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Bajrang Punia | Matches, Age, Awards, Family, Career, Wife

Know more about Bajrang Punia, Keep reading & get information about Bajrang Punia’s age, family, biography, relationships, career, interesting facts & more

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Profile Summary

Bajrang Punia Details
Bajrang Punia Profession Wrestler
Bajrang Punia Nickname The Tank
Bajrang Punia Wife Sangeeta Punia
Bajrang Punia Hometown Jhajjar Haryana India
Bajrang Punia Birthplace Jhajjar Haryana India
Bajrang Punia Age 28 years as of 2022
Bajrang Punia Date of Birth 26th Feburary 1994
Bajrang Punia Height 5 Feet 5 Inches
Bajrang Punia Notable Work First Indian to win three World Championship medals
Bajrang Punia Nationality Indian
Bajrang Punia Net Worth $2 Million as of 2022
Bajrang Punia Net Worth in Rupees 15 Crores INR
Bajrang Punia Instagram @radhikamadan
Bajrang Punia Twitter @radhikamadan01
Bajrang Punia Zodiac Sign Pisces

Bajrang Punia’s Biography

Bajrang Punia’s Biography Tring

Bajrang Punia birthdate on February 26 1994 is an Indian freestyle wrestler. Bajrang Punia real name is Bajrang Balvan Punia. Bajrang Punia birthplace is Haryana's Khudan village in the Jhajjar district. He started wrestling when he was seven years old and his father had always pushed him to play sports. Punia was raised in a small town. His family lacked the resources for conventional sports. The zodiac sign of Bajrang is Pisces. Bajrang Punia is from the Hindu religion. Bajrang Punia hobbies are dancing. 

Punia's family enrolled him at a nearby mud wrestling school when he was a little child because his father was a wrestler as well. He began missing class to attend wrestling practice. He participates in 65 weight divisions. Punia defeated Kazakhstan's Daulet Niyazbekov 8-0 to take home the bronze medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

At the World Wrestling Championships Punia is the only Indian wrestler to have taken home three medals. He visited Chattarsal Stadium in 2008 when Ramphal Mann tutored him. For him to attend a regional centre of the Sports Authority of India his family relocated to Sonipat in 2015. He currently holds the position of Gazetted Officer OSD Sports with the Indian Railways. He is wed to Sangita Phogat Punia another wrestler.

Bajrang Punia’s Family

Bajrang Punia’s Family Tring

Bajrang Punia's father Balvan Singh Punia is a wrestler Bajrang Punia mother is Om Pyari Punia. The youngest of three kids he is. Bajrang Punia Elder brother is Harendra Punia. His father decided to let his son try free sports like wrestling and Kabaddi instead of traditional sports because they were too expensive for him to afford. At the age of 14 Punia signed up for mud wrestling lessons at a nearby school. He was introduced to Olympic medalist Yogeshwar Dutt who served as both his mentor and sparring partner. 

Bajrang punia’s Marriage

Bajrang punia’s Marriage Tring

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 champion is a Bajrang punia wrestler. At the age of 27 the Bajrang Punia is married to Sangeeta Phogat a fellow wrestler. At a training camp Sangeeta and Bajrang first met and they soon began dating. In November of last year Sangeeta Phogat and Bajrang Punia were united in marriage in a low-key ceremony in Phogat's Haryana hamlet. The wrestling twins Geeta and Babita Phogat about whose story the movie Dangal was based have a younger sister named Sangeeta. At a training camp Sangeeta and Bajrang first met and they soon began dating.

As the tale progresses Bajrang gave Sangeeta his phone and is now waiting for her reply but she hasn't sent one. The following day they crossed paths. When he questioned her why she hadn't messaged him she said that she had forgotten his number so he sat down and helped her remember his. Sangeeta asked Bajrang during their talk if he was planning to get married so he responded that he would. She believed Bajrang was in a relationship. He also sent Sangeeta a text message declaring his love for her one lovely day.

Bajrang received an encouraging message from Sangeeta shortly after winning the bronze medal at the Olympics: You are a champion and you shall stay one. I'm grateful. You were going to disprove the critics I knew it. I'll be waiting for you Bajrang Punia because I adore you. As a skilled wrestler Sangeeta has won numerous titles and medals including a silver at the Commonwealth Games. We hope both of them have greater success in the future. They elevate our country!

