Amruta Dhongade | Biography, Career, Age, Net worth, Serial

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Date : 30-11-2022
Amruta Dhongade Amruta Dhongade

Maharashtrachi Mirchi and Marathi Big Boss famed Amruta Dhongade is an actress and now a contestant in Marathi Big Boss Season 4.

Amruta Dhongade’s Biography

Amruta Dhongade Biography

Amruta Dhongade is an Indian actress in Marathi Industry. Amruta Dhongade’s name is Amruta Manikarao Dhongade. Amruta Dhongade's birth date is 11 October 1997. Amruta Dhongade’s birth year is 1997. Amruta Dhongade’s age is 25 years as of 2022. Amruta Dhongade’s birthplace is Kolhapur. Amruta Dhongade’s zodiac sign is Libra. Amruta Dhongade's sex is Female. Amruta Dhongade's village is Jhakale.  Amruta Dhongade’s father is  Manikarao Dhongade. Amruta Dhongade’s sister is Pooja Dhongade. Amruta Dhongade's height is 5 feet 3 inches. Amruta Dhongade’s husband is no one as she is unmarried as of September 2022. Amruta Dhongade’s boyfriend is not known as of September 2022.

Actress Amruta Dhongade comes from Marathi. She was given the opportunity to try out for the Mithun movie. Her first Marathi film debut was Mithun. She played the principal female role in this film. On July 13, 2018, the Mithun movie gave her her big break. She was given the opportunity to portray the major female character in Mrs. Mukhyamantri after a year. Amruta Dhongade portrays Sumi in this television series. Tejas Barve is her co-star. Samar Patil is the character he is portraying.

Amruta Dhongade is not in a relationship and is still single. She adores Madhuri Dixit as an actress and Ranveer Singh as an actor.

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Amruta Dhongade's Age, Amruta Dhongade's Family and Amruta Dhongade's Education

amruta dhongade family

Amruta Dhongade’s birthplace is Kolhapur. Amruta Dhongade’s zodiac sign is Libra. Amruta Dhongade's family consists of a father, mother, and sister. Amruta Dhongade’s father is  Manikarao Dhongade. Amruta Dhongade's mother is Smita Dhongade. Amruta Dhongade’s sister is Pooja Dhongade. Amruta Dhongade's height is 5 feet 3 inches. Amruta Dhongade’s nickname is Soni. Amrutha Dhongade’s hobbies are Dancing, Reading, and Acting.

Amruta Dhongade was raised in Pune after being born in Kolhapur on October 11, 1997. Amruta Dhongade’s age is 25 years as of 2022. She attended school in Pune and afterward graduated with a B.Sc. from Bharati Vidyapith Pune. She is proficient in classical dancing. She then decided to pursue a career in acting exclusively.


Amruta Dhongade Vishal Nikam Relationship

Amruta Dhongade Vishal Nikam Relationship is of co actors. Amruta Dhongade and Vishal Nikam worked together on a movie. There is no official announcement of dating each other, although rumors are there. Amruta Dhongade's husband's name is no one because she is unmarried as of November 2022. Amruta Dhongade's boyfriend is no one as of November 2022.


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Amruta Dhongade’s Movies


Mithun (2018)

This film's two sections, a love story, and a political drama, appear to be from distinct genres. You are unable to pinpoint which of these two sides the movie leans towards by the time it is over.

When Mithun (Vishal Nikam) and Kanchi (Amruta Dhongade) meet paths, they secretly keep glancing at one other while secretly in love. Neither of them makes the other aware of their feelings, though. Up until Kanchi takes a brave move and expresses her feelings by getting Mithun's name tattooed on her hand. So far, so good, but Prakash Pawar, the filmmaker, takes a very long time to establish this.

The film enters the intermission with a foreshadowing of the violence that will occur in the second half after some corny romance sequences. The second half focuses on shady politics and a dishonest police officer tormenting the protagonist at the direction of the town's political bigwig. 
It has been poorly developed, despite the fact that it does have a connection to the developing romance between our main characters. It would have been wiser to concentrate on just one of the topics or to handle them both in layers. Instead, the too-simplified approach to these issues leaves nothing unresolved. In addition, the final act of the film seems rushed.

A number of Marathi actors, including Amruta Dhongade, Jaywant Wadkar, Mahesh Ghag, and Vishal Nikam, appear in the feature film Mithun. 


Amruta Dhongade's Tv Shows


Amruta Dhongade's Serial Name Mrs. Mukhyamantri (2019)

Suman, a young girl from Satara's little town, is the main character of this tale. By the strange turns of fate, she ends up becoming Mrs. Mukhyamantri. When Suman was very young, her mother passed away. She is a diligent young woman attempting to support herself. She resides with her father Tatya, a drinker who steals money. Samar Singh Mantri-Patil works as a pilot. Anuradha Mantri-Patil wants her husband Shersingh Mantri-Patil to fulfill her lifelong ambition of becoming Mrs. Mukhyamantri.

Zee Marathi currently carries the family drama Mrs. Mukhyamantri in Indian Marathi. It began on June 24, 2019, and ended on September 12, 2020. Under the auspices of Vajra Productions, Shweta Shinde and Sanjay Khambe are in charge of its production.


