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120+ Romantic & Cute Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend

Here is the compilation of the best romantic, cute and funny quotes with images for you to share with your girlfriend and express your love and care for her. These quotes will help you convey the depth of feelings that you have through that kiss.

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Kiss Day is a celebration of the soft feelings, love, and romance between two people. It is the second last day of Valentine’s Week, which is on February 13.  Today is a great day to show your girlfriend how much you love her. A kiss is a universal language and expression of love, affection and connections. Kiss Day is not just a day it is the day of expressing love with intimacy. 

Saying these kiss day quotes to your girlfriend can reignite the flame that you guys once used to have. Here you will find some of the best romantic, cute, funny kiss-day quotes that will make your girlfriend's heart melt. Through these quotes, you can not just express the act of kissing. You can express the feeling of the depth of love that comes along with that kiss.

Table Of Content 

Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend 

Kiss Day is all about the passion and love that you and your girlfriend share. Here are some kiss day quotes for your girlfriend to make her heart melt.Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend

  1. A kiss is a secret told to the mouth instead of the ear. Looking forward to sharing more secrets with you this Kiss Day.

  2. Even a thousand words would be less to express my love for you. But a single kiss might just do it. Happy Kiss Day, my love.

  3. A day without the touch of your lips feels like a lifetime of emptiness. Happy Kiss Day, sweetheart.

  4. Your love and kisses are the only sunshine I need…Good morning, sweetheart! Celebrating this Kiss Day with you.

  5. One kiss on the forehead is much sweeter than a THOUSAND kiss on the lips. No lust, but full of love and respect. Can't wait to shower you with those on Kiss Day.

  6. With every breath I take, every corner of my heart echoes your name. These echoes come alive when our lips meet. Happy Kiss Day, darling.

  7. A kiss from you makes my day special, and life, extraordinary. Looking forward to many more this Kiss Day.

  8. Happiness is like a kiss; it feels best when shared. With this kiss, I share all my joy, my love, and my soul with you. Happy Kiss Day.

  9. Can I borrow a Kiss? I promise I'll give it back, tenfold. Happy Kiss Day, my love.

  10. From your ‘forever’ to 'for always', let's seal all our promises with a passionate kiss this Kiss Day."

  11. To my forever tangle of comfort and chaos, here’s to another year of stealing kisses - subtle, passionate, and full of love. Happy Kiss Day!

  12. Our kisses are like whispers of love, opening gateways to hearts. Happy Kiss Day, sweetheart!

  13. On this Kiss Day, I propose a promise – to always taste the magic on your lips and immerse you in my world of boundless love.

  14. A single kiss can speak a thousand words of love. A lifetime of your kisses might just do justice to the love I feel. Happy Kiss Day.

  15. From my lips to your soul, let love flow as we celebrate our special bond this Kiss Day.

  16. Your kisses feel like cool drops of dew on a warm summer night. Can't wait to feel their magic this Kiss Day.

  17. Each kiss we share is a slice of heaven. Thank you for a love so divine. Happy Kiss Day, darling!

  18. Your kisses are my antidote against all odds, my safety blanket in every uncertainty. A very happy Kiss Day to the one who makes me whole.

  19. The taste of your kiss is etched on my lips, forever and always. Happy Kiss Day, my sweetheart.

  20. Taste the depth of my unending affection each time our lips meet. Happy Kiss Day to the love of my life.

Funny Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend

What's better than you expressing your feelings for your girlfriend while making her laugh? Here are some funny Kiss Day quotes for your girlfriend. Funny Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend

  1. It's Kiss Day, prepare your lips for a workout! Remember, no pain, no gain!

  2. If a kiss was a snowflake, then we would have a blizzard on our hands. Brace yourself for a snowstorm this Kiss Day!

  3. Happy Kiss Day, love! Too bad a kiss can’t burn calories. Or we would have turned into supermodels by now!

  4. On this Kiss Day, can we also celebrate Missed-Kiss-Day... in memory of all the shot-in-the-air kisses I blew when you were not around?

  5. They say you're not supposed to kiss and tell, luckily they didn't say anything about texting! Happy Kiss Day, darling!

  6. Do you know kissing for one minute burns 2.6 calories? On Kiss Day, let's aim to lose at least a pound!

  7. Roses are red, violets are blue, if you're not ready to pucker up... then, I say, boohoo to you!

  8. Have you ever wondered why your lips do not touch when you say ‘touch’ but do touch when you say ‘separate’? Just an intriguing thought for Kiss Day!

