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Republic Day Quotes in Sanskrit | गणतंत्र दिवस के कोट्स

In this post, we are proud to present a unique collection of Republic Day quotes translated into the ancient and a profound language of Sanskrit, by eminent personalities from around the world. These quotes capture the deep sentiments of patriotism, unity, and community that resonate with the rich cultural and linguistic heritage of India.

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So, are you looking for some inspiring and heart-touching Republic Day quotes to celebrate this significant day in Indian history? 

Each quote that we've mentioned here offers something different, a unique perspective that stirs our love for the Motherland. So, whether you're seeking a dose of inspiration, a new social media status, or a beautiful verse to commence your Republic Day celebrations, you'll find it all here.

Let these Republic Day quotes in Sanskrit inspire a deep sense of patriotism and respect for our great nation in you! Without further ado, let's explore these Republic Day quotes in Sanskrit, shall we?

Table of Contents

Republic Day Quotes in Sanskrit

Here are 10 Republic Day quotes in Sanskrit. We've given the English translation for you to understand incase you are unable to understand. Share these with your folks on this upcoming Republic Day!

  1. "गणतन्त्रस्य मार्गेण, स्वतन्त्रता सफलताप्राप्तिः।"

    (Ganatantrasya margena, swatantrataa saphalataapraptiḥ.)

    "Through the path of democracy, we achieve success in our freedom."

  2. "स्वतन्त्रता वर्धयति देशस्य विभूति-वृद्धिम्।"

    (Swatantrataa vardhayati deshasya vibhooti-vriddhim.)

    "Independence enhances the growth and prosperity of the nation."

  3. "एकता, समता, बन्धुत्वम् - लोकतन्त्रस्य आदारः।"

    (Ekata, samata, bandhutvam - lokatantrasya adaarah.)

    "Unity, equality, and brotherhood - the pillars of democracy."

  4. "संविधानस्य प्रभावस्य कार्य्यं करोति सेवकः।"

    (Samvidhanasya prabhavasya karyyam karoti sevakah.)

    "Influenced by the Constitution, a servant performs their duties."

  5. "सांस्कृतिज्ञानं विद्याधारः गणतन्त्रस्य महत्त्वे।"

    (Saanskritijnaanam vidyaadhaaraha ganatantrasya mahattve.)

    "Cultural knowledge serves as the foundation of the importance of democracy."

  6. "न्यायाधीशाः देशस्य पालनबलम्- सम्यक् संविधान।"

    (Nyaayaadheeshaah deshasya paalanabalam - samyak samvidhaan.)

    "The true strength of a nation lies in its just governance and Constitution."

  7. "लोकतन्त्रस्य विजयं विश्वासहेतुर्विधायकः।"

    (Lokatantrasya vijayam vishvaasaheturvidhaayakah.)

    "The victory of democracy is a cause for trust and guidance."

  8. "गणतन्त्र-दिवसे सर्वे भारतीयाः एकत्वेजोवृद्धिकरन्।"

    (Ganatantra-divase sarve bhaarateejaah ekatvejovriddhikaran.)

    "On Republic Day, all Indians foster unity and enkindle energy."

  9. "धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः। गणतन्त्रभयादि नश्यति।"

    (Dharmo rakshati rakshitah. Ganatantrabhayaadi nashyati.)

    "Dharma protects those who protect it. Fear vanishes in a democracy."

  10. "गणतन्त्रवादः देशस्य समर्पणम्, शास्त्राणि आदारः।"

    (Ganatantravaadah deshasya samarpanam, shastraani adaarah.)

    "Devotion to democracy is a nation's offering, understanding its core values through ancient wisdom."

Best Republic Day 2024 Quotes in Sanskrit

It's already January and Republic Day is soon to arrive. So, here are some of the best Republic Day quotes in Sanskrit to share in 2024. 

  1. "सर्वेभ्यः एकत्वस्य गानम् इदम् २०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे।"

    (Sarvebhyaḥ ekatvasya ganam idam 2024m Ganatantradivase.)

