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Balagam - 2023

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In his directorial debut, actor Venu Yeldandi wrote and directed the 2023 Indian Telugu-language family drama film Balagam. Hanshitha Reddy, Dil Raju's daughter, and Harshith Reddy, his nephew, produced it under the banner of Dil Raju Productions.

Priyadarshi, Kavya Kalyanram, Sudhakar Reddy, Kota Jayaram, Mime Madhu, and Muralidhar Goud play the main characters in the movie. When Balagam was released on March 3, 2023, it received positive reviews from critics who praised Yeldandi's direction, the soundtrack, the emotional impact of the plot, the storyline, and the lead actors' acting abilities.

Table of Contents


Movie name


Directed by

Venu Yeldandi

Written by

Venu Yeldandi

Cinematography by

Acharya Venu

Edited by


Produced by

Harshith Reddy and Hanshitha Reddy


Priyadarshi, Kavya Kalyanram, Sudhakar Reddy, Kota Jayaram, Muralidhar Goud and Mime Madhu

Music by

Bheems Ceciroleo

Production company

Dil Raju Productions

Distributed by


Release date

3 March 2023






₹3 Crores



A young guy manipulates those around him after the passing of the family patriarch in an effort to find solutions to his difficulties. He eventually recognises the foolishness of his avarice, though.


On 3 March 2023, Balagam was released to both critical and commercial acclaim. Even after the film premiered on Amazon Prime Video and Simply South on March 24, 2023, those who viewed it via OTT began to visit theatres to view it on the large screen. Numerous members of the Telugu film industry praised the film's accurate depiction of Telangana culture.


123Telugu rated the film three out of five stars and wrote, "Balagam is a sincere endeavour to explore human values and emotions that lacks commercial ingredients. The film's trump cards are its natural village setting, endearing performances, and satisfying emotional sequences." Raghu Bandi of The Indian Express also gave the film the same rating and wrote, "Balagam is an authentic slice of rural Telangana life." A reviewer for The Times of India praised the film's creative and technical team and Priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyanram's screenplay and acting.








Balarama Narasayoo

Bheems Ceciroleo, Venu Yeldandi


Potti Pilla

Ram Miriyala


Ooru Palletooru

Ram Miriyala, Mangli


Thoduga ma thodundi

Mr.& Mrs. Komutaiah,


Ayyo Shivuda Yemaye




Venu Yeldandi,

Box Office Collection

Virupaksha had a successful first 25 days at the box office, grossing 62.68 Cr India. As of its 25th day, Virupaksha's total worldwide box office earnings are 86.7 Cr. 

We haven't seen a Telugu film in a while that addresses Telugu state subcultures like Care of Kancharapalem or Mallesham did. A nice addition to the list is balagam. Balagam also focuses on how women suffer the most from men setting the boundaries of acceptable behaviour in the home. The drama surrounding the rituals feels exaggerated after the humour loses its appeal after a while. However, these passages serve the objective of causing the residents and family members to reflect and ask themselves whether they are actually grieving for a lost soul. The majority of the people of Telangana could recognise their past and present in the movie's characters. There is no doubt that the film depicts the cultural milieu of rural Telangana, but we cannot overlook the celebration and justification of the deeply rooted superstitions.

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