siblings have some gold collected over the years and nows the time to put it to use! Take out a few of your favourite or embarrassing pictures together and clip them to a string inside the photo frame along with a rakhi on the top. There you have it! A thoughtful gift that is handmade so it adds a personal touch making it extraordinary!

A personalized video message from a celebrity

This is the easiest one on the list. You can reach out to your sibling's favourite celebrity through tring and get a personalized video message from them. All you need to do is visit www.tring.co.in and select the celebrity of your choice. You can personalize the message you wish to convey and complete the booking! No ones going to think its last minute and even if you gift this later, no ones going to complain about it for sure!

Gift a tree

Sounds a little weird but it's the sweetest gesture underlying a very strong message. You can get a tree planted on behalf of your sibling and gift them the certificate to prove the same. Just like your bond, this gift will grow stronger with each passing day. You can even plan a visit in the coming years if thats something theyd like.

A personalized self-care hamper

After years of living together, we know their likes and dislikes and now is the time to put it to use! Visit your nearest grocery store and pick up some of their favourite self-care products and favourite snacks and throw it into a hamper along with a little note telling them how much they mean to you. No one would even guess you just got it a day before!

A live video call with their favourite celebrity

This is something top-notch on the list and if youre wondering how to do it, were going to guide you. Tring brings you a unique opportunity to chat with your favourite celebrities on a live video call. You just need to log on to www.tring.co.in and book your live video call with celebrities of your choice! This one is a solid winner, so go get booking!

We all love and appreciate our siblings and all the little things they do for us. Raksha Bandhan is one day of the year where an opportunity to make them feel special comes our way. And although life can get busy and tiring, these small occasions are what add all the glitter to a dull day. So, weve done the difficult part for you, select your gift idea or even club a few together and make them feel loved this Raksha Bandhan.

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