5 Thoughtful Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas For Your Sister To Make Her Day


Febronia Fernandes

5 MIN Read | 02-07-2021


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Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner and you’re already struggling to find that perfect gift for Raksha Bandhan. We know the drill and we’re here to make this a lot easier and more fun. Raksha Bandhan is the one festival wherein brothers ideally shouldn’t be struggling to find the perfect gift for Raksha Bandhan. All you need to do is ask and you’ll be presented with a long list of requirements but that could burn holes in your pockets and you’d even have to sell a kidney for that. So, we’re here to make that Raksha Bandhan gift for sister hunt a little easier for you by finding the perfect blend of an emotional, personal along with a tinge of silliness, that can’t be forgotten!

Here are some of our 5 best Raksha Bandhan gift for sister that will help you climb up to the Best Brother Evertitle! (Youre welcome!)

For the Bollywood junkie sister: Book a personalized video message/ video call from a celebrity on Tring!

If your sister cant get enough of those late-night binge-watch sessions, followed by her obsessive phases with different actors, weve got the perfect Raksha Bandhan gift for sister in mind. How do personalised video messages from celebrities sound to you? Sounds like the best Raksha Bandhan gift to us! Were going to help you through this simple 3 step process taking less than 5 minutes of your time. All you need to do is visit www.tring.co.in and select the celebrity of your choice or in this case, your sisters choice (you can always get one for yourself too, dont worry) from the wide range of over 7000+ celebrities available on their site, personalise the message you want to convey and feel free to throw in some of your favourite childhood memories (or embarrassing ones as well!) You can pick celebrities from Salim Merchant, Sarah Jane Dias, Kiku Sharda to Ashmit Patel, Kushal Tandon or even sports personalities like Saina Nehwal and just complete the booking. Its as simple as that and imagine your sisters reaction to being wished by a celebrity? That look would be priceless. Record it and post it on your social media and show the world that you are indeed the BEST BROTHER EVER!

For the sister who loves baking: Get her an electric spice and nut grinder

Shes always baking something for your sweet tooth, how about you return the favour with something she doesnt even know she needs? The electric spice and nut grinder is perfect for any baker because of its versatility. You can use it to create freshly ground spice and nut flour or quickly grind anything at hand to the perfect consistency of flour. Its called a spice and nut grinder but you can always use it for all your small basic ingredients which need to be ground. She will no longer have to pull out the huge old mixer and connect those wires around making a big mess in the kitchen. The best part about it? Its a travel-sized grinder and can be easily taken anywhere without any fuss. Storage in your house wont even be an issue, so all in all, shes going to love you forever. (Mission accomplished!)

Electric spice and nut grinder - thoughtful Raksha Bandhan gifting ideas

For the sister who loves singing: Get her a musical instrument

Youve seen her belting out some Sonu Kakkar song whenever shes in the bathroom or if youve seen her secretly post covers on Instagram, nows the time you encourage the little musician in her. Start looking up some musical instruments, especially the one shes interested in. If not an instrument, you could even help her get a little DIY home studio setup with guidance from Youtube videos. This little gesture could mean the world to her and could give her the little push she needs to pursue her dream journey to becoming a full-fledged musician. Since shes starting out, you could get her a beginner instrument that wont be very heavy on your pockets and will also give her the option to upgrade later to one shes really interested in. This Raksha Bandhan is going to be one shell appreciate forever with the amazing Raksha Bandhan gift for sister!

Musical instrument - thoughtful Raksha Bandhan gifting ideas

For the sister whos a caffeine addict: Get her a personalized coffee hamper

Youve seen her down more than 6 cups of coffee every day from the minute she wakes up in the morning to the time shes going to bed. You know coffee is something she cant live without and you cant imagine living in a house where theres not enough coffee for her (we can all relate!) Weve got the perfect gift idea, get her a personalized coffee hamper with her favourite coffee bottles, a shaker, a mug and all that shell require if she wants to take it out on a camping trip as well. You can add your personal touch by getting her name inscribed on the mug and even throwing in a cute little note telling her how much you love her! Trust me, shell appreciate you going out of your way to buy her, her favourite coffee so much more than you picking out a box of chocolates that you found last minute (guilty as charged!) Make this years Raksha Bandhan special and make her the happiest sister in the world!

Personalized coffee hamper - thoughtful Raksha Bandhan gifting ideas

For the sister who loves her hair: Get her a hairstyling wand

If shes the reason youre always getting late to a party, weve found you a perfect solution to that. Shes usually cribbing about how her hair isnt cooperating with her outfit and how frizzy it keeps getting (yes, weve all heard that) Gift her a hairstyling wand so that she can get all creative and do her hair just the way she wants it to stay! Its a win-win for you and her, she gets her hair done perfectly and you get to reach on time (youre welcome) You can add in a few hair products to make it a cute little hamper so she can completely pamper herself and her hair. We all know she deserves it more than anything and shes going to love you for being so thoughtful!

Hairstyling wand - thoughtful Raksha Bandhan gifting ideas

Out of all the days in the year where youre be spitting insults to one another, Raksha Bandhan always presents itself as the best opportunity for you to appreciate each other through the little gestures. If youre someone who struggles to say it out loud, gifting your siblings something they love is just what you need to do. So instead of just pulling out a last-minute gift from a general store, take the time out to think about what they like and do something special. We promised you an inclusive list and we delivered. So, the thinking part is done, just go ahead and make your pick as soon as possible, so that you dont have to run around last minute like every other year. Lets make this Raksha Bandhan, a special one for our sisters who do so much for us, without expecting anything in return!

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