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NT Rama Rao Jr Movies Age Biography Net Worth career wife son

Know about NT Rama Rao Jr.'s age, family, biography, relationships, and career. Keep reading more to get interesting facts about NT Rama Rao Jr.

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NT Rama Rao Jr’s Biography

Jr. NTR Biography.tring

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Jr. better known by his stage name Jr. NTR is a Telugu film actor singer and television host from India. NT Rama Rao Jr.’s birthdate is May 20 1983. NT Rama Rao Jr.’s birthplace is Hyderabad Telangana India. His grandfather is NT Rama Rao a well-known Telugu actor and former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. With his performance and his serious acting abilitiesm he has elevated the bar for artistic excellence in Telugu cinema.

Few performers in the world give their roles with such zeal that the audience finds it impossible to look away. He is renowned for his command of dialogue and his exceptional acting abilities. In addition the filmmakers with whom he has collaborated claim that Jr. NTR is a superb actor who can connect with and converse with the audience through his expression. Jr. NTR is a theatre artist actor and film producer from India. In 1991 when his first Tollywood film was released he received praise for his performance throughout the nation. Since then Jr. NTR has acted in several films that have elevated him to stardom in Indian cinema.

Jr. NTR's acting skills are respected not just in India but also abroad. He is currently regarded as one of the most gifted and well-compensated performers in the nation and the world. He received the yearly National Film Award for Best Children's Film for his portrayal of a young artist in the 1996 movie Ramayanam. His debut feature was Ninnu Choodalani. Throughout his 18-year career in the film industry Rao made appearances in 28 movies. He received four Cinema Awards two Telugu Filmfare Awards for Best Actor two Nandi State Awards and other honours.

NT Rama Rao Jr’s Family and NT Rama Rao Jr’s Education

Jr. NTR Family.tring

NT Rama Rao Jr.'s father is Nandamuri Harikrishna and NT Rama Rao Jr.’s mother is Shalini Bhaskar Rao. His parents gave him the name Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. He had a good relationship with his grandpfather and began going to see him frequently when he was little. He finished Intermediate before deciding to pursue acting as a full-time career.

Jr. NTR has one sister named Nandamuri Suhasini two brothers named Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and a half-brother Janaki Ram. Lakshmi Pranathi is his wife while Nandamuri Abhay Ram is his son. Lakshmi Pranathi and Jr. NTR are married and have two children together.

The famous Telugu actor and politician Nandamuri Harikrishna and Shalini Bhaskar Rao gave birth to Rama Rao Jr. in Hyderabad. N. T. Rama Rao an actor and former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh has a grandson by that name who is also an actor. He attended Vidyaranya High School before earning a bachelor's degree from St. Mary's College in Hyderabad.

He's received formal instruction in Kuchipudi dance. He is the cousin of actresses Taraka Ratna Nara Rohit and Nara Lokesh as well as the half-brother of actor and producer Nandamuri Kalyan Ram the nephew of actor and politician Nandamuri Balakrishna and the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N. Chandrababu Naidu.

NT Rama Rao Jr’s wife

Jr. NTR Wife.tring

Jr. NTR and Lakshmi Pranathi one of Tollywood's most coveted couples are renowned for their unwavering support of one another. Even though Jr. NTR is a popular actor Lakshmi Pranathi stands by him off-screen.

Together they are a formidable couple. Lakshmi and Jr. NTR were destined to be together. His parents had planned the marriage as an arranged union. Those who find their perfect match in an arranged marriage are extremely fortunate. Jr. NTR and his wife embody the first impression. Today we discuss their nice and straightforward love story.

On May 11 2011 in Hyderabad the power couple exchanged vows in front of a large gathering of their close friends and relatives. One of the main influences on the actor's life is Lakshmi. The Aravinda Sametha actor is less animated and prefers to avoid the spotlight.

The actor hardly ever discusses his love life or personal relationships. Jr. NTR discussed how Lakshmi transformed him into the person he is now during one of his talks with the Deccan Chronicle. 

