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Yuvraj Singh | Biography, Affairs, Struggles, Networth, Fact

Know more about Yuvraj Singh Keep reading & get information about Yuvraj Singh’s age, family, biography, relationships, career, interesting facts & more.

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Profile Summary

Yuvraj Singh  Details
Yuvraj Singh  Profession Athlete
Yuvraj Singh  Celebrity Type Cricketer
Yuvraj Singh  Age 41 Years
Yuvraj Singh  Date Of Birth 12 December 1981
Yuvraj Singh  Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Yuvraj Singh  Birthplace Chandigarh
Yuvraj Singh  Height 6.1 Feet
Yuvraj Singh  Weight 78 Kgs
Yuvraj Singh Notable Work N/A
Yuvraj Singh  Total Movies N/A
Yuvraj Singh  Net Worth $35 million
Yuvraj Singh  Instagram  @yuvisofficial
Yuvraj Singh  Twitter  @yuvstrong12

Yuvraj Singh’s Biography

Yuvraj Singh a former cricketer for India who competed in all formats of the game was born on December 12 1981. Yuvraj Singh is renowned for his aggressive batting style and all-around prowess. He batted left-handed in the middle order and bowled slow left-arm orthodox.  Yuvraj Singh would undisputedly be the first Indian cricket superstar of the twenty-first century. One of the greatest left-handed batsmen the game of cricket has ever seen is the largely forgotten legend of Indian cricket. Yuvraj Singh is an Indian cricket player who served as the team's vice-captain from 2007 to 2008 in One Day International (ODI) matches. 

In a Twenty-20 match against England in the 2007 World Twenty-20 Cricket tournament Yuvraj is renowned for hitting consistent six sixes in a Stuart Broad over. Yuvraj started playing cricket at a young age and scored 358 runs against the Bihar Under-19 Cricket team in the Cooch-Behar Trophy final match in 1999-2000 while captaining the Punjab Under-19 Cricket team. Following this he also competed for the Under-19 National Cricket Team in the Under-19 Cricket World Cup which was held in Sri Lanka in January 2000. The Indian team which eventually won the championship was captained by Mohammed Kaif.

Yuvraj Singh’s Family

Yuvraj Singh’s Family

Yuvraj Singh was born on 12 December 1981. Yuvraj Singh's age as of 2022 is 41 years. Yuvraj Singh's zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Yuvraj Singh is from Chandigarh India. Yuvraj Singh’s parents are Yograj Singh and Shabnam Singh. Yuvraj's childhood favourite sports were tennis and roller skating and he excelled at both. In addition he triumphed in the national under-14 roller skating competition. His father told him to focus on cricket instead of skating and tossed the medal Yuvraj Singh received from skating in the trash. Every day he would drive Yuvraj to the gym. 

Yuvraj Singh’s Education

Yuvraj attended Chandigarh's DAV Public School for his education. He graduated with a degree in commerce from Chandigarh's DAV College part of Punjab University. Additionally he played two brief child star roles in Mehndi Sagna Di and Putt Sardara. At the age of 13 years and 11 months Yuvraj made his debut for Punjab Under-16s against Jammu and Kashmir Under-16s in November of the 1995–1996 season. Yuvraj was given a promotion to the Punjab Under-19s in 1996–1997 and he scored 137 runs against the Himachal Pradesh Under-19s. Yuvraj proposed to Hazel Keech in 2015 and they wed on November 30 2016. He bought a lavish penthouse in Chattarpur South Delhi in February 2021. In January 2022 the couple welcomed a boy into the world.

Yuvraj Singh’s Affairs and Relationships

Yuvraj Singh - Deepika Padukone

Few people can recall but Yuvi and Deepika became friends because they both have a sports background. It was reportedly a brief relationship. In an interview Yuvraj once discussed their split "I had just returned from South Africa when we met in Mumbai through mutual friends. We felt a connection and were curious to learn more. We didn't spend enough time together to determine whether it would last a long time. She eventually moved on and I did too.

" Deepika apparently developed feelings for Yuvraj Singh when Dhoni was striving for her affections. They were spotted together at a number of events which started the dating rumours. Back then rumours that they even got engaged in a private ceremony were common. As soon as the rumours of their romance started they quickly faded. They were spotted together at a number of events which started the dating rumours.

Yuvraj Singh - Riya Sen

The alleged romance between Yuvraj and Riya was intended to last only a short while. They reportedly met at a party and clicked right away which led to them briefly dating. Alleged love between Yuvraj and Bong beauty A short time after his breakup with Deepika Padukone Riya Sen began making the rounds. At a party Yuvraj ran into Munmun Sen's daughter and the two fell in love at first sight.

