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Panther | MTV Hustle, Rapper, Song, Biography, Career, Net Worth

Know about Panther’s Age, Family, Biography, Relationships, Career. Keep reading more to get interesting facts about Panther.

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Panther’s Biography

Panther’s Biography Tring

Panther is an Indian Rapper Lyricist and Music Composer. He is well-known for his variety of music as well as the Indian hip-hop reality programme MTV Hustle 2.0. He was a participant on the show and people loved him for his hard-hitting punchlines.

Panther’s real name is Anubhav Shukla. Panther’s birthday is not known. Panther’s age is assumed to be 22 years as of 2022.  Panther’s birthplace is Uttar Pradesh India. Panther’s zodiac sign is not known. Panther’s height is 1.65m or 5’5. Panther’s religion is Hinduism.

In a remote UP village where people were still listening to Bollywood music from the 1970s Panther brought hip-hop to the locals. He is an extremely talented and enthusiastic rapper.


Panther’s father’s name is not known. Panther’s mother’s name is also not known. Anubhav was born in a middle-class family in Uttar Pradesh. Not much information is available on his family members and birthplace.

Panther started his primary education in a local school in his hometown in Uttar Pradesh. After completing his high school education he enrolled himself in a college to complete his graduation.

Panther’s Career

Panther’s Career Tring

Panther has struggled mightily throughout his life. But despite his obstacles he always managed to succeed in his endeavours. He never looked back and always continued to move forward.

Panther was first exposed to rap music by Honey Singh. He has no idea how but that item definitely caught his attention and ended up in the majority of his playlist. His interest in hip-hop was influenced by this fascination over time. Over the course of a few years he began researching hip-hop culture and grew more interested in that aspect. He had a lifelong interest in writing which contributed to his decision to start writing songs. He realized at that point that he was created for this and was going to absolutely destroy it.

MTV Hustle 2.0 (2022)

The first rap/hip-hop reality show that aired in India is MTV Hustle. Rappers vying for the title of India's biggest hip-hop sensation. Online viewing of the programme is possible on Voot and MTV India.

The second season of MTV Hustle the country's first Rap/Hip-Hop reality show included Panther as a cast member. As the contest's Squad Boss in addition to serving as judges Dino James Dee MC King and EPR all participated. The event's emcee was Krissann Barretto. Panther rose to fame after competing on the renowned reality series MTV Hustle 2.0. The audience loves him for his sharp one-liners and musical range. Gadar Chasme UP Se Bas Ek Baar and Bhasad are just a few of the songs he has sung on the show thus far.

From the pool of applications submitted for the Season 2 Voot Online Auditions 14 were selected. The prospective members would receive instruction from the four Squad Bosses who would then evaluate them based on their musicality storytelling technique rhythm and performance. The teams were assigned to the candidates by Badshah. Viewers will have the opportunity to support their favourite performers by casting a vote for them on Voot.

Panther’s Songs

Panther’s Net Worth

Panther's net worth is anticipated to be over $1 million US or 7 crores INR as of 2022. Panther the stage name of rapper and vocalist Anubhav Shukla is now well-known in the industry. He received a lot of appreciation for participating in Season 2 of MTV Hustle. Panther's singing endeavours including performances and gigs are among his sources of revenue. He also makes money by taking part in reality television.

Panther uploads its own videos to a YouTube channel. On the channel he uploads videos of himself rapping and singing. On social media he enjoys a sizable following. He is adept at entertaining and involving his audience. Through his YouTube channel and other social media sites he makes a respectable living. Panther supports numerous brands with advertising as well. His net worth has increased as a result of these activities.

There is no information available on Panther’s house and car collection.

Interesting Facts about Panther

Profile Summary

Panther Details
Panther Profession Rapper
Panther Real Name Anubhav Shukla
Panther Hometown Uttar Pradesh India
Panther Birthplace Uttar Pradesh India
Panther Age 22 years as of 2022
Panther Height 5 Feet 5 Inches
Panther Date of Birth N/A
Panther Notable Work MTV Hustle
Panther Net Worth $1 Million
Panther Net Worth in Rupees 7 Crores INR
Panther Nationality Indian
Panther Instagram @buildingpanther
Panther Youtube Channel @buildingpanther
Panther Zodiac Sign N/A

Social Media

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