Being married to this wonderful woman makes me feel special. She has done a lot for me and is my second anchor in my home after my mother which is another reason I stay at home. I never really feel the need to leave the comfort of my house. More importantly she advises me on how modern women want to watch main actors: In a throwback interview from a few years ago the actor said they do not discuss movies as a couple and do not work from home but they do watch movies together. With each passing year their relationship has grown more mature and empathetic.

He has a talent for charming and treating his ladylove. When depressed the actor prepares a delicious lunch for his wife. He either takes his wife and children on a vacation or spends most of his time with them when he feels stressed. This shows that he is one of the rare people who gains great happiness by doing good for those around him.

NT Rama Rao Jr’s Career

At the age of seven Rama Rao made his acting debut as a child actor in the 1991 movie Brahmarshi Vishwamitra. He played the part of Bharata in a play that was written and directed by his grandfather N. T. Rama Rao. He next portrayed the titular character of Rama in the mythical movie Ramayanam (1997) which received the National Film Award for Best Children's Film. This came after a lengthy absence. The reviewers of the movie praised his performance.

Student No. 1 (2001)

S. S. Rajamouli is the director of this coming-of-age romance action movie in the Telugu language. The writing direction and production of the movie were all handled by K. Raghavendra Rao. The movie cost 1.85 crores (US$392 000) to make and the distributor received 12 crores. The movie was then recreated in 2003 in Odia as Helare and Tamil with the same name (2008). 

Aditya (N. T. Rama Rao Jr.) enrolls as a student at a legal school in Vizag. The college which is run by Satya is infamous for its rowdy students (Rajiv Kanakala). Flashbacks to Aditya's past are portrayed during the first half of the film which presents him as a strange young man. He forces the disruptive kids to change their ways.

During the intermission we learn that Aditya is a murder suspect who is currently serving a life sentence in the Vizag Central Jail. With the special consent of the jail authorities he attends college. Aditya and his parents reside in Hyderabad. His intermediate studies are complete (10th grade plus 2). His father wants him to pursue a career in law but he wants to study engineering.

This causes tension between them and eventually results in a confrontation. In the meantime Aditya accidentally kills a criminal while defending a girl from being raped. Aditya gets disowned by his father as his son and turns himself in at a police station. The rest of the movie is about Aditya using the legal degree he obtains to win his father's affection.

Subbu (2001)

The love drama movie Subbu was released in 2001 in Telugu under the direction of Rudraraju Suresh Varma and was co-produced by R. Srinivas and P.M. Hari Kumar. It features N. T. Rama Rao Jr. who reprises his Student No. 1 character and Sonali Joshi. The Hindi title of this movie is Tiger: One Man Army.

A 2001 Telugu movie called Subbu was produced and directed by R. Srinivas and P.M. Hari Kumar. Sonali Joshi and Jr. NTR who replaced him in the popular Student No. 1 film star. Bala Subramanyam better known by his stage name Subbu (Jr. NTR) is a college student who is adored by all for his calm demeanor and admirable philosophy of keeping his cool at all times.

Neeraja (Sonali Joshi) is a kindhearted person who consistently contributes money in an anonymous manner to help pay for 25 seats in the college where Subbu is enrolled. Subbu is interested in finding out more information about the donor of the funds. For the most part because of her upbeat demeanor Subbu falls in love with Neeraja. Neeraja has a good reason for giving money to the university. A more compelling reason exists for Subbu to develop his cool-headedness.

Simhadri (2003)

An action movie called Simhadri was produced in 2003 and was directed by S. S. Rajamouli from a script by V. Vijayendra Prasad. N. T. Rama Rao Jr. Bhumika Chawla and Ankitha are the movie's main performers; Mukesh Rishi Nassar and Rahul Dev play supporting roles. M. M. Keeravani created the film's score and Ravindra Babu and Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao respectively handled the cinematography and editing.

The movie which debuted on July 9 2003 was a financial triumph. The movie had an 8.5 crore rupee ($1.8 million) budget and grossed 26 crore rupee ($5.6 million) from distributors. Subsequently the movie was reproduced in Tamil as Gajendra (2004) Kannada as Kanteerava (2012) and Bangladeshi Bengali as Durdorsho (2005).

