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120+ Hug Day Wishes, Quotes & Messages For Boyfriend

Find the best Hug Day Wishes for your boyfriend . Here you will find the combination of funny & romantic wishes. Giving a hug to your loved ones is the way of making them feel warm and loved.

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As Valentine’s Week comes closer, the one day that everyone waits for is the Hug Day because of its strong and warm embrace. Hug Day is celebrated on 12th February which is the 6th day of Valentine’s Week. This day brings you closer together, which makes it the perfect time to show your love for your boyfriend. Hugs can be a way to make your boyfriend feel loved and wanted. A hug can make your boyfriend feel warm and safe so why not give your boyfriend a tight hug this Hug Day

These quotes show love, but they also show how safe, happy, and comfortable it is to be in the arms of your boyfriend. So, whether you're celebrating the day with your boyfriend or from afar, let these quotes guide your feelings.

Table Of Content 

Hug Day Quotes For Boyfriend 

  1. "In your arms, I find my peace. Happy Hug Day, my dearest one."Hug Day Quotes For Boyfriend

  2. "Your hugs are my sanctuary, where I find comfort and love. Happy Hug Day!"

  3. "Your embrace, to me, feels like home. Warm, comforting and safe. Happy Hug Day, my love."

  4. "Wrapped in your arms, I am the happiest. Here's to many more hugs to share. Happy Hug Day!"

  5. "May the warmth of our hugs be the glue that fortifies our love. Happy Hug Day, darling!"

  6. "Your hugs are like the stars; they brighten my life even in the darkest times. Happy Hug Day, my sunshine!"

  7. "A hug from you is the solution to every problem. Happy Hug Day, my strength."

  8. "In the language of love, our hugs say everything I cannot put into words. Happy Hug Day, sweetheart!"

  9. "Your hugs are my favorite 'Hello' and my hardest 'Goodbye'. Happy Hug Day, love."

  10. "Capturing our love within an embrace, your hugs make my heart race. Happy Hug Day!"

  11. "Our bodies fit together in a hug like perfect pieces of a love puzzle. Happy Hug Day, my perfect fit!"

  12. "In every hug, I feel your heartbeat against mine, singing the sweetest love song. Happy Hug Day, my melody!"

  13. "Every time you hug me, I am enveloped in your love like a warm blanket on a cold winter's night. Happy Hug Day, my warmth!"

  14. "In the algebra of our love, hugs are constants. Happy Hug Day!"

  15. "Every hug from you feels like a love note written on my heart. Happy Hug Day, darling!"

  16. "When words fall short, your hugs speak volumes. Happy Hug Day, my eloquent love!"

  17. "Between your arms is my favorite place in the world. Happy Hug Day, my world!"

  18. "You've hugged my heart in ways that it has never been held before. Happy Hug Day, my comfort!"

  19. "The magic of your hugs is, they bring out a side of me I never knew existed. Happy Hug Day, my conjurer!"

  20. "Your hugs are like whispers to my soul, assuring me that I'm yours forever. Happy Hug Day, my sweet love!"

Hug Day Wishes For Boyfriend

  1. "May you feel all the love wrapped in my arms, for you mean the world to me. Happy Hug Day, my love."Hug Day Wishes For Boyfriend

  2. "Every time you hug me, it feels like home. Wishing you a Happy Hug Day, my cozy comfort!"

  3. "Your hugs are like a protective shield, keeping me safe and loved. Happy Hug Day, my knight!"

  4. "The closer you pull me, the more my heart beats for you. Happy Hug Day, my heartbeat!"

  5. "With every hug, I want to imprint my love into your heart. Wishing you a Happy Hug Day, sweetheart!"

  6. "Your hug is the melody, and your heartbeat is the rhythm. Together, they form our love song. Happy Hug Day, my love!"

  7. "There's no warmth warmer than your cosy hug on a chilly day. Happy Hug Day, my warmest fire!"

  8. "Wrapped in your arms is my favourite place to be. Wishing you a Happy Hug Day, my sweet safe haven!"

  9. "Your hugs are like the waves, they pull me deeper into your love. Happy Hug Day, my life!"

  10. "The more I am in your arms, the more I feel at home. Happy Hug Day, my homestead!"

  11. "Wishing to be wrapped in your hugs forever, for they whisper 'you're mine.' Happy Hug Day, my cherished one!"

  12. "Arms that hold me when I am down, shoulders that lift my spirit – that's your hug. Happy Hug Day, my sunshine!"

  13. "Your hugs are a magical realm, where I am the queen and you forever my king. Happy Hug Day, my royalty!"

  14. "Your hugs are like poetry; they express unspoken love. Happy Hug Day, my unending verse!"

  15. "Every hug from you fills the pages of our love story. Happy Hug Day, my prolific author!"

  16. "Your hugs replay our memories, each one a testament to our journey. Happy Hug Day, my favourite memory!"

  17. "Your hugs are like warm blankets on a chilly evening – comforting and soul-soothing. Happy Hug Day, my soothing solace!"