    "In 2024, on Republic Day, let's all sing the song of unity."

  2. "२०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे, स्वतंत्रतायाः आविर्भावः प्रेक्षामो।"

    (2024m Ganatantradivase, svatantratayah aavirbhavah prekshamo.)

    "In 2024, on Republic Day, we anticipate the rebirth of freedom."

  3. "निरantar विकासाय समर्पणम् २०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे।"

    (Nirantara vikasaya samarpanam 2024m Ganatantradivase.)

    "Dedication towards continuous development on Republic Day 2024."

  4. "२०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे, लोकतन्त्रस्य व्यापकत्वं।"

    (2024m Ganatantradivase, lokatantrasya vyaapaktvam.)

    "In 2024, on Republic Day, we highlight the expansiveness of democracy."

  5. "सबल भारत हास्यामः २०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे।"

    (Sabala Bharata hasyamah 2024m Ganatantradivase.)

    "Let's envision a strong India on Republic Day 2024."

  6. "२०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे, अहं नागरिकः अस्मि।"

    (2024m Ganatantradivase, aham nagarikah asmi.)

    "On Republic Day 2024, I am a citizen."

  7. "सर्वभूतहितप्रार्थना २०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे।"

    (Sarvabhutahitaprarthana 2024m Ganatantradivase.)

    "Prayers for the welfare of all on Republic Day 2024."

  8. "२०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे, भारतीयत्वस्य गर्विताः वयम्।"

    (2024m Ganatantradivase, Bharatiyatvasya garvitah vayam.)

    "On Republic Day 2024, we are proud of our Indianness."

  9. "प्रमाणितं ह्येतन्मम स्वतंत्रता २०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे।"

    (Pramanitam hyetanmama svatantrata 2024m Ganatantradivase.)

    "My freedom is validated on Republic Day 2024."

  10. "२०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे, विजयाय हो यात्रा।"

    (2024m Ganatantradivase, vijayaya ho yatra.)

    "May the journey lead to victory on Republic Day 2024."

Republic Day Video Wish in Sanskrit

२०२४ जनवरी २६ दिनाङ्के अस्मिन् गणतन्त्रदिने, सेलिब्रिटी विडियो शुभकामनाम् उष्णं प्रेषयन्तु। प्रसिद्धेन प्रसिद्धेन विडियो अभिवादनेन भवन्तः स्वमित्रैः परिवारैः सह विशेषस्मृतयः निर्मातुं शक्नुवन्ति।   

Republic Day Digital Greeting Card Messages in Sanskrit

Want to share digital greeting card messages in Sanskrit this Republic Day with your loved ones? We've got some warm words that inspire patriotism that you can share with friends and family. Acknowledge the ancient language of our land on this very special day!

  1. "भारतस्य विभूतयः संवर्ध्यताम्। २०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे।"

    (Bharatasya vibhootayah samvardhyatam. 2024m Ganatantradivase.)

    "May the splendors of India increase. Happy Republic Day 2024."

  2. "नागरिकतायाः गौरवं स्पृहयामः, गणतन्त्रदिवसम् २०२४।"

    (Nagarikatayah gauravam sprhayamah, Ganatantradivasam 2024.)

    "We aspire to the dignity of citizenship, Republic Day 2024."

  3. "२०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे, समग्र भारताय शान्तिश्रीः।"

    (2024m Ganatantradivase, samagra Bharataya shantishrih.)

    "In 2024, on Republic Day, peace and prosperity to all of India."

  4. "२०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे, धर्म एवं सत्यस्य उद्गमं भजामहे।"

    (2024m Ganatantradivase, dharma evam satyasya udgamam bhajamahe.)

    "On Republic Day 2024, let us honor the emergence of truth and justice."

  5. "२०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे, सम्पूर्णं भारतं नवयष्टिकायाम्।"

    (2024m Ganatantradivase, sampurnam Bharatam navayashtikayam.)