M. M. Keeravani composed the soundtrack. He disclosed that Rajamouli frequently chose songs that were already in use or those that other directors had rejected. The songs Chinnadamme and Ammaina Nannaina were first used for the films Samarpana and Kishkinda Kanda respectively in 1994. (1992). The song Singhamalai was featured in the 1991 movie People's Encounter. Keeravani cited Cotton Eye Joe as the source of the melody for Chiraku Anuko. The price for selling the distribution rights to Simhadri was Rs. 11.5 crore. The production costs for it ranged between Rs. 6 and Rs. 8.5 crore. Over 100 days passed during Simhadri's theatrical run.

Ashok (2006)

NTR Jr. Sameera Reddy Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood play the main characters in Surender Reddy's 2006 Telugu-language masala movie Ashok which was made by Maharishi Cinema. On July 14 2006 the movie premiered in Andhra Pradesh. At the box office it made an average amount of money. Babar Kosom a Bengali Bangladeshi remake of it (2007) with Manna and Nipun Akter.

Because of his hasty decisions that resulted in the death of his grandma Ashok a mechanic has been expelled from his home. Despite Ashok's exemplary behavior which has a favorable effect his father is still furious with him. Then by chance Ashok meets Anjali a skilled but insecure dancer and he falls in love with her. Anjali is present as one of the biggest criminal organizations in Andhra Pradesh led by KK who commits a crime. KK then attempts to trap Anjali in his sinister schemes as Ashok fights KK's crew alone.

Rajiv a friend of Ashok makes an effort to save Anjali but KK has him slain. Then Ashok murders Panda KK's brother to exact revenge for Rajiv's passing. This infuriates KK who orders his group to kidnap Ashok's sister and demands that Ashok turn himself in exchange for her safety. At KK's manor Ashok's father drags him and commands him to save his sister. Then at Ashok's sister's wedding a major altercation occurs between Ashok and KK. When it seems like Ashok will win KK's mother accidentally murders her son while attempting to shoot Ashok. She seemed to have passed away from shock after dropping the rifle. Ashok's sister marries and his father forgives him as the movie comes to a close.

Adhurs (2010)

Two identical twin brothers who split apart at birth are the subject of the tale. They were divided by an elderly woman whose daughter-in-law had just had her third stillbirth. To become a police officer himself Narasimha who was raised by a single mother works as an undercover spy for top cop Nayak. Narasimha's twin Chari is raised by a typical Brahmin priest family. One of his relatives Chandrakala aka Chandu falls in love with his priest guru Bhattacharya nicknamed Bhattu. But after she believes Chari has saved her from Eve-teasers she starts to fall for him. The daughter of Nayak Nandini is Narasimha's girlfriend. 

The family of a distinguished army scientist who is the father of Narasimha and Chari is being sought after by Dhanraj and Baba. When they locate him they take Narasimha whom Nayak has betrayed because he loves his daughter and use him as leverage to force him to create a target-killing gadget. Due to Narasimha's escape from that location two guys visit Chari's home on the day of his engagement and offer him 30 lakhs in exchange for pretending to be Narasimha. The rest of the story is made up of what follows.

Oosaravelli (2011)

Surender Reddy directed the action-thriller movie Oosaravelli which was released in 2011 in India's Telugu language. Prakash Raj plays a significant role in addition to N. T. Rama Rao Jr. and Tamannaah. Devi Sri Prasad wrote the soundtrack and score for the movie. There were 1 800 theaters where the movie opened. Rocky (2013) is the Bengali version of the film.

The cast performances action sequences set pieces and technical components of the movie earned positive reviews from critics but the reviews were divided. By earning 16.3 crore (US$2.0 million) it surpassed the previous record for the greatest opening day gross in Tollywood. The movie was one of the most successful of 2012 after running for 50 days in theaters.

On October 6 2011 the movie debuted on 1800 screens across the globe. 200 theatres including 76 in Hyderabad screened the movie in the Nizam region of Andhra Pradesh while 91 theatres in the USA saw it released internationally.