Additionally the pair were seen holding hands at social gatherings. Yuvraj Singh of the Indian cricket team was also linked to the actress. According to reports he was looking for someone after splitting up with Deepika. They apparently met at a party and liked each other but things couldn't progress because of their opposing temperaments

Yuvraj Singh - Kim Sharma

Yuvraj Singh and actress Kim Sharma were in a serious relationship for over 4 years during the early years of his cricket career. According to reports the two split up because his family did not approve of their relationship and they both moved on. Kim Sharma the Mohabbatein star is well-known as Yuvraj Singh's ex-lover. The ex-couple dated for about four years before splitting up in 2007. While some attribute their break-up to Kim's abusive nature it was later revealed that the couple split up due to Yuvraj's mother's disapproval of the relationship. They reportedly dated for four years while Yuvraj was developing his cricket career. Their romance did not however result in marriage. Kim has never mentioned it in public.

Yuvraj Singh - Hazel Keech

The couple has consistently insisted that it took time and work for their relationship to grow into what it is now. The two first connected at a friend's party but their romance was anything but traditional. In a previous interview Yuvraj discussed it and said 'I first met Hazel in 2011 at a friend's birthday and what caught my attention was her delightful smile. She was actually not grinning at me.

But later that night I managed to get her attention and I even praised her for the role she played in the movie Bodyguard. However Hazel had no interest. I must have asked her to go out for coffee seven or eight times but she never responded! She left me perplexed. I've been shot down before but being shot down so frequently was something else. I assumed she was seeing someone else so I made the decision to end it ' he said.

The cricketer was also given a cancer diagnosis in this year so naturally pursuing a girl who was obviously not interested took a back seat. The cricketer acknowledged that he too had not experienced love at first sight. 'I don't think it exists. When a person is 16 or 17 years old they experience 'love at first sight.' It took three arduous years for destiny to bring them back together 'She was listed as a friend on my friend and actor Angad Bedi's Facebook page in 2014. I told Angad to stay away from her because I liked her and was surprised that she had made friends with him after only a brief introduction. I then sent her a request but it took her three months to accept it. After knowing each other for three years and three months we became friends and I told her that after all this time I deserved to go on a date with her. Now she gave her consent.'

It was a date that took three years so Yuvraj admits to doing his research to impress his lady love. 'I learned about her work and that she had appeared in Bombay Dreams and the Harry Potter movies. In fact when she learned that the latter was one of my favourites she was happy.' Yuvraj finally asked Hazel to marry him on a Bali beach after a year of dating. He admitted 'I really don't think I'm very good at romance so I was understandably nervous. The couple announced their engagement on social media in order to finally put an end to all relationship rumours. Yuvraj tweeted 'Yes I am engaged because I found a friend for life in Hazel Keech. 'Yes it's true; I'm getting married to Yuvraj ' Hazel further tweeted.

Yuvi explained why he is so infatuated with Hazel in his conversation 'Hazel is a genuine honest person who is aware of the real me in contrast to most people who are only interested in my life because they are motivated by some agenda. It's reassuring that she has no interest in what I do on the field. She has the same outlook on life as I do; we both enjoy having fun and pushing ourselves to do our best. When you are with someone like that life is interesting.' Hazel's response was brief: 'I'm so grateful to have found such an amazing person ' she said. Yuvraj proposed to Hazel Keech in 2015 and they wed on November 30 2016.

Yuvraj Singh’s Career

Yuvraj Singh’s Career

On October 3 2000 in Nairobi Yuvraj Singh played his first One Day International (ODI) cricket match against Kenya. Despite not having the opportunity to bat in the game he failed to claim a wicket and allowed 16 runs to be scored. Just four days after his ODI debut against Australia Yuvraj displayed his batting prowess by scoring 84 runs off just 80 balls. On October 16 2003 at Mohali he played against New Zealand in his first Test match.

In the game he scored 25 runs including 3 fours and 1 six. Yuvraj is primarily a left-handed batsman and frequently bowls as a left-arm conventional spinner. He is thought to perform better as a batsman against spin bowlers than fast bowlers. According to a study Yuvraj was the fourth-ranked fielder in the world in terms of having the most effective run-outs in One Day International (ODI) Cricket matches between 1999 and 2005.

Yuvraj Singh is also one of the Indian Cricket team's most effective fielders. Yuvraj's fielding contributed to 21 run-outs during the 131 ODI games he participated in during his tenure. Yuvraj Singh has played 28 Test matches in his overall Test Cricket career as of April 2009 scoring 1387 runs including 3 centuries and 6 half-centuries with an average of 35.56 runs and a highest score of 169 runs.

