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Hitesh Mandot
Date : 18-10-2022
epr Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer

EPR is an Indian rapper and singer in India. EPR's claim to fame was the show MTV Hustle 2.0. EPR’s real name is Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer. EPR is known for his controversial songs and comments on Public Issues.

EPR’s Biography

epr biography tring

EPR is an Indian rapper and singer in India. EPR’s real name is Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer. EPR's birth date is 3 April 1989. EPR’s birth year is 1989. EPR’s age is 33 years as of 2022. EPR’s birthplace is Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India. EPR’s zodiac sign is Aries. EPR’s father is Rashesh Patel. EPR's height is 5 feet 8 inches.

Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer, better known by his stage name EPR, is a well-known Indian rapper who is also well-known for his songwriting abilities. EPR has a significant following in India, where people adore him for his skill as a rapper, and many upcoming Hip-Hop artists look up to him. Rapper Santhanam Srinivasan, often known as EPR, is from India. In the year 2019, he rose to fame as a contestant on the reality television program MTV Hustle in India. He also took part in Season 2 of India's Got Talent. He collaborates with many rappers and performs at a variety of events.

Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer has a pretty beautiful hairdo and is extremely handsome and hot. He has a huge social media following. More than 160k Instagram users follow Santhanam Iyer. Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer is 155 cm tall and 59 kg in weight. He has a large athletic build. His hair is dark brown, and his eyes are dark brown. 

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EPR Education

EPR studied at A.K. Ghosh Memorial school. EPR holds a Master’s in Mass Communication from NSHM Knowledge Campus 


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EPR’s Girlfriend

EPR’s girlfriend is no one as EPR is not dating anyone and is unattached. In order to entertain his audience, he is mostly focused on his rapping. He has a full schedule of events, programs, and theatrical performances. Last but not least, he is also said to be dating Ahana.


EPR's Struggles

EPR's musical career didn't begin with rap. EPR said that  When I was in school, MTV, Channel [V], and VH1 introduced me to English rock music. I began to listen to a lot of Enrique Iglesias, Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, and Ricky Martin. Then I went through a boy band era and listened to a lot of NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys.

EPR believes things only began to make sense for him after hearing Linkin Park, and he recalls being astounded by Mike Shinoda's stage presence. This inspired him to explore other musical genres, and he joined Eminem in exploring the rich world of hip-hop.

I started researching the culture's history. Rappers typically spit lines that are against the law, according to KRS-One. I was inspired to use rap to spread awareness and consciousness because, as the 33-year-old EPR  claims, Emcees spit lyrics to empower their people (Emcee Poet Rapper). However, things weren't always easygoing at first. EPR found it difficult to explain rap to a crowd that lacked context and thought it was just about speaking words fast. 

EPR  also faced a significant obstacle at home. Like the majority of my extended family, my parents have always wanted me to become a doctor and have never been big fans of music. I reassured them that I would keep learning, but in a field that would support my enthusiasm, he stated. EPR has a Master's degree in mass communication from NSHM Knowledge Campus, and he uses all of the knowledge he has acquired to create music.
EPR looked for a bigger stage because his school (A.K. Ghosh Memorial) didn't have many festivals. He and his buddies established a band to participate in The Telegraph in Schools (TTISsizable )'s festival in Swabhumi. I went up and freestyled on the first day.

EPR soon took shape! Before disbanding, the company was banned after dominating the college festival circuit and collecting awards around the nation. His subsequent band, Underground Authority, left a much more lasting impression. The band, which was formed in 2010, entered the major leagues after winning India's Got Talent and making it to the finals. I was enjoying myself on stage, and the 'look' from television made us go from being semi-pros to being full professionals in an instant. People began taking us seriously, and my parents realized the potential in what I was doing, the man said.


EPR's Career

Unlike the west, where hip hop was a voice of rebellion, Indian hip hop took a totally different path from its earliest beginnings. We began with Baba Sehgal in this case, and then the genre started to be heavily parodied. Despite its sexism and misogyny, Honey Singh and Badshah later arrived and helped it become a widespread movement. People believed that hip-hop was about a man driving a tractor while carrying 100 women! EPR regrets that it devolved into voyeurism and chauvinism. 