  18. "Each hug is a silent 'I Love You.' Wishing you a Happy Hug Day, my beloved!"

  19. "Your hugs are the compass that guides me back to you, no matter how far I roam. Happy Hug Day, my guiding star!"

  20. "Your hug is the first step to everything I ever dreamed of. Happy Hug Day, my dream come true!"

Hug Day Messages For Boyfriend

  1. "Your hugs are the breath of fresh air that enlightens my soul. Happy Hug Day, my love!"Hug Day Messages For Boyfriend

  2. "On this Hug Day, I want you to know that every hug you've given me has added a love-filled chapter to our story. Forever grateful, my love!"

  3. "Sending you a hug with all my heart's warmth and love on this special day. Happy Hug Day, my sweet sailor!"

  4. "Our hugs symbolize the meeting of two souls intertwined. I cherish every moment we spend entwined. Happy Hug Day, my darling!"

  5. "Hugging you is like having my own piece of heaven right here on earth. Happy Hug Day, my divine love!"

  6. "Your hugs are the anchor that holds me steady, no matter how rough the storm. Happy Hug Day, my strong sailor!"

  7. "On this Hug Day, sending a virtual hug wrapped in my love and affection. May you always feel how much I cherish you, sweetheart."

  8. "Each hug we share speaks a thousand words of love and comfort. Wishing you a Happy Hug Day, my silent storyteller!"

  9. "Your hugs are like an artist's masterpiece, etching our love story on the canvas of our hearts. Happy Hug Day, my precious artist!"

  10. "Vowing to collect a lifetime of hugs, each one a stepping stone on our path of love. Happy Hug Day, my dearest!"

  11. "Wrapped in your arms, I feel the whole world fade away. Wishing you a Happy Hug Day, my reality maker!"

  12. "Distance may separate us, but our hugs will always bridge the gap. Happy Hug Day, my soulful connector!"

  13. "Your embrace is my love language, and I am fluent when I'm with you. Happy Hug Day, my language guide!"

  14. "On this Hug Day, let's create boundless memories through our endless embraces of love. With all my heart, my treasure!"

  15. "Each hug you give me stores a shining star of hope in my heart. Happy Hug Day, my bright constellation!"

  16. "Your hugs are like a garden in full bloom; each embrace brings new life to our love story. Happy Hug Day, my lovely gardener!"

  17. "Your hugs remind me that I'm adored, loved, and treasured. Wishing you the happiest Hug Day, my honey!"

  18. "On this Hug Day, I'm sending you all my love, so you can feel the strength of my arms around you, even if we're apart."

  19. "In your arms, I feel the heartbeat that matches mine. Wishing you a Happy Hug Day filled with the warmth of our love."

  20. "Your hugs celebrate our love and grow stronger with each passing day. Happy Hug Day, my heart's rhythm maker!"

Funny Hug Day Quotes For Boyfriend

  1. "Stuck between a hug and a tight place - that's you! Happy Hug Day, my dearest teddy bear!"Funny Hug Day Quotes For Boyfriend

  2. "I've had my coffee, but I am yet to have my hug. Guess which one wakes me up more? Happy Hug Day!"

  3. "Hugs are like mini workouts, right? Let's keep each other fit. Happy Hug Day, my personal gym!"

  4. "Your hugs are the only thing that doesn't come with a 'Terms and Conditions' clause. Interesting, right? Happy Hug Day!"

  5. "I'm starting a diet. Losing calories through hugs. Ready to be my partner? Happy Hug Day!"

  6. "Your hugs are addictive, I need a daily dose of 'hugtabs'. Happy Hug Day, my darling pharmacist!"

  7. "Your hugs are warmer than my blanket but lighter on the electricity bill. Happy Hug Day, my eco-friendly heater!"

  8. "Your hug is like WiFi for my heart, the connection is instant and it rarely drops. Happy Hug Day, my favourite router!"

  9. "A bear hug a day keeps the doctor away. See, even miracles believe in our hugs. Happy Hug Day, my miracle worker!"

  10. "Your hugs are my favourite 'Arm-y' invasion! Here's to more invasions on this Hug Day!"

  11. "They say love is blind. But, even in a hug, I don't stumble! Happy Hug Day!"

  12. "Did you get a ticket? Oh, it's Hug Day, and hugging you should be a high-speed chase. Happy Hug Day, my race driver!"

  13. "Your hugs are like my favourite pair of jeans - comfortable, yet snuggly. Happy Hug Day, my stylish fit!"

  14. "If your hugs were movie nights, I'd be a film critic by now. Happy Hug Day, my movie marathon!"

  15. "When you hug me, I feel like popcorn – warm, happy, and ready for a show. Happy Hug Day, my personal cinema!"

  16. "Your hugs are the brand-new episodes in our sitcom called 'Love'. Always looking forward to the next season! Happy Hug Day!"

  17. "Your hugs are like a seat belt on our love journey – they keep me safe and secure. Happy Hug Day, my co-driver!"

  18. "You're my favourite kind of sandwich – a hug sandwich. Happy Hug Day, my delicious meal!"