  9. Here’s to an amazing Kiss Day with you; besides, it's the only mushy thing that doesn't result in cavities!

  10. On this Kiss Day, let's minimize the distance between our hearts by reducing the gap between our lips!

  11. Kissing burns a lot of calories. On the positive side, there can't be a better exercise than this for Kiss Day!

  12. Did you know that a kiss is just a conversation between two pair of lips? Let's have a ‘lip-talk’ this Kiss Day.

  13. Happy Kiss Day! If anyone asks, we're conducting a scientific experiment on the 'physics of kissing'!

  14. Your kisses are like Pringles, once I start, I just can't stop! Here's to a Pringles-full Kiss Day!

  15. On this Kiss Day, remember how you never squared up to that 'Learning-To-Kiss' challenge of mine? Today might be a good day to start.

  16. On Kiss Day, watch out! Forget Spiderman or Superman, 'Kisserman' is coming your way!

  17. They say actions speak louder than words. So on this Kiss Day, silence your phone, and do your talking with your lips!"

  18. Why have 'Netflix and Chill' when we can have 'Kissflix and Thrill'? Here's to a thrilling Kiss Day!

  19. I couldn't afford a gift this Kiss Day, so I thought a million kisses should make it up! Brace yourself, darling.

  20. "Happy Kiss Day! If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.

Romantic Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend 

Romanticising your love with your girlfriend with a kiss and quote can be the best way to express your love and care for your girlfriend Romantic Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend

  1. Our kisses, my love, are heartbeats of passion painting stories of love. Happy Kiss Day, darling.

  2. Your kiss is the sweet intoxication of love, leaving me yearning for more. This Kiss Day, let us write love tales with our kisses.

  3. Every time our lips meet, I taste a forever kind of love. Can't wait to seal all my promises with a kiss this Kiss Day.

  4. I lose myself in the universe your kisses create. To love, to eternity, and beyond... Happy Kiss Day, my angel.

  5. Each kiss from you is a petal that strips my heart bare, revealing nothing but pure love. Blessed to have you this Kiss Day, my love.

  6. Our kisses are like stars; they light up the darkness of separation when we are apart. Here's to a starlit Kiss Day, my love.

  7. This Kiss Day, let us lock our lips and open our hearts. Kissing you is like embracing a part of my soul.

  8. Our love, my sweet, blossoms with every gentle kiss we share. Looking forward to a shower of blossoms this Kiss Day.

  9. Your kisses are like sunbeams on a winter's day, warming my heart with tender affection. Here's to a radiant Kiss Day, my sunshine.

  10. Every silent lay of the night whispers your name, waiting for our lips to meet. Dreaming of a beautiful Kiss Day with you.

  11. Our kisses, my love, are the brushstrokes that colour our love story. Here’s to a vibrant Kiss Day!

  12. In every kiss, our souls merge into a rhythm of love. Happy Kiss Day to the woman who has bewitched my soul.

  13. Your kisses are my sweetest sin & deepest confession, they reveal the secrets of my heart. Celebrating this Kiss Day with you.

  14. With a kiss, you stole my heart. With every kiss, you stitch it back into place. Can't wait to feel your magic on this Kiss Day.

  15. A kiss might be a small gesture, but ours carries an infinite love message. Here’s to an intimate Kiss Day, lovely.

  16. Our kisses are the whispers of love dancing on the melody of silence. Wishing you a heartwarming Kiss Day, darling.

  17. Every time our lips meet, it feels like stars collide creating a universe of love. To infinity and beyond this Kiss Day.

  18. Your kisses are the serenades of love that silence infinite chaotic whispers inside me. Here's to a melodious Kiss Day.

  19. Your kisses are the key to my heart, unlocking waves of love every time our lips meet. Happy Kiss Day, angel.

  20. The taste of your kiss is the sweetest melody playing on the strings of my heart. Let's create more music this Kiss Day, sweetheart.

Cute Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend 

Here are some of the cutest  Kiss Day quotes for your girlfriend to share with her on this Kiss Day.Cute Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend

  1. Your kisses are like butterflies, gently fluttering across my heart and leaving traces of love. Happy Kiss Day, sweetheart.

  2. When we kiss, I feel my heart skip a beat, as if it's hopping happily in a field of daisies. Can't wait for more hops this Kiss Day.

  3. Your kisses are like raindrops on blooming flowers, reminding me of beautiful moments of love. Wishing you the sweetest Kiss Day, darling.