But EPR senses that Gully Boy brought about a change. He felt the need to get back into hip-hop after over a decade away. People started paying more attention to the lyrics, and I wanted to coach upcoming rappers and support Kolkata's rap culture. In order to address social injustices and raise awareness, I founded a hip-hop community called Adiacot (A dream in a cup of tea) with my producer, GJ Storm alias Kuntal De. 

EPR has a special place in this group since, while it was online, he too had discovered his love of hip hop through a community.

EPR joined Insignia Rap Combat on Orkut in 2007, a group of hip-hop musicians from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. Raftaar and Brodha V are two other well-known rappers who came from this community. I used to participate in topical rap fights where we would write down our verses when the moderator gave us a theme. You had to earn the respect of this hard-core community. Contrary to popular belief, Indian rap did not originate in the gullies, he claims. Additionally, Iyer and Smokey The Ghost worked together on the song O.R.K.U.T., which narrates this story.

He wanted to experiment with more experimental music after publishing an EP called Bik Gayi Hai Gormint, but he ran into obstacles because of rival egos. People frequently consider other forms of music to be unworthy of listening to since they had rap heroes as children. I think more like a musician than a rapper because my ego was crushed when I joined a band at a young age and learned how to borrow from them, he claims. Iyer released a couple of singles after exploring his solo rap persona in response to this.


EPR MTV Hustle

EPR MTV Hustle tring

EPR  received a call from MTV in 2019, the same network that first piqued his interest in English music when he was younger. They wanted me to serve as the host of the MTV Hustle rap battle. I told them I'd rather compete instead when they mentioned rappers could play their own songs on the show, he grinned.

EPR  proceeded to Mumbai after passing the auditions and rose to fame with his poetry on topics including farmer suicides, depression, acid assaults, and corruption. His lyrics were a welcome change from rap's typical cultural appropriation, which tended to focus on party songs, inner conflicts, or narcissistic boasting. He was able to win the runner-up spot thanks to his talent.

EPR appreciates the show not just for bringing him back to the stage, but also for helping to shape the rap scene. The crowd had grown weary of watching the same reality programs perform the same songs. Rappers were able to perform their original music on this occasion. Every episode served as a stand-out album since it gave emerging rappers a platform in front of a sizable audience.

EPR is a judge in MTV Hustle 2.0.



epr rap

These principles are combined in his debut solo album, Protest Poetry, which was published in 2020 amid the epidemic. Iyer believes that the album's 17 tracks, which have received two million Spotify streams alone, are evidence of a shift in public taste. The Assam Regiment, Laxmi Agarwal, and the 2019 elections are just a few of the serious topics that are covered on the album, according to him.

EPR is well into the recording of Reggae Hindustan, his second album, which includes 16 singles, eight of which have already been made public. In my debut record, I tried to be quite traditional and objective. I didn't explore myself in the stories I told, with the exception of two soothing tunes. In this album, I've experimented with many different styles, and it's more me. To write the song ADR/ABR, I even spent five months studying Urdu poetry. People started asking me whether I was from Pakistan after hearing it, he claims.


EPR’s Best Songs


Sirni Bana Epr

The beat, which is incredibly excellent and dramatic, establishes the mood right away. This track describes Srini's journey to becoming EPR. Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer is EPR's real name, which is why he chose that title. He discusses himself, his art, and how hip-hop affected him in this song. This song explains EPR in exact detail! He is a mad rapper as well as a real poet. The finest aspect of this song is how EPR uses bizarre references to describe who he is and what he thinks. He is incredibly inventive with his metaphors, references, and writing style. He is without a doubt one of the top 5 lyrical rappers right now.

EPR declares at the beginning of this song that he will describe his valiant hip-hop journey, and the beat lends his words a tremendous amount of fire to launch the verse. And one thing is for certain: EPR's songs don't work in an uphill slope structure; his lyrics always hit you hard from beginning to end. He opens with a magnificent poetic verse before smoothly introducing the hook, which will impact you differently by releasing all the lyrical tension EPR created with his verse and transporting you to a relaxed emotional mood.

The second verse begins after the hook, and it finishes with a statement for MTV Hustle. As many people are aware, EPR finished second on the reality competition MTV Hustle, and many of his supporters were frustrated that he did not win the competition. Even during the performance, he declared that it didn't matter who won since he had instilled a love of hip-hop in every one of his listeners, and that is what really mattered to him. Enjoy this fantastic tune right now.