The satellite rights were purchased by Gemini TV for a total of 5.50 crore. Bhavani Videos released the DVD on January 14 2012 for $7.99 in NTSC video format and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio format. The Blu-ray was made available for $14.99 on February 1 2012 in NTSC video format with DTS HD Master 5.1 surround sound.

Baadshah (2013)

Sreenu Vaitla's 2013 action comedy film Baadshah is an Indian Telugu production. Bandla Ganesh produced the movie through his Parameswara Art Productions company. N. T. Rama Rao Jr. plays the lead in the movie opposite Kelly Dorji Navdeep Kajal Aggarwal and Brahmanandam. Sai Thaman who has worked with Sreenu Vaitla twice composed the music for the film. K. V. Guhan handled the cinematography.

The movie had its international premiere at the 2014 Osaka Asian Film Festival in Japan before being released on April 5th. Baadshah had a global release on 1550 screens and 1200 prints. For his part in the movie Brahmanandam received the SIIMA Award for Best Comedian (Telugu). Baadshah was a box office success and earned favorable reviews from reviewers.

The audience had very high hopes for this movie because it was NTR's biggest outing following two flops with Sakthi and Dammu. This movie got off to a terrific start earning 33 million worldwide at the end of the first week becoming N. T. Rama Rao Jr.'s biggest opening grosser of his career and gaining cult status. It is also Sreenu Vaitla's seventh straight blockbuster. [Reference needed] In its first week of release the movie took in 9.3 million (net) dollars globally. In three weeks the movie has made $427.9 million (net) globally. In total the movie has made 920 million (net). The film grossed a total of 48.50 crores worldwide. It was one of NTR's most financially successful movies.

Temper (2015)

The 2015 action movie Temper was produced in India and directed by Puri Jagannadh. It was written by Vakkantham Vamsi. N. T. Rama Rao Jr. Kajal Aggarwal and Prakash Raj are the three main characters in the story which centers on corrupt police officer Daya and how a fight transforms his life and causes him to stumble onto a murder case. The Hindi version of this film dubbed Simbaa was produced with Ranveer Singh in the lead role and was helmed by Rohit Shetty.

Temper was created by Bandla Ganesh under the umbrella of Parameswara Art Productions. The soundtrack was written by Anup Rubens and the background music was by Mani Sharma. The film's editing and cinematography were handled by Shyam K. Naidu and S. R. Sekhar respectively. A 35 crore rupee budget was used to make the movie (350 million). Principal photography for the film started the following day August 2 2014 in Hyderabad where production started. The film was mostly shot in and around Hyderabad and Goa and after being twice stopped due to the Film Federation employees' strike the shoot was finished on January 31 2015.

On February 13 2015 the movie received positive reviews from critics who praised the performances of the main characters while criticizing the film's predictable and repetitive moments. With a lifetime gross of 74.3 crore (743 million) and a share of 43.1 crore (431 million) the movie was a financial success. With a different climax it was adapted in Tamil as Ayogya (2019) and in Hindi as Simmba (2018).

Nannaku Prematho (2016)

The youngest son of industrialist Subrahmanyam who is located in London Abhiram quits his job to create K.M.C. Pipes and Canals which he later finishes as his first project in Spain. He is informed that his father has pancreatic cancer and only has a month or more to live. He is identified by Subrahmanyam as Ramesh Chandra Prasad once the richest businessman in London who lost everything to Krishna Murthy Kautilya a crafty man who built his international business empire by defrauding Ramesh Chandra. After years of labor he eventually became wealthy again after being compelled to change his name to Subrahmanyam.

Subrahmanyam asks his three sons to seek retribution for him. To appease him his first son tells him he has sued Krishna Murthy but Abhiram ultimately decides to handle the situation himself. He employs three kids who appear to adore their fathers and gives them 30 days to bring down Krishna Murthy. To get to him he targets Divyanka also known as Divya Krishnamurthy's daughter. After saving her from captivity and using every last cent of their family's savings to buy her a $25 crore (US$3.1 million) artwork Divya assumes Abhiram's sentiments.