  19. "Every hug from you feels like a punchline to a joke only we understand. Happy Hug Day, my intellectual comedian!"

  20. "If all the world's a stage, then your hugs must be the standing ovations. Happy Hug Day, my shining star!"

Hug Day Quotes For Your Boyfriend To Send On WhatsApp 

  1. "Even when you're not around, your hugs linger like a warm memory. Happy Hug Day, my love! πŸ€—"Hug Day Quotes For Your Boyfriend To Send On WhatsApp

  2. "My love for you soars without a pause, much like a series of hugs. Happy Hug Day, sweetheart! πŸ’ž"

  3. "Words cannot express how much you mean to me, but perhaps a hug can. Happy Hug Day, my love emoji! 😘"

  4. "As long as your arms are wrapped around me, my heart will always be full. Happy Hug Day, my charming knight! πŸ’Œ"

  5. "A warm hug matters more than a thousand words. Happy Hug Day, my favourite hug machine! 🌠"

  6. "I'm sending a virtual hug, wrapped in my love, on this special day. Happy Hug Day, dearest! πŸ“²"

  7. "Each hug you give me is like a missing puzzle piece that completes my heart. Happy Hug Day, my masterpiece! 🧩"

  8. "Even when I'm far away, my heart beats close to yours. Happy Hug Day, my heartbeat! πŸ’“"

  9. "In your arms, I find my strength. Today and every day, let's celebrate the power of our hugs! Happy Hug Day, my hero! πŸ’ͺ"

  10. "Your hugs are like a symphony of love and warmth. Happy Hug Day, my maestro! 🎢"

  11. "We may be miles apart, but the memory of your hug keeps me close. Happy Hug Day, love! πŸ’•"

  12. "Your hugs are the fuel that drives the engine of our love. Happy Hug Day, my fire starter! πŸ”₯"

  13. "I'd rather have a hug than a text, but I'll gladly take both from you! Happy Hug Day, my dear! πŸ€—πŸ’¬"

  14. "An open heart and a warm embrace - the perfect recipe for happiness, all within your hugs. Happy Hug Day, my favourite chef! 🍲"

  15. "No amount of emojis can express how much your hugs mean to me. But I'll start with this πŸ€— Happy Hug Day!"

  16. "Cuddling up to your warm hugs is my favourite pastime. Happy Hug Day, my snuggle bug! πŸ˜‡"

  17. "Our love story is written in countless hugs. Can't wait for more chapters! Happy Hug Day, my muse! πŸ“"

  18. "In the language of love, 'Hug' translates to 'Forever Yours.' Happy Hug Day, my sweet linguist! 😊"

  19. "Your hugs are like warm whispers, revealing our eternal love story. Happy Hug Day, my beautiful secret! 🌹"

  20. "Wishing you a day filled with the warmth of my love and the comfort of my hugs. Happy Hug Day, my dearest one! 🌟"

Video Hug Day Quotes To Your Boyfriend From Celebrities

  1. "Just like the perfect scene in a blockbuster, our hugs always feel so right. Happy Hug Day!"Video Hug Day Quotes To Your Boyfriend From Celebrities

  2. "Our Hug Day is best captured in slow-motion because every second counts. Happy Hug Day!"

  3. "Our hugs are like the best video effects; pure magic! Wishing you nothing less this Hug Day."

  4. "Queue the romantic music, turn on the soft lights, and it's time for the best part - our hug. Happy Hug Day, love!"

  5. "Every hug we share is like an unscripted scene from the movie of us. Happy Hug Day!"

  6. "If love was a video, every minute would feature our amazing hugs. Happy Hug Day, babe!"

  7. "Your hugs are my favourite outtakes from the beautiful film that is our love story. Happy Hug Day!"

  8. "Put us on pause and play the moment we hug, over and over. Happy Hug Day, darling!"

  9. "Let's capture the warmth of our hug in 1080p this Hug Day because love deserves high definition."

  10. "Let's edit our woes away with the touch of your loving hug. Happy video Hug Day, love!"

  11. "The true cinematic experience is found in your arms. Happy Hug Day, my co-star!"

  12. "Our Hug Day theme - ‘A Cinematic Love'. Starring Us. In a never-ending embrace."

  13. "Just like a movie trailer teases the best bits, let's tease our Hug Day moments till we meet."

  14. "Spoilers Alert - Today's Hug Day will be filled with heartwarming embraces!"

  15. "Like bookmarking a scene in our favourite movie, your hug is the moment I want to return to again and again."

  16. "On Hug Day, let's storyboard every moment we share, especially our hugs."

  17. "Our story's best sequence: Close-up, eye contact, warmth in our smile, then, the hug. Happy Hug Day!"

  18. "Behind the scenes, bloopers, or best takes, your hugs are the star of our love reel."

  19. "Let's script the perfect Hug Day – Take one ‘YOU', add some ‘ME' and wrap it up in a ‘HUG'!"

  20. "In the filmstrip of my life, every frame where I'm in your arms is a classic. Happy Hug Day!"

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