  4. I cherish every kiss we share, as they become adorable footprints of our love journey. Let's add more footprints this Kiss Day.

  5. Let's create a world of love, adorned with millions of kisses. Here's to the cutest Kiss Day ever, my love.

  6. Your kisses are like the warmest hug on a cold winter night, wrapping me in the comfort of your love. Happy Kiss Day, sunshine.

  7. On this Kiss Day, let's be like birds, perched on the branch of love, sharing the cutest little kisses.

  8. Kissing you is like catching the sweetest honey from the bee's kiss to a flower. Awaiting the taste of honey this Kiss Day.

  9. Every time we kiss, my heart sways like a dandelion in the breeze. Here's to swaying hearts on Kiss Day, darling.

  10. Cuddles and kisses are the cutest energy bars that keep my heart charged throughout the day. Happy Kiss Day, my sweetheart.

  11. Your kisses are like the cutest love letters, each telling a tale of love and adoration. Eagerly await more on Kiss Day.

  12. Our kisses are like the twinkling fireflies lighting up the night with their love. Wishing you a heartwarming Kiss Day, my love.

  13. A thousand little kisses and endless giggles make our love sparkle. Here's to a cute Kiss Day, sweetheart.

  14. On this Kiss Day, let's stitch together a quilt of love, brimming with wistful colours of our adorable kisses.

  15. When I see you pout, I know it's the heart's signal for a cute little kiss. Awaiting your pouty lips this Kiss Day, dear.

  16. No matter how endless time may feel, your kisses turn every moment into a fairy tale. Happy Kiss Day, my enchanting tale-spinner.

  17. Your kisses are like tiny little sunrays, bringing warmth and love. Looking forward to rays of love this Kiss Day.

  18. A gentle kiss is a sweet lullaby for my soul, soothing me into a world of love. Here's to rocking lullabies on this Kiss Day.

  19. Your kisses spin webs of adorable memories, reminding me of the love we've shared. Can't wait to spin more this Kiss Day, darling.

  20. Candy floss kisses and dreamy giggles, there's magic in our love. Let's continue being magical on this Kiss Day, sweetheart.

Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend To Send On WhatsApp 

If you live far from your girlfriend and miss her and her kiss, here are some quotes that will express these feelings for you and you can share them with her through WhatsApp Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend To Send On WhatsApp

  1. Here's a gentle kiss for your heart and a warm hug for your soul, wrapped together with love. Happy Kiss Day, sweetheart! πŸ’‹

  2. Our lips spell stories of love that words can't express. Kisses for you on this special day! πŸ’ Happy Kiss Day, my love! πŸ’ž

  3. Across the miles, sending you a virtual kiss πŸ’‹ and a tight hug πŸ€— May your day be filled with love and joy. Happy Kiss Day, darling! 🌸

  4. In the language of love, our kisses speak the loudest. Whispering sweet love all day long! πŸ₯° Happy Kiss Day, my dearest! ❀️

  5. "To my beautiful girlfriend, sealed with a kiss, this message of love I send your way. Happy Kiss Day, love! πŸ’‹πŸŒΉπŸ“©

  6. Let's celebrate our love with a day full of kisses and love! πŸ’ Love you to the moon and back on this Kiss Day! πŸŒ™β­οΈ

  7. No matter how far we are, our love is just a kiss away. πŸ’‹With a heart full of love, wishing you a Happy Kiss Day.πŸ˜˜πŸ’—

  8. If I could send a thousand kisses your way, they would never be enough. So here's one more to make you smile, today and always.πŸ’‹ Happy Kiss Day, love!πŸ’–

  9. Here's a kiss to paint a smile on your face and to keep our love's magic alive. πŸ’‹πŸ’–βœ¨ Happy Kiss Day, my sunshine! 🌞

  10. Like a song without lyrics or a heartbeat without a melody, my life would be incomplete without your sweet kisses. Happy Kiss Day, sweetheart! πŸ’πŸ˜

  11. Wishing you a shower of kisses falling like stardust, creating magical moments of love. βœ¨πŸ’‹ Happy Kiss Day, beautiful! πŸ’“

  12. On this Kiss Day, sending you love and lots of kisses to keep your heart warm and full of joy. πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’ž

  13. As the sun sets and the stars twinkle, I send you a kiss wrapped in love's embrace. πŸ’‹πŸ’« Happy Kiss Day, my love!πŸ₯°πŸŒ "