Amruta Dhongade's Serial Name Tu Chandane Shimpit Jashi (2020)

One of the top technicians in the Mumbai suburbs, Charu is a 22-year-old woman who runs her father's repair shop. Life changes for Charu, a 12th grader when she unintentionally receives a marriage proposal from a wealthy family. 

She already has daily struggles, so her blossoming love story becomes difficult. Success and caliber are at war. It follows the path of an ambitious young woman who acts as the backbone of her family and achieves their goals despite the challenges they confront in the midst of a love-hate-love narrative.

The new Chandane Shimpit Jashi program, starring Sachit Patil and Amruta Dhongade, has been taken off the air. After the lockdown, the recently released show was unable to dominate the TRP charts. 

The creators opted to lower the curtains as a result. The decision was made in a hurry, hence the show ended abruptly after 97 episodes.


Amruta Dhongade's Serial Name Big Boss Marathi (Season 4) (2022)

This season's theme and concept is All is well, which implies that everything will be in order and that nothing bad will ever happen in the home. This season's House has a Chawl theme. 

For the third time, The House was situated in Goregaon. The season of Bigg Boss Marathi featured a balcony for the first time in its history, symbolizing 75 years of Independence. Golden eye borders surround a dark pink background. 

There is a rangoli-style design and the name BB in the middle. The season 4 promo was officially launched by the producers on July 24, 2022, on Colors Marathi. Mahesh Manjrekar confirmed his return to host this show a few days later.

The fourth season of the reality television program Bigg Boss, which is aired in India, is known as Bigg Boss Marathi 4. On October 2, 2022, Mahesh Manjrekar and Colors Marathi debuted the first episode. Amruta Bigg Boss was a success as she was a contestant in the show. Amruta Big Boss is a contestant gaining lot of popularity in the show.


Amruta Dhongade Career Timeline

YearAmruta Dhongade Shows, Movies and VideosAmruta Dhongade Character Names
2022Big Boss Marathi Season 4Contestant
2020Tu Chandane Shimpit JashiCharu
2019Mrs. Mukhyamantri Suman


Amruta Dhongade’s Reels


Amruta Dhongade’s Photo


Amruta Dhongade’s Controversy


Amruta Dhongade regrets these things

  • Amruta started off by discussing shoes. Amrita claimed that Myntra once had a bargain going on. She noticed a wonderful deal being offered on three pairs of shoes. When she saw this, she bought the shoes right away, regretting them afterward because they were identical pairs. She was really upset by this choice.

  • Lipstick was the second item Amrita Dhongade regretted purchasing. Actress Mrs. Mukhyamantri claims that she carefully considered her options before buying that lipstick. Amruta recalled how she initially struggled to decide which hue to use. She received the biggest shock of her life after getting home. She already had the shade she had bought, which brought up another regret.

  • Amruta regrets having purchased a pair of jeans. The pair were still laying about her house unworn and quite loose.

  • Amrita too felt depressed after buying a one-piece outfit. She had first adored that clothing. She didn't think it through, just went out and bought it. She discovered the dress was really tight after trying it on.

  • A bag was the sixth and final item she later regretted purchasing. Her sister-in-law told Amruta that a purse that was worth Rs. 5000 had been sold for $1000. After learning this knowledge, Amruta bought the bag. Later, she discovered that the bag's buckle was damaged.


Amruta Dhongade’s Net worth

Amruta Dhongade Salary Per Episode Rs. 30k

Amruta Dhongade Salary Per Month Rs. 6 lakh +

Amruta Dhongade Net Worth Rs. 3 crores +


Amruta Dhongade’s Interesting Facts and Trivia.

amruta dongade's facts

  • Marathi actress Amruta Dhongade works in the film and television industries.
  • Basically, Dhongade is from Jakhale, Panhala, and Kolhapur.
  • She was reared in Kolhapur and Pune after being born there on October 11, 1997.
  • Amrita Dhongade is making her debut via Mithun. She has mastered both classical and other dance styles since learning to dance.
  • In Mrs.Mukhyamantri, Amruta portrays the independent-minded wife of the state's current chief minister.
  • Amruta views Madhuri Dixit as an inspiration because she thinks the Bollywood actress is an unrivaled total persona who can act and dance.
  • Amruta Dhongade's photoshoots and reel films have gained her a following on social media. Amruta is one of the TV industry's most talked-about actresses.


Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Amruta Dhongade is a Marathi actor and social media celebrity.
Amruta Dhongade has no boyfriend as of September 2022
Amruta Dhongade's upcoming show is Big Boss
Amruta Dhongade's age is 25 years as of 2022.
Amruta Dhongade's Father’s name is Manikarao Dhongade.
Amruta Dhongade’s birthdate is 11 October 1997
Amruta Dhongade is contestant in Big Boss Marathi Season 4.
Amruta Dhongade’s Instagram is @amrutadhongade_official
Amruta Dhongade’s salary is 6 lakhs rupees per month.
Amruta Dhongade's net worth in Indian rupees is 3 crores in 2022.
Amruta Dhongade’s best shows are Mrs. Mukhyamantri and Tu Chandane Shimpit Jashi
Amruta Dhongade’s best song is Prem Tu Majh, Gutu Lagal and Mithun Title Track.
Yes. Amruta Dhongade has a total net worth of 3 crores rupees.
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