S. S. Rajamouli who co-wrote the script with V. Vijayendra Prasad is the director of this epic action drama movie in the Telugu language. Producing credit goes to DVV Entertainment's D. V. V. Danayya. N. T. Rama Rao Jr., Ram Charan, Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt, Shriya Saran, Samuthirakani, Ray Stevenson, Alison Doody and Olivia Morris are among the cast members. It is a fictional account of two real-life Indian revolutionaries Alluri Sitarama Raju (Charan) and Komaram Bheem (Rama Rao) and their relationship and struggle against the British Raj. RRR - Wikipedia

RRR which cost 550 crore rupees ($72 million) is the most costly Indian movie ever made. The movie's initial release date in theaters was set for July 30 2020 however it was repeatedly delayed because of the pandemic and production issues. RRR was theatrically released on March 25 2022 and was praised for Rajamouli's direction the cast's performances (especially Rama Rao and Charan) the soundtrack the action scenes the cinematography the VFX and the writing. RRR smashed the record for the greatest opening-day collection by an Indian movie with 240 crores (US$30 million) worldwide on its first day.

RRR outperformed Rajamouli's previous picture Baahubali 2 in terms of box office revenue in its native market of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana garnering over 415 crore (US$52 million). The movie broke multiple records at the box office for an Indian production becoming the third-highest-grossing Indian movie and the second-highest-grossing Telugu movie globally. It made between 1 000 and 1 200 crores (US$130 and 175.47 million) worldwide. At the 47th Saturn Awards RRR received nominations in three categories and took home the Best International Film honour. Within a week of its debut RRR surpassed all other foreign films to earn the most money in Japan. 

It is one of the few Indian films to have won an Oscar. The award was given for Best Original Song for the song Naatu Naatu. Junior NTR's dance off with Ram Charan to this song was one of the highlights of the film.

NT Rama Rao Jr’s Upcoming films

His grandpa is NT Rama Rao a well-known Telugu actor and former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. one of the highest-paid actors in Telugu movies. With his performance and his serious acting abilities the guy reinvented acting in Indian cinema and elevated the bar for artistic excellence. Few performers in the world give their roles with such zeal that the audience finds it impossible to look away. He is renowned for his command of dialogue and his exceptional acting abilities. NTR 30 and NTR 31 are two of NT Rama Rao's upcoming films. The latest project for Jr. NTR will bring him back together with Koratala Siva the director of Janatha Garage. Additionally it is anticipated that the film would be released in theaters in 2023 along with NTR 30 and Siva giving Jr. NTR fans a double treat.

NT Rama Rao Jr’s Career Timeline

Year N.T Rama Rao Jr Film Names N.T Rama Rao Jr character Names
2024 NTR 31 N/A
2023 NTR 30 N/A
2022 RRR Komaram Bheem
2018 Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava Veera Raghava Reddy
2017 Jai Lava Kusa Jai Raavan Kumar Lava Kumar & Kusa Kumar
2016 Nannaku Prematho Abhiram
2016 Janatha Garage Anand
2015 Temper Daya
2014 Rabhasa Karthik
2013 Baadshah Baadshah (N. T. Rama Rao)
2013 Ramayya Vasthavayya Nandu (Ramu)
2012 Dammu Ramachandra (Raja Vijay Dhwaja Sri Simha)
2011 Sakthi Sakthi Swaroop & Maha Rudra
2011 Oosaravelli Tony
2010 Adhurs Narasimha Chari & Narasimha
2010 Brindavanam Krishna Krish
2008 Kantri Kantri (Kranthi)
2008 Chintakayala Ravi Himself
2007 Yamadonga Raja
2006 Ashok Ashok
2006 Rakhi Ramakrishna Rakhi
2005 Naa Alludu Karthik (Murugan)
2005 Narasimhudu Narasimhudu
2004 Andhrawala Munna & Shankar Pehlawan
2004 Samba Samba Shiva Naidu
2003 Naaga Nagaraju
2003 Simhadri Simhadri (Singamalai)
2002 Aadi Aadi Kesava Reddy
2002 Allari Ramudu Ramakrishna
2001 Ninnu Choodalani Venu
2001 Student No.1 Aditya
2001 Subbu Bala Subramanyam
1997 Ramayanam Rama
1991 Brahmarshi Viswamitra Bharata

NT Rama Rao Jr’s Controversy

Junior NTR was once embroiled in a scandal after marrying a minor.

