Birthday Gifting and its Evolution


Febronia Fernandes

4 MIN Read | 24-06-2021


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Birthdays are a milestone that gives us a huge reason to celebrate every year. It has been evident over the years that birthdays are associated with gifting. In this article, we will be taking a look at how birthday gifting has evolved over the years. Today, we have a lot of alternatives to choose from when it comes to birthday gifts. However, in this case, earlier there were very limited options available for gifting. It is in recent years that a lot of sources can be found for birthday gifting. Birthdays are a very special occasion in one’s life and hence, a gift given on a birthday should add value to the day.

Significance of Birthday gifts. 

Birthday gift have always been a huge thing deeply rooted in our culture. We can even claim that birthdays are incomplete without gifts. This is the reason why over the years these gifts have been evolving to be better. It is inevitable in modern times to show up at a birthday party without carrying any gifts at all. However, these gifts need to be very distinct in nature to make the birthday of an individual very special and memorable.

Why are birthday gifts given?

Birthday gift is a symbol of appreciation and respect towards the recipient. This also means that the celebrant should feel happy and special after receiving a gift which is why choosing an appropriate birthday gift for sister is a huge task. However, there are multiple factors to be considered when you are planning to give gifts. Budget, the preferences of the recipient and a lot of other things can be taken into consideration. It is very essential to opt for a birthday gift that matches the recipient’s personality as the thought behind the gift matters more than its price tag. Let’s take a look at how the birthday gifting industry has evolved over the years.

Choosing gifts from limited sources.

Traditional gifting was very limited as one had some fixed sources to shop for birthday presents. It was generally limited to greeting cards or a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are given to someone as a symbol of love and care towards them. Gifting flowers has always been very accessible as they are easily available at any flower shop or you can pick them from your garden. On the other hand, greeting cards are something that connects the giver to the recipient emotionally. However, people slowly started learning that new ways of gifting can be explored like giving certain products as birthday gifts.

Giving products as gifts. 

There was a phase where people started recognizing the liking of the recipient and planned birthday gift accordingly. For instance, if the recipient is a gaming enthusiast, giving a gaming console or a video game set is something that can be considered. Different brands started launching product line-ups specially crafted for the purpose of gifting which further simplified choosing unique birthday gifts. The birthday gifts are chosen keeping in mind the recipient's liking for a certain product or brand. Slowly and steadily, there have been many more alternatives that kept adding to these birthday gifting options.

Gifting became a prominent birthday ritual.

Giving unique birthday gifts in current times is a ritual that everybody tends to follow. However, gifts have evolved leisurely over the years. It started with simple flowers and today we are in the era of birthday gift that can be customised and personalised by the person shopping for the gifts. You can give gifts like a personalised bag with the person's name printed on it and a lot more. The digital era has definitely opened up multiple options that can be taken into consideration when it comes to unique birthday gifts. It has a wide range of products and surprisingly even services that you can choose from.

Digital platforms are a notable space to choose birthday gifts. 

Digital platforms include a lot of online shopping websites which eliminates the efforts of people visiting a store in order to purchase a birthday gift for husband. Birthday gift is available for order at one tap through these websites. The main thing about these websites is that they have a variety of options to choose from. For instance, you can even send cakes via online sites by simply selecting the cake you want to order and sending it to the recipient's address. This makes people's work hassle-free as everything and anything they choose can be delivered to their doorstep. Online shopping also helps one with customised gifts as per their needs. This is where adding personalisation to gifts comes into the picture.   

Personalization made a splash.

The newest and the most unique way to give birthday gift is by adding a personalized touch to the gifts. Personalisation caught the attention of individuals because it is one of the simplest ways in which one can curate a birthday gift for wife that can surprise the recipient. Personalisation can be added to your gift in multiple ways where you can also consider giving a personalised birthday wish recorded by a celebrity. Yes, you heard that right! The one thing that all of us have dreamt of at least once in our lives is receiving a birthday wish from our favourite celebrity. This wish can comfortably be fulfilled by platforms like Tring which connects celebrities to their fans. You can choose the celebrant's favourite celebrity from Tring and they can record a personalised birthday message for the recipient. There are multiple celebrities to choose from Kiku Sharda, Delnaaz Irani to Pooja Gor and many others. Doesn't this sound exciting?

Diversity in gifts in this modern world. 

We have talked about personalisation and when we say that, it opens up a bunch of options that can be considered for unique birthday gifts. Right from flowers, greeting cards to engraving the recipient's name on a keychain or a personalised celebrity birthday wish, there is a lot that can be done for your loved one's birthday. You can visit retail stores or surf through online websites to find a perfect birthday gift for brother for your loved one’s birthday. You can also opt for personalised gifts that are carefully crafted to create an emotional impact on the recipient.  

This brings us to the conclusion that birthday gift have seen a massive evolution since gifting culture started. We have come far into this process and it is one of the most sophisticated ways to show gratitude to the celebrant. Birthday Gifts that come with personalisation have a higher possibility of surprising the recipient as they hold the power to emotionally connect with the recipient building an unforgettable memory.

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