  14. If time permits us to kiss just once, I would always choose you. Happy Kiss Day to the one woman who truly has my heart. πŸ’‹β€οΈ

  15. From sunrise to sunset, my love, my life, and my lips shall be dedicated to you. Happy Kiss Day, my amazing girlfriend! πŸŒ€οΈπŸ’‹πŸŒ™

  16. Kisses are the invisible links that bind our hearts together. To the one who keeps me whole, Happy Kiss Day! πŸ’žπŸ’‹

  17. You're just a WhatsApp message away, but I can still feel the warmth of your sweet kisses. πŸ’‹ Happy Kiss Day, my love! πŸ˜˜πŸ’“

  18. On this special day, all I want is to shower you with tender kisses. Until we meet again, Happy Kiss Day, sweetheart! πŸ’‹πŸ’

  19. Sending loads of kisses your way throughout the day, in hopes of making you smile. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’‹ Happy Kiss Day, my one and only! ❀️

  20. To my dearest girlfriend, I send you love and a WhatsApp kiss πŸ’‹ to remind you that you're always on my mind. πŸ’ž Happy Kiss Day! πŸ₯°

Video Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend From Celebrity 

This Kiss Day send your girlfriend these quotes in the most unique way. You can book your girlfriend's favourite celebrity and make her day even more special. Video Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend From Celebrity

  1. Our romance is like a classic movie, every kiss feels like the climax scene. Happy Kiss Day, my leading lady! - Inspo: George Clooney

  2. Your kisses are like award-winning performances – delightful, breathtaking, and unforgettable. Happy Kiss Day! - Inspo: Tom Cruise

  3. In the cinemascope of our love, our kisses are the pretty close-ups that remain etched forever. Happy Kiss Day, darling! - Inspo: Brad Pitt

  4. When we kiss, it feels like a scene from a rom-com – cute, dreamy, and endlessly romantic. Happy Kiss Day, sweetheart! - Inspo: Hugh Grant

  5. Your kisses are the spotlight that guides me, like a favourite scene from a beloved movie. Happy Kiss Day, my star! - Inspo: Leonardo Dicaprio

  6. In the movie of our love, no scene is more captivating than our kisses. Happy Kiss Day, love! - Inspo: Ryan Reynolds

  7. Our kisses paint a cinematic masterpiece of love and romance, unrivalled by any film. Happy Kiss Day, my Hollywood dream! - Inspo: Chris Evans

  8. Just like the best film reels, our magical kisses dance in harmony, creating love scenes of a lifetime. Happy Kiss Day, my lady love! - Inspo: Keanu Reeves

  9. In our love story, every kiss we share is like a memorable film - timeless and beautiful. Happy Kiss Day! - Inspo: Robert Downey Jr.

  10. In the blockbuster that is our love, every kiss is a scene-stealer. A Happy Kiss Day to my leading lady! - Inspo: Chris Hemsworth

  11. Our love story is like a romantic movie, full of sweet kisses and passionate moments. Happy Kiss Day, my femme fatale! - Inspo: Johnny Depp

  12. Every kiss we share feels like an epic kicker to a blockbuster love story. Happy Kiss Day, my blockbuster darling! - Inspo: Ryan Gosling

  13. Your kisses are like the best part of a movie, stealing the show every time. Wishing you a happy Kiss Day, my award-winning co-star! - Inspo: Zac Efron

  14. I treasure our kisses like a film star treasures his Oscars. Happy Kiss Day, my Oscar-worthy love! - Inspo: Will Smith

  15. Our kisses feel as timeless as classic love stories, making their mark in the annals of our hearts. Happy Kiss Day, darling! - Inspo: Matthew McConaughey

  16. Our kisses are more enchanting than any Hollywood love scene. Happy Kiss Day, my leading lady! - Inspo: Dwayne Johnson

  17. No Hallmark film could ever compare to the magic of your kisses. Happy Kiss Day! - Inspo: Mark Wahlberg

  18. Like protagonists in a romance film, every stolen kiss enriches our story. Happy Kiss Day, my screen siren! - Inspo: Adam Sandler

  19. Your kisses are the highlight reel of our love – every moment is filled with emotion and passion. A very Happy Kiss Day to you, love! - Inspo: Tom Hanks

  20. Kissing You is like my favourite scene in a romantic movie - filled with endless tenderness and palpable affection. Happy Kiss Day, my sweetheart! - Inspo: Jamie Foxx

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