Bajrang Punia’s Matches and Career

2013 Asian wrestling championship

He met Shogo Maeda of Japan in round 16 at New Delhi India and defeated him 3-1. He faced Iranian opponent Morad Hassan in the quarterfinals which he won 3-1 to get to the semifinals. In the 60 kg men's freestyle division North Korean Hwang Ryong-hak defeated Bajrang 3-1 in the semifinals giving Hwang Ryong-hak the bronze medal.

2013 world wrestling championship

Bajrang defeated Mongolia's Enkhsaikhany Nyam-Ochir by a score of 9-2 to win the bronze medal in the men's freestyle 60 kg division in Budapest Hungary. In the round of 32 he faced Bulgarian Vladimir Dubov who defeated him 7-0. Following this Bajrang met Japanese opponent Shogo Maeda and was given a walkover. Ivan Guidea of Romania was his next opponent and after defeating the Romanians 10-3 Bajrang qualified for the bronze medal match.

2014 commonwealth games

He took home the silver medal in the men's freestyle 61 kg division in Glasgow Scotland after falling to David Tremblay of Canada 1-4. In round 16 Bajrang met Englishman Sasha Madyarchyk and defeated him 4-0. He defeated Marno Plaatjies 4-1 in the quarterfinals of the South African tournament.

2014 Asian games

In Incheon South Korea he took home the silver medal in the 61 kg division despite losing to Masoud Esmaeilpoorjouybari of Iran by a score of 1-3. Farkhodi Usmonzoda of Tajikistan was his opponent in the quarterfinals who he defeated 4-1 to get to the semifinals. After defeating Noriyuki Takatsuka of Japan 4-1 in the semifinals He was guaranteed a medal.

2014 Asian wrestling championships

In Astana Kazakhstan he defeated Masoud Esmaeilpour Iran once more this time by a score of 0-4 for a silver medal in the men's freestyle 61 kg division. He faced South Korean Lee Seung-Chul in the 16th round whom he defeated 3-1. Noriyuki Takatsuka of Japan defeated him 3-1 in the quarterfinals to advance to the semis. He encountered Mongolian Nazmandakh Lhamgarmaa there who he defeated 3-1 to guarantee himself a medal.

2015 world wrestling championships

Bajrang came in fifth place at the competition in Las Vegas without taking home a medal. He faced Mongolian Batboldyn Nomin in the Round of 32 who defeated him 10-0. Bajrang had the opportunity to compete in the wild-card round because the Mongolian had advanced to the 61 kg final battle. Reece Humphrey of the USA was his first opponent in the wild card and he easily defeated him 6-0. Beka Lomtadze of Georgia the second wild card opponent fought hard but was ultimately defeated 13-6 by the Indians. Unfortunately he failed to cross the finish line drawing the bronze medal match 6-6 but his Ukrainian opponent Vasyl Shuptar scored the final point.

2020 Tokyo Olympics

He defeated Ernazar Akmataliev in the pre-quarterfinal match for the 65 kg division at the 2020 Summer Olympics then he defeated Morteza Ghiasi Cheka in the quarterfinal round on August 6 2021. He won by an 8-0 score against Kazakhstani wrestler Daulet Niyazbekov in the bronze medal match.

Bajrang Punia’s Upcoming Matches

At the Tokyo Olympics Bajrang Punia advanced to the men's 65 kg freestyle semifinals where he will compete against Haji Aliyev for a position in the gold medal match. On Friday August 6 2021 at 02:50 IST the game is scheduled to begin. Sony Sports stations will broadcast it while Sony Liv will stream it live.

Bajrang Punia’s Controversy

The Khel Ratna Award policy of the government was previously openly challenged by Bajrang Punia. He promised to go to court and confront the judges about the honor's rules. Punia decided to file a lawsuit against being passed over for the award despite having the highest performance points after the meeting with the sports ministry on Thursday. According to reports Bajrang obtained the maximum achievement score of 80 while Virat Kohli received the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award with a score of zero.

Bajrang Punia’s Net worth

India's most well-known and accomplished sports figure Bajrang Punia has set many records over his storied career. He is an Indian professional wrestler who is ranked second in the world. 

One of the most accomplished and technically excellent wrestlers is Bajrang Punia. He took home a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Bajrang Punia's net worth is $2 million which translates to roughly 15 crores of Indian rupees in local currency. 

Bajrang Punia has accomplished so much at such a young age and the entire country is extremely proud of him. The Tokyo Olympics will pay out 3.50 crores in cash. In his garage Bajrang keeps several vehicles including a Toyota Fortuner a Mahindra Scorpio and others. A few additional properties are also owned by him in and around Punjab and Haryana.

Bajrang Punia’s Awards

7 Interesting Facts about Bajrang Punia

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