Ekla Cholo Re

You may have heard this song on MTV Hustle or on YouTube, but if not, don't miss it at all because it contains a lot of emotion. Just give it a listen, and you will learn a lot about the state of Indian agriculture. EPR discussed agriculture and the state of Indian farmers; the video concept is very depressing. A farmer's harvest is devastated in the video concept, and he decides to stay alive with his daughter. The images are simply too depressing, and what makes them depressing is the fact that farmers do commit suicide. Only EPR is capable of creating tunes like this; he used his art flawlessly.


EPR Controversy


EPR news

In a video that is becoming viral on social media, the rapper EPR Iyer discusses the murder of Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal and the death threats (Sar tan se Juda) made due to supposed blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammad. Netizens are enthusiastically disseminating the video and praising the rapper in it.


EPR's background with left-leaning raps

Left-leaning hip-hop has a long history with EPR. He claimed in an interview with Telegraph India that he would not have been political if he had not been raised in Kolkata. If I had grown up somewhere else, I don't think I would be as political, he remarked. OpIndia browsed a few of his raps. In 2020, he published a solo album called Protest poetry that included 17 songs about social issues.


A dig at PM Modi called Chowkidar Chor

Congressman Rahul Gandhi used the insulting phrase Chowkidar Chor against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in track 6 of his album, Abki Baar Kaun, for which he later apologized in court. He accused the BJP of using Abhinandan for political purposes and said the government wasn't serious about combating inflation. 

Throughout the rap, he utilized the line Abki Bar Kaun Abki bar Kaun, Apna Chor Apna Chowkidar Kaun? in reference to PM Modi. The primary targets of the rap were either PM Modi or the BJP, even though he eventually hit all leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Amit Shah, Mamata Banerjee, and others.


Comment on Gauri Lankesh

He fervently supported left-leaning journalist Gauri Lankesh in one of his raps titled Ekla Cholo Re. While doing so, he asserted that the same weapon used to kill activist Kalburgi was also used to kill Gauri Lankesh. Although the SIT had denied it, there were rumors that the same weapon had been used.


Accused the government of delaying vaccines, farmer deaths, and other things.

Another rap song by EPR, named Reggae Hindustan, attacked the government for delaying Covid-19 immunization. The song was made public on June 2021. Notably, India had already given 2.96 crore doses of the Covid-19 vaccine at that point, and within a few months, India had reached its goal of immunizing every eligible person. The government disproved the claim that India was behind the target multiple times, but organizations like EPR continued to use it.


The CAA-NRC criticism

Weeks after a violent altercation between Delhi Police and anti-CAA demonstrators in Delhi's Jamia Millia Islamia, where Delhi Police had to deploy lathi charges to separate the crowd that was throwing stones at them, the rap with the title We Inna Hindustan was published. EPR made reference to CAA and NRC in a way that suggested a connection between them, which is untrue. Two years after the aforementioned protests, the administration has still not even disclosed the NRC draft. Additionally, he claimed that reputed comedian Kunal Kamra had been removed from the flying list after allegedly attacking Republic TV's Arnab Goswami during a flight, however, the verdict was in Kamra's favor.


EPR’s Net worth

EPR aka Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer makes a respectable living. Currently, in 2022, his net worth is $3 Million, and rapping and singing are his main sources of revenue. Acting and singing are Santhanam's pastimes. He also enjoys writing songs and traveling. He has more than 257K followers on Instagram.


EPR’s Interesting Facts and Trivia.

epr facts

  • EPR  is an excellent driver.
  • EPR  regularly visits a gym.
  • EPR  is Being vegetarian
  • Emcee Poet Rapper is EPR's full name.
  • In 2010, EPR made his television debut on the second season of the Indian reality series India's Got Talent.
  • EPR gives stage performances in a number of Indian cities and states.


Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

EPR is an Indian rapper and singer on Indian TV.
EPR’s wife is no one as he is unmarried as of September 2022.
EPR's age is 24 years as of 2022.
EPR's famous songs are Srini Bana and Ekla Cholo Re.
Yes. EPR has a total net worth of $3 million.
EPR is from Tiruchirappalli, India.
EPR’s real name is Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer
EPR’s Instagram is @epr_svnslas_iyer
EPR's net worth in Indian rupees is $3 million rupees in 2022.
EPR’s best shows are MTV Hustle 2.0
EPR’s birthdate is 3 April 1989.
The height of EPR is 5 Feet.
EPR’s weight is 59kg.
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