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5 MIN Read | 27-04-2021


2020 has brought major changes to our lives with multiple things going digital. Since there are so many benefits of technology, people are choosing to get acquainted with it rather than a complaint about it. One such way of how technology has made something beautiful is through video messages from celebrities. With the emergence of digital gifts, the trend of happy birthday greetings from celebrities has been shaping up fast. Many people are finding it interesting and are opting for it.

When Can You Get Personalized Celebrity Video Shoutouts?

Some people opt for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries to get video messages from celebrities. It makes the concerned person very happy to see their beloved celebrities wishing them on their birthday anniversaries. Apart from happy birthday greetings from celebrities, the messages for special occasions and special announcements like marriage, pregnancy announcement, promotion announcement have been in trend too.

Not just that, video messages from celebrities on these occasions generate curiosity in the masses. A fairly good number of people are requesting such videos to bring about positive changes. Many people also opt for such videos without a particular occasion, simply to get motivated when doing mundane tasks.

Tring is such a platform to get video messages from the celebrities of your choice.

How To Get Video Messages From A Celebrity?

To get a video message from a celebrity, you have to follow a few steps. But there is nothing complicated about it. It is as simple as creating a social media account.

1.  First, you have to log in to the Tring website. If you do not have an account on Tring, you can create one easily by inserting details like your name, birth date, gender, and place of residence. That helps Tring understand you better. You can skip this step by choosing to sign up using your existing Google account.

2. You can choose from a list of celebrities that is available on the website. It has influential people from various fields like entertainment, business, social media, YouTube, Bollywood, and sports.

3. You can make a payment to confirm your request.

Why Should We Pay For Personalized Celebrity Video Shoutouts?

To get yourself a video message from a celebrity or a happy birthday greeting from celebrities, you will have to make a specified amount of payment on the website. Let us understand why we should make that payment.

1.  It Provides Celebrities With A Side Income
Through this payment that the fans make to get video messages, the celebrities earn some amount. Even though celebrities have glamorous salaries and lifestyles, they also have to bear the cost of maintenance to keep that glamour going. This increases the expenses tremendously, irrespective of whether they are currently working actively or not. Apart from that, influential people might not be earning as well. So, this opportunity provides them with some side income that they can rely on.

2.  It Helps Influential People From Small Scales
Not all celebrities are famous all over India. There is a lot of local talent, which goes unnoticed by many of us. These local artists and influential people from social media like YouTube and Instagram can be operating on a small scale. But such platforms help them grow and invest to grow even more. The money invested by their friends to get the personalized message from them also acts as a boost up for their confidence because of the trust shown by their fans in them.

3.  It Helps Celebrities In Identifying Their Huge Fans
Many people find it easy to track their fans after seeing who all are following them. And, friends of these fans tend to make multiple requests for various videos and pay for them. This helps celebrities identify their top fans, who are willing to also pay for their service. It not only boosts the self-esteem of the celebrities but also creates a good bond between them and their fans. At the same time, they are also more motivated to make more such content as they see that their work is influencing someone to that extent. Hence, paying celebrities for their work facilitates better celebrity and fan engagement.

4.  Production Of Quality Content
When celebrities are paid better, they are going to be more motivated to bring out quality content for their fans. People are influenced by them to the extent that they are ready to pay to interact with celebrities. At the same time, because of the increase in their cash flow, they can invest in better technology to bring various forms of content for their fans.

We put celebrities on a pedestal and idolize them like gods. But we should not forget that they are humans too and all humans should be paid fairly for the kind of work they do. That is not only fair towards them but it also boosts psychological well-being for them.

Log on to Tring to read more about celebrity engagement and get your video messages from a celebrity.

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