    "On Republic Day 2024, all of India in a new bloom."

  6. "वाणिज्यं शीलं शान्तिः। २०२४वर्षस्य गणतन्त्रदिवसेऽपि।"

    (Vanijyam sheelam shantih. 2024varshasya Ganatantradivase'pi.)

    "Trade, character, peace. Even on the Republic Day of the year 2024."

  7. "गणतन्त्रदिवसायाः आनन्दयात्रा। २०२४म्।"

    (Ganatantradivasayah anandayatra. 2024m.)

    "Joyful journey of Republic Day. 2024."

  8. "२०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे, अनन्त प्रेम भारत देशाय।"

    (2024m Ganatantradivase, ananta prema Bharata deshaya.)

    "Unending love for India on Republic Day 2024."

  9. "२०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे, वंदे मातरम्, वंदे भारतम्।"

    (2024m Ganatantradivase, vande mataram, vande Bharatam.)

    "Salute to the Mother, salute to India on Republic Day 2024."

  10. "सर्वाय स्वतंत्रताय उच्चं उत्कर्षंः। २०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे।"

    (Sarvaya svatantrataya uchcham utkarshamh. 2024m Ganatantradivase.)

    "For all, freedom to the highest heights. Happy Republic Day 2024."

Republic Day Quotes for WhatsApp

These mentioned Republic Day Quotes are super easy to share with your contacts on WhatsApp. Simply copy and paste these lines on your WhatsApp chats and send them to your friends and family. 

  1. "भारतः मानववंशस्य लोलनी वचनस्य जन्मस्थानं च।" - मार्क ट्वान (Bharatah manavavamshasya lolani vachanasya janmasthanam cha. - Mark Twain)

  2. "भवन्त्वेके मनसा भूतकालानुसारेण चिन्तयन्तु।" - आमिर ख़ान (Bhavantveke manasa bhootakalanusarena chintayantu. - Aamir Khan)

  3. "राष्ट्रीयमहत्वं यत्र प्रेमसिद्धान्ताईह सामर्थ्यं।" - सरोजिनी नायडू (Rashtraiyamahatvam yatra premasiddhanta-ih saamarthyam. - Sarojini Naidu)

  4. "शान्त्यानिनां समग्रेकं क्रमं प्रारभामहे।" - अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी (Shantyaninam samagrekam kramam praarbhaamaha। - Atal Bihari Vajpayee)

  5. "भारतस्य विचाराणि प्रेम्णा संसारे सर्वदा।" - जवाहरलाल नेहरु (Bharatasya vichaarani premna samasare sarvada। - Jawaharlal Nehru)

  6. "आस्ते भारते देवगण +स्वर्गायार्थं यथा।" - मार्क ट्वान (Aaste Bharate Devagan+ svargaayartham Yathaa। - Mark Twain)

  7. "सत्यमेव जयते।" - हृतिक रोशन् (Satyameva Jayate। - Hrithik Roshan)

  8. "योगे योगे भारतः स्वतन्त्रतं प्राप्नोति सर्वदा।" - शाह रुक ख़ान (Yoge yoge Bharatah svatantratam praapnoti sarvada. - Shah Rukh Khan)

  9. "भारतायाः श्रेष्ठता आवश्यकं सर्वे कारणम्।" - प्रियंका चोपड़ा (Bharatayah shreshthata avashyakam sarve karanam. - Priyanka Chopra)

  10. "अनेकतायाम् ऐक्यं भारतस्य विशेषता। विचारशक्तियोः, विचारसौहार्द्यस्य हेतुः सः। २०२४म् गणतन्त्रदिवसे, अयं विशेषसंदेशः अस्तु।" (Anekataayam aikyam Bharatasya visheshata. Vichaarashaktiyoh, vichaarsauhardyasya hetuh sah. 2024m Ganatantradivase, ayam visheshaasandeshah astu) - Dr. A.P.J. अब्दुल कलाम

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