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UNB | MTV Hustle, Rapper, Song, Biography, Full Name

Know about UNB’s Age, Family, Biography, Relationships, Career. Keep reading more to get interesting facts about UNB.

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UNB’s Biography

UNB’s Biography Tring

UNB is an Indian Rapper Hip Hop Artist and a Lyricist. He is well-known as a Kauso Record artist and for the Indian hip-hop reality series MTV Hustle 2.0.

UNB’s real name is Ugen Namgyal Bhutia. UNB’s birthday is not known. UNB’s age is assumed to be 22 years as of 2022.  UNB’s birthplace is Gangtok Sikkim India. UNB’s zodiac sign is not known. UNB’s height is 1.73m or 5’7. UNB’s religion is Hinduism.

Since 2013 UNB has begun producing music. He has been able to build a sizable fan following in India and Nepal as well as all around the world thanks to his more than 60 songs on YouTube that have amassed millions of views. He owns and operates KAUSO Records an independent record company with more than 450k YouTube subscribers.

UNB’s Family and Education

UNB’s father’s name is not known. UNB’s mother’s name is also not known. He was born into an underprivileged Nepali family in Sikkim. No further information is available regarding UNB’s family.

UNB completed his initial schooling in Gangtok Sikkim itself and then he moved to Delhi. He is also an Engineer.

UNB’s Record Company: KAUSO Records

UNB’s Record Company KAUSO Tring

Many people have undoubtedly heard of KAUSO ENT also known as KAUSO ENTERTAINMENT; it is an independent record label run by UNB a rapper producer and engineer residing in New Delhi who is originally from Gangtok Sikkim. Since 2013 he has been producing songs. He has been able to develop a sizable fan base all around the world thanks to his more than 30 songs on YouTube which have amassed millions of views.

KAUSO Records was founded primarily as a means of self-promotion. He used to send his demos to all of the major record labels early in his career. Nobody appeared interested though. Then he reasoned why not launch his own label and market his work. Somewhere the line Start your record label and sign yourself that's a huge key from one of rapper Nas' songs that sparked the idea.

UNB’s Struggles

UNB’s Struggles Made In India Tring

UNB released a brief lyric video called Call Me Indian on YouTube a few years ago. Nationalist hyperbole wasn't popular yet therefore UNB's objective in the song was to fight the racism he encountered on a daily basis. Born and reared in Gangtok UNB is of Nepali descent. Three years later he released a song that was noticeably more refined. In addition to being a strong outlet it attracted their attention to him.

Living in the nation's capital also gave him material for his EP Made In India a collection that according to UNB was largely influenced by the stories that Indian Nepalis and Northeasterners who resided there had recounted with him. When people make overtly disrespectful and racially insensitive comments while staring at one's face it is immensely frustrating.

Talking about the title of the extended play the Sikkim-born rapper says Being an Indian Nepali and a North-eastern staying in New Delhi it is tough when I have to explain my nationality every time I say I’m Nepali or every time they see my face or every time they listen to my songs. So this EP is basically the voice of every northeastern and Indian Nepalese who has to prove their nationality every time just because they look different and they speak the language.

UNB raps in Hindi Nepali and English on Made In India all of which connect with his more than 300k admirers. Now that his music is being played on the radio and in showrooms he receives DMs waxing lyrical about how it is saving people's lives. He also gets to hear his music being played and hear his fans shout his words back at him.

UNB explains how writing in Hindi will help him broaden his horizons and explore more of the Desi Hip-Hop subgenre. He discusses how this EP is about his personal development and his problems as an artist outside of his country in addition to addressing the more general topic of the identity crisis that most Indians from Nepal and the North-East of India experience.

UNB’s Career

UNB’s Career Tring

When UNB first started writing songs it was love melodies. Later he grew captivated by the rap genre's ability to tell stories. After listening to a lot of Nepali artists like Yama Buddha and Nepsydaz as well as 2Pac Jay Z Eminem and others he realized that rap music had the capacity to express ideas in a way that was far more dynamic than other genres. UNB has grown over the years and now creates produces mixes and masters all of his songs in his bedroom.

UNB entertains his audience by posting original music on YouTube. In North India UNB is well-liked by aspiring rappers and he has a sizable following on YouTube and Instagram. UNB frequently collaborates with other Desi hip-hop musicians participates in rap cyphers and has worked internationally with Nepali hip-hop artists.

MTV Hustle 2.0 (2022)

MTV Hustle is the first rap/hip-hop reality programme to air in India. The title of India's largest hip-hop sensation is contested by aspiring rappers. The show is accessible online on MTV India and Voot.

UNB was a cast member of MTV Hustle season 2 the first Rap/Hip-Hop reality programme to air in India. Dino James Dee MC King and EPR all served as judges in addition to being the contest's Squad Boss. Krissann Barretto served as the event's emcee. UNB  opened the show with Hum Bhi Kya Kum Hain as his first song. That performance became extremely popular on YouTube and numerous other social media sites including Facebook and Instagram. Another song by the hip-hop artist UNB She Likes My Momo was performed on the MTV Hustle. She Likes My Momo is a song that UNB wrote and produced. The words of this song are wild.

14 applications were chosen from the pool of candidates for the Season 2 Voot Online Auditions. The four Squad Bosses would instruct the potential members and assess them based on their musicality storytelling technique metre and performance. Badshah distributed the teams to the contenders. By voting for their preferred performer on Voot viewers will also have the chance to participate in the campaign to support them.

UNB’s Songs List

UNB’s Net Worth

As of 2022 it is projected that UNB's net worth will be around $1 million US or 7 crores INR. Ugen Namgyal Bhutia a rapper and singer is now well-known in the business with the stage name UNB. He got much praise for taking part in MTV Hustle Season 2. Among his sources of income are UNB's singing endeavours including performances and gigs. Participating in reality television is another source of income for him.

UNB also has his own record company through which he earns some income as well. UNB's record company's name KAUSO Records. He releases his own through the company. He also releases other's songs and videos through KAUSO Records. It is a well-known record company to Sikkimese people.

Videos created by UNB are posted to a YouTube channel. He posts videos of himself singing and rapping on the channel. He is quite well-liked on social media. He is skilled at engaging and entertaining his audience. He earns a fair income via his YouTube channel and other social media platforms. UNB also uses advertising to support a variety of brands. Due to these deeds his net worth has improved.

There is no information available on UNB’s house and car collection.

UNB’s Interesting Facts

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