In these games he was successful in taking 7 wickets while conceding 316 runs at an average of 45.14 runs. He has played 232 One Day International (ODI) matches as of April 2009 during which time he has scored 6850 runs including 11 centuries and 40 half-centuries for an average of 37.43 runs and a highest score of 139 runs. He took 72 wickets in these games conceding 2849 runs at an average of 39.56 runs.

After his impressive performance he was chosen to serve as MS Dhoni's backup for the 2007 World T20. The moment of awe came when he hit Stuart wide for six sixes in an overall in various directions. With a 70 off 30 balls against the formidable Australians he assisted India in reaching the finals. Despite a few dropouts his golden period continued.

His greatest success came during the 2011 ICC World Cup where he was named Man of the Tournament for his game-winning innings which included more than 300 runs and 15 wickets. He played for Pune Warriors (2011–2013) and Kings XI Punjab during the first two seasons of the Indian Premier League before being acquired by Royal Challengers Bangalore (2014; who later acquired him for 16 crores by Delhi Daredevils (2015).

Yuvraj Singh has played 304 times for India in one-day internationals scoring 8701 runs at an average of 36. He has a respectable strike rate of 87 and 14 centuries to his credit. In June 2017 he played against the West Indies team in his final ODI game.

Yuvraj Singh’s Career Timeline

Most Recent Matches

IND-L vs ENG-L 31 15 1 3 206.67 0 0 0 0 0 0
IND-L vs NZL 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
IND-L vs SA-L 6 8 0 0 75 1 0 7 1 7 0
IND-L vs SL-L 60 41 4 4 146.34 0 0 0 0 0 0
IND-L vs WI-L 49 20 1 6 245 0 0 0 0 0 0

Batting Stats

ODIs 304 278 8701 9924 40 36.55 87.67 14 52 150 908 155 94 0
TESTs 40 62 1900 3277 6 33.92 57.97 3 11 169 260 22 31 0
T20Is 58 51 1177 863 9 28.02 136.38 0 8 77 77 74 12 0
T20s 231 216 4857 3772 27 25.69 128.76 0 27 83 386 261 53 0
LISTAs 423 389 12663 0 55 37.91 0 19 78 172 0 0 132 0
FIRSTCLASS 139 221 8965 0 18 44.16 0 26 36 260 0 0 118 0

Bowling Stats

ODIs 304 161 841.2 4294 111 38.68 5.1 5/31 1 0
TESTs 40 35 155.1 547 9 60.77 3.52 2/20 0 0
T20Is 58 31 70.4 499 28 17.82 7.06 3/17 0 0
T20s 231 130 266.1 1989 80 24.86 7.47 4/29 0 0
LISTAs 423 0 1180.3 6010 166 36.2 5.09 5/31 1 0
FIRSTCLASS 139 0 568 1978 41 48.24 3.48 0 1 0

Yuvraj Singh’s Struggles

There aren't many athletes in sports history who have returned to the top after beating cancer. Some of the athletes who fought their way back include the cricketers Simon O'Donnell and Dave Callaghan the cyclist Lance Armstrong (despite his controversial actions) the ice hockey player Mario Lemieux the basketball player Edna Campbell the baseball player Mike Lowell and the football player Eric Abidal.

In terms of Indian athletes Yuvraj Singh stands out as the sportsperson who overcame cancer and was back playing for his country. It was during the World Cup that he would wake up in the middle of the night struggling to breathe and coughing profusely. After the World Cup a scan for his chest cavity revealed a tumour but like any of us he couldn't believe it and more importantly he ignored it because cancer meant leaving cricket so he kept playing.

It wasn't until January that further tests revealed that tumour was malignant — a germ cell cancer called a mediastinal seminoma was diagnosed it was located in between his heart and his (left) lung and it grew about 14 centimetres like a ball. About seven months after India won the World Cup in November 2011 it was revealed that Singh had a lung tumour. Three months later it was determined that he had a mediastinal seminoma a germ-cell tumour between his lungs and that the tumour was cancerous. It was a huge shock to hear the news. It was difficult to accept that Singh had been in such severe pain the entire World Cup. The all-rounder would later admit that his ordeal actually started earlier than the ICC competition. During India's January 2011 tour of South Africa he claimed he was throwing up blood.

By the time the World Cup arrived the discomfort and fatigue had gotten worse and he was concerned for his health. Yuvraj's doctor recommended chemotherapy and on January 26th he travelled to the United States for treatment. His chemotherapy began in February and ended in March. In addition to this treatment he received Ayurvedic treatment and went to rehabilitation in May of the same year.

