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The Haunting - 2023

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The Haunting is a 2023 suspense horror short film starring Erica Fernandes, Gul Panag, and Prakruti Mishra. The movie is directed and written by Tanveer Bookwala.

The movie is about Moushmi, who's accused of murdering her friend, who blames a demon. A psychiatrist-cop duo investigates her claim in this chilling thriller.

The short film was released on 21st April 2023 on Amazon miniTV. Read the article further to learn about the movie's cast, plot, review, etc.

Table of Content

the haunting movie poster featuring Erica Fernandes


Movie name

The Haunting


Suspense, Horror

Directed by

Tanveer Bookwala

Written by

Tanveer Bookwala


Erica Fernandes, Gul Panag, Prakruti Mishra

Release date

21 April 2023

Running Time

31 Minutes 47 Seconds





OTT Platform

Amazon miniTV


The film revolves around Moushmi, who stands accused of murdering her best friend and roommate. Despite these accusations, Moushmi insists that a demon forced her actions and maintains her innocence. The plot thickens as a psychiatrist and a police officer collaborate to unveil the truth behind Moushmi's claims.


The Haunting was released on 21st April 2023 on Amazon miniTV.


gul panag in the haunting

There’s a terrifying potential in the universe of horror films, especially those that delve into the paranormal. ‘The Haunting’, sadly, does not capitalize on this potential. It treads predictable paths, leaving the audience yearning for more originality and fewer cliches.

Regarding performances, Erica Fernandes, despite having proven her capabilities in previous performances, falls short in this film. While her performance in the climactic scene is commendable, the rest of her portrayal feels hastily assembled. Gul Panag’s role is confusing from the inception - is she the investigator or the prosecutor? This ambiguity, along with her inconsistent characterization, detracts from the overall storyline.

From the script to the direction, Tanveer Bookwala’s work leaves much to be desired. Clichéd scenes and predictable horror tropes don’t just make the movie underwhelming but also take away the thrill that one would expect. The overuse of crass dialogues further detracts from the quality of storytelling.

One aspect worth mentioning is the poor use of VFX. While budget constraints are understandable, it is vital to prioritize the quality of crucial scenes. The jump cuts were overly frequent, making the movie feel choppy and unsettling, but not in the intended horrifying way.

Kudos to Editor Ashish Vichare for keeping the film to a tight half hour. However, with respect to viewer experience, the numerous jump cuts could have been replaced with longer, slower shots for better impact.

The cinematography, courtesy of Hari K Vedantam, is possibly the silver lining in this movie. The overhead drone shots and the brilliantly lit scene at Erica's house in Bhubaneswar are notable. Dharam Bhatt’s background score complements the scenes aptly, adding an eerie ambiance to the lackluster horror elements.

While the movie is suitable for children, it feels like a missed opportunity to truly explore the horror genre. It is filled with age-old cliches and predictable scares, failing to provide viewers with a chill-inducing experience. In terms of acting, direction, storytelling, graphics, editing, and movie speed, 'The Haunting' sits below par.

In conclusion, ‘The Haunting’ is avoidable for ardent horror enthusiasts. Those seeking a genuine horror experience would do better to revisit classics like the 'Insidious' or 'Conjuring' series. Given the shortcomings, the film earns a 1-star rating.


Actor Name Character Name
Erica Fernandes Moushmi
Gul Panag Senior Police Officer
 Prakruti Mishra Prakruti
 Archak Chhabra -
Amitabh Ghanekar -
Ankur Jain -
Ajay Dhansu -
Jhanvi Seriff -


Role Name
Director Tanveer Bookwala
Writer Tanveer Bookwala
Editor Ashish Vichare

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