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Niharika Nm Biography Age Relationship Family Education Career

Know more about Niharika Nm. Keep reading & get information about Niharika Nm’s age, family, biography, relationships, career, interesting facts & more.

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Profile Summary

Niharika Nm Details
Profession Content Creator
Celebrity Type Internet Celebrity
Age 26 Years (2023)
Date Of Birth 4 July 1997
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Birth Place Chennai
Height 5 Feet 3 Inch
Weight 55 Kgs
Notable Work Global Ambassador Of Creators For Change
Net Worth 2-3 Crores
Instagram @Niharika_nm
Twitter @Justniharikanm


Niharika Nm’s Biography

Niharika Nm is a 26-year-old Indian digital content creator who is widely known for capturing the attention of the Instagram community in 2020 with her humorous and relatable Instagram reels. Additionally she is the only solo creator to have twice been selected as a global ambassador for the YouTube initiative Creators for Change which employs influencers to raise awareness of and involve their audiences in important social issues.


Niharika Nm's age is 26 years old as of July 2023. Niharika Nm was born on 4 July 1997. Niharika Nm’s zodiac sign is Cancer. Niharika Nm is from Chennai Tamil Nadu.


Niharika Nm's school name is not available. Niharika Nm’s college name is BMS College of Engineering Bengaluru. Niharika Nm’s university name is Chapman University California. Niharika Nm’s educational qualification is a degree in Master of Business Administration.


Niharika Nm’s father’s name is not known. Niharika Nm’s mother’s name is not known. Niharika Nm's sibling's details are not available.


Niharika Nm’s relationship details are not known. Niharika Nm’s marital status is unmarried.


Niharika is a huge theatre fan. She had always been drawn to plays and movies as a child but the thought of participating in such productions seemed too idealistic. She first encountered YouTube when she was in Class 10 but it wasn't until almost three years later that she began using it to express herself online through her videos. She became well-known through entertaining viewers with her own brand of observational comedy in brief funny skits.

On Instagram Niharika's video titled 'Living Alone 101' quickly gained popularity and has received over 11 million views in less than 13 days. Since then she has expanded exponentially and is now one of Instagram's quickest-growing content producers. She had just 100 000 followers on 17 October 2020 but exactly two months later on 17 December 2020 she attained the coveted 1 million followers. She currently has more than 2.8 million followers on all social media sites and that number is rising. She joins an exclusive group of 0.32% of users with this kind of reach. According to the Mention x Hubspot Instagram Engagement Report 2020.

Her 'Types' video series which ranges from 'Types of Students Before An Exam' to 'Types of People at College ' is well-known. The first time she decided to make a video titled 'Types of Students Before an Exam ' it went viral and brought her 10 000 new subscribers in a matter of hours.

Networth and Income

Niharika Nm's Net worth is around INR 2-3 Crores approximately.

6 Interesting Facts about Niharika Nm

Social Media

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