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Top 10 Best Production House in Mumbai

Mumbai is a hub of creativity and innovation in video production, home to top production houses known for transforming concepts into impactful content. These companies serve diverse clients with exceptional services and cutting-edge techniques, boasting impressive portfolios with renowned brands.

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When it comes to video production, Mumbai stands out as a hub of creativity and innovation, hosting some of the most esteemed production houses in India. These companies are recognized for their ability to transform concepts into visually stunning and impactful content, catering to a diverse range of clients and industries. Here’s a look at the top 10 production houses in Mumbai, celebrated for their exceptional services, cutting-edge techniques, and impressive client portfolios that include renowned brands and successful campaigns.

Tring Studios

Tring India based in Mumbai is the best service provider when it comes to video production. They've worked with major brands like HealthifyMe, Borosil, Astral Pipes, and more. Tring Studios offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure seamless content creation:

Along with these services, Tring also helps you connect with a celebrity for brand endorsement. Thus, Tring is a one-stop solution from concept to production.

Alive Films

Alive Films is a premier video production company based in Mumbai, specializing in a wide range of video production services like corporate videos, industrial films, marketing videos, training materials, live performances, performing arts, live events, and web video production.

Alive Films is renowned for its creative style, fast turnaround time, and seamless collaboration throughout the production process, delivering high-quality results. Whether you need full-service 4K and HD professional video production or specific services, they have the skills and expertise to meet your needs.


Pixelcarving Production Company in Mumbai is known for transforming ideas into captivating visuals through its meticulous video production process. They start with conceptualizing by analyzing the target audience and proposing various video script strategies to effectively convey the message. Moving to production, they bring these ideas to life with dynamic execution. Finally, they craft the produced content into a polished masterpiece.

Their services include TVC/AdFilm video production, corporate video production, animated explainer videos, music videos, and promotional videos. Pixelcarving has proudly worked with renowned brands such as Upstox, Indigo, and Salesforce, consistently delivering high-quality content that engages and inspires.


Urbanlink in Mumbai is a distinguished production company offering a wide range of services tailored to meet diverse video production needs. Their expertise includes creating corporate films, comprehensive video production, remote filming, manufacturing videos, recruitment videos, and exhibition videos. With a robust portfolio of over 300 videos delivered, Urbanlink has garnered eight years of experience, showcasing their versatility across various industries.

Urbanlink has collaborated with prestigious brands such as JSW, Asian Paints, and Thomas Cook, consistently delivering high-quality content that aligns with each client's unique vision. Their commitment to excellence and innovation has made them a trusted partner for businesses looking to enhance their visual communication.


Dreamfoot, located in Mumbai, boasts over 8 years of expertise in video production, offering a diverse array of services tailored to meet various needs. They specialize in crafting corporate videos, ad films, promotional videos, human resources videos, social impact videos, and training videos. Dreamfoot has collaborated with prestigious brands including Aditya Birla, Apollo Tyres, and Linde, consistently delivering high-quality, impactful content that resonates across audiences and platforms. Their creative approach and commitment to excellence make them a trusted partner in visual storytelling and brand communication.

Santanu Productions

Santanu Productions in Mumbai excels in creating standout audio-visual content through a comprehensive service offering. Their process begins with in-depth research into your subject, brand, industry, and competitors, followed by the development of out-of-the-box concepts and unique visual styles. They provide scriptwriting that highlights your unique selling points, detailed storyboards, and 4K-HD cinematic video shoots using professional equipment such as prime lenses, 4K drones, gimbals, sliders, jibs, teleprompters, and green screens. Their in-house studio floor facilitates live shoots, while their editing suite includes liquid-cooled extreme workstations with 3D animation, CGI, and VFX capabilities.

Santanu Productions also offers professional voiceovers, and access to a vast library of stock footage, music, and sound effects, ensuring client satisfaction through multiple iterations. Their services include corporate videos, TV commercials, product videos, training videos, and instructional videos. With 30 years of expertise, they have worked with esteemed brands such as BBC, Sony, and Axis Bank, consistently delivering high-quality, impactful content.

Motion Magic Media

Motion Magic Media in Mumbai is a premier production company with over 13 years of expertise in creating high-quality visual content. They offer a wide range of services, including corporate videos, explainer videos, motion graphics, 2D/3D animation, and product videos.

Motion Magic Media has had the privilege of working with prestigious brands such as TATA, Cadbury, Porsche, and ICICI Bank. Their dedication to excellence and innovative approach has earned them recognition at the International Film Festival and the IDPA.

With a commitment to delivering impactful and engaging content, Motion Magic Media continues to set the standard in the industry.

ThoughtProcess Films

ThoughtProcess Films, a creative film agency based in Mumbai, specializes in crafting content tailored to every business goal. With over 250 films to their credit, they meticulously handle each step of the filmmaking process. Their creative team excels in both short and long formats, mastering the art and science of storytelling. ThoughtProcess Films offers a range of services, including brand films, digital content, and animation films. They have successfully collaborated with prominent brands such as Ola, Vodafone, Abbott, and Audi, consistently delivering high-quality, impactful content that engages and inspires.

O2 Designs

O2 Designs in Mumbai specializes in creating exciting and innovative video content for online, internal, and social platforms, helping clients stand out from the competition. With a team of media professionals, including animators, editors, camera operators, and content writers, they ensure top-notch production quality. Believing in the power of storytelling, O2 Designs builds strategies and produces highly engaging content for brands. They own all their equipment, including advanced cameras, state-of-the-art post-production facilities, and an in-house studio, providing the best services at competitive prices.

Their services include business videos, marketing videos, corporate event videos, and training videos. O2 Designs has proudly worked with renowned brands such as UNESCO, Intel, and Hindustan Unilever Limited.

Studio Dialogbox

Studio Dialogbox in Mumbai specializes in creating dynamic and engaging visual content through a variety of services. They offer 3D product explainers that effectively showcase product features, app launch explainers that highlight the benefits and functionalities of new applications, brand story videos that narrate the journey and values of a brand, and 2D how-to videos that provide clear and concise instructions.

Studio Dialogbox has collaborated with prestigious brands such as KPMG, CEAT, and HDFC, delivering high-quality videos that resonate with their target audiences and enhance their brand presence.

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