His marriage to Lakshmi Pranathi was called into question more than ten years ago with rumors that she was a minor at the time.According to reports a lawyer named Shanti Prasad approached the Machilipatnam Legal Services Authority claiming that Narne Lakshmi Pranati was a minor and that her marriage would be illegal at the time the famous Telugu film actor Junior NTR was courting a relative of Telugu Desam Party (TDP) president N. Chandrababu Naidu.

Upon finding that the girl was just 17 Prasad according to accounts launched a lawsuit. The minimum age to get married is 18. He requested that the marriage only take place once the girl reaches the age of 18. I do not support ending the marriage. I only urge Naidu who served as the CM for nine years and Junior NTR's father Nandamuri Harikrishna to set an example by abiding by the law.

Nandamuri Harikrishna is currently an MP. Making and enforcing laws serve no purpose if they don't.The Telugu news channel Studio N's owner Narne Srinivas Rao Junior NTR Naidu and the girl's father received notifications from the authority as a result. However sources close to the bride's family made it clear that the wedding would not take place until after the bride turned 18 on March 26. On May 5 2011 the actor and the actress were wed and they now have two boys.

Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor turned down Jr. NTR’s NTR 30.

In RRR Jr. NTR and Alia Bhatt shared the screen. For NTR 30 it was rumored that the pair may reunite but it turned out that Alia had turned down the project for unspecified reasons. Later the producers reportedly got in touch with Shraddha Kapoor who also declined the film.

To increase the film's appeal in the Hindi-speaking region the NTR 30 producers appear to be considering casting a Bollywood actress in the female main role. They were unable to secure Alia and Shraddha for the movie though. At the 75th Cannes Film Festival Deepika Padukone is presently stealing millions of fans' hearts with her stylish outfits. 'Padmavat' actress also declined the opportunity citing several reasons.

Rashmika Mandanna is reportedly in talks for the project as of late but the creators have not released any details on the subject. The actress who will play the female protagonist in NTR 30 is likely to make an official announcement soon.NTR 30 is being directed by Koratala Siva and Anirudh Ravichander is writing the music. Filming on the NTR 30 unit is anticipated to start in July. In the coming days more promotional material will be released.

NT Rama Rao Jr’s Net worth

Jr. NTR Net worth.tring

JR is another name for Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Jr. or NTR sometimes known as Tarak which is worth $150 million or Rs. 1114 crores. Being a movie actor is how he makes money. He is a Telugu movie actor and singer from India. NTR is the South Indian film industry's megastar. He is one of the top five performers from the south Indian region who made a name for himself as a lead actor. His movie and brand endorsement revenues make up the majority of his income. In addition to his acting remuneration Jr. NTR receives the profit split from his films. He accepts a sizable payment for brand endorsements. Jr. NTR is also opening his new production house which may increase the current net worth he has. With such enormous earnings and profits Jr. NTR consistently ranks first when it comes to giving volunteering and social work. 

Mr. Jr. NTR is one of the highest taxpayers in the nation and ranks first when it comes to income tax payments. Jr. NTR resides in Jubilee Hills a prestigious neighborhood in Hyderabad. This real estate property is worth approximately Rs. 28 crores. Additionally he just recently bought a home in Bangalore. Rolls Royce and Range Rover are only a couple of the automobile companies owned by Jr. NTR. These cars would each cost between Rs 1 and Rs 3 crore. His son Ram Charan Tej gave him a Rolls Royce automobile. We conclude by wishing Jr. NTR a fruitful year filled with many accomplishments excellent health and a lot of love. May he always succeed in reaching his objectives and increasing his wealth!

NT Rama Rao Jr’s Awards

CineMAA Awards

Filmfare Awards South

IIFA Utsavam

Nandi Awards

South Indian International Movie Awards

8 Amazing Facts about NT Rama Rao Jr

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