Cancer one of the most common diseases in the world today was once thought to be a deadly disease whose name shakes the person from head to toe but people chose to fight it. Was he not afraid? How could he possibly fight it? Yes he was scared and as a result he postponed the treatment. But can anyone escape the truth? He faced his fears of getting battered and realised 'Cancer does not mean death.'

In one of his interviews he stated 'Don't be afraid... Be optimistic... Please don't think your life is about to come to an end... Take sound advice and act as soon as possible... If you have a problem with your system don't ignore it... Look at me I never thought I'd be able to play for India again but I've beaten cancer... God has blessed me with this opportunity and my love of cricket has drawn me back. Yuvraj Singh persevered despite the trauma though. He received treatment in the US and completed the three chemotherapy cycles in the beginning of 2012. He even set a good example by being open about his experience with the public and frequently posting photos of himself while he was recovering. In April 2012 Singh finished his treatment and went back to India. He eventually returned to the Indian team for the World T20 in August of that same year.

Yuvraj Singh may have joined the Indian team not long after receiving cancer treatment but he was never quite the same player he had been before. He was kicked out of the team due to his lack of form and fitness but he was able to return to international cricket in 2013 and 2016 before playing his final game wearing the India jersey in June 2017. But what stands out in all of this is Singh's determination to fight. He never gave up whether it was the fight against cancer or the later indifferent form with the bat. He established the YouWeCan Foundation in 2017 to support those in need and raise awareness about cancer. Yuvraj wrote The Test of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back as his autobiography following his battle with cancer

Yuvraj Singh Controversies

Making fun of Yuzvendra Chahal

Starting with the most recent issue. In an Instagram Live conversation with his former teammate Rohit Sharma spinner Yuzvendra Chahal Singh began making jokes about his love of creating TikTok videos and called him a 'bhangi ' for which he was called a casteist. Soon after a Dalit rights activist also reported the athlete to the police. Singh was required to apologise in public: 'This is to make it clear that I have never supported discrimination of any kind regardless of caste colour creed or gender.

I have sacrificed much of my life thus far and will continue to do so. I respect everyone without exception and think that life is sacred 'According to Yuvraj Singh's post. Singh was required to apologise in public: 'This is to make it clear that I have never supported discrimination of any kind regardless of caste colour creed or gender. I have sacrificed much of my life thus far and will continue to do so. I respect everyone without exception and think that life is sacred 'According to Yuvraj Singh's post. 'I realise that I was misunderstood during a conversation I was having with my friends which was unjustified. However as a responsible Indian I must say that I sincerely apologise if I unintentionally offended anyone's feelings or sentiments.'

Allegations of Match-Fixing By a Union Minister

In 2017 Yuvraj Singh Virat Kohli and the team were accused of fixing the ICC Champions Trophy final against Pakistan which they lost by a huge margin of 180 runs by the then-Union Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment Ramdas Athawale. He even called for an investigation into the matter. After the loss Athawale spoke to the media and said 'In the match against Pakistan someone like Virat Kohli who scores a century so often and other accomplished players like Yuvraj Singh who have scored so many runs in the past looked like they were playing to lose.'

'Substance Abuse' Charged

Akanksha Sharma Yuvraj Singh's former sister-in-law made a shocking claim in an interview with entertainment news portal Bollywoodlife accusing the cricketer of smoking marijuana. 'As far as substance abuse is concerned it was present in their family as well.' Everything I did was for them. I smoked marijuana with my husband. 'Yuvraj also told me he smoked marijuana ' she added.

Yuvraj Singh’s Networth and Income

Yuvraj Singh’s Networth

The amount of assets that surpass liabilities is referred to as net worth. Cash real estate and anything else of value are examples of assets. It is the value of everything you own. Net worth is not calculated on a yearly basis. Net worth is determined by deducting all liabilities from all assets. Net worth is determined by deducting all liabilities from all assets.

So how much is Yuvraj Singh currently worth? According to estimates Yuvraj Singh has a total net worth of 35 million dollars or about 255 billion rupees in Indian currency (i.e. approx two hundred and fifty Five Crore INR). Yuvraj Singh earns 1 Crore + Per Month in Income and Salary. The bulk of his income which makes up a portion of his net worth is derived from match fees paid to the BCCI IPL salaries as well as brand endorsements and sponsorships.

Additionally over the last few years Yuvraj's net worth has grown by about 39%. Apart from his impressive accomplishments and wealth Yuvraj is best known for his support of young athletes and sports.

Yuvraj Singh Records

Yuvraj Singh Interesting Facts


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