Which TV Show Do You Prefer - TMKOC or The Kapil Sharma Show?


Priyanka Jain

6 MIN Read | 21-01-2022


Finding the best personalised gifts online?

Lockdown has been dull and has not left us with multiple choices regarding entertainment at the house. Two of the finest choices which were adored by most of us were ‘Tarak Metha Ka Oolta Chashma’ and the other ‘The Kapil Sharma Show. This show item was a saver that supported us to be at home during the lockdown, and it remains a beautiful entertainment basis. You think overseeing the show is the only way to keep a relationship with our famous star and concert. But wait a minute, not anymore, you can make them a part of your or your adored one’s special day also. Personalised video messages from your favourite celebrity from these shows are available on Tring. The messages and love from the celebrity will be one of the best personalised birthday gifts for your loved ones.

We all have someone in every house which is a hardcore fan of one of the shows above and watch these shows in repetition, and no one will deny that both shows are funny and entertaining. One side of Dilip Joshi is humorous in his comic timing. On the other side, Kapil Sharma is also laughable on the same note. You can get attached to them as a viewer by making them a considerable part of your celebration or your loved one's birthday or anniversary. Making stars the part of your celebration could be one of the best and most unique personalised birthday gifts.

Nowadays, meeting them physically is too demanding to give anyone anything. If you have any family members or friends whose birthday is straight out, then why not give them something they didn’t even predict from you. Yes, celebrities of TMKOC and TKSS have a separate fan pursuits. They both are a complete package of laughter and a delightful family show, so why not make them a part of the celebration and give them the best personalised birthday gifts?

When you are bewildered about what you should give to that special person in your life who is an immense fan of either one show, something unique or drops into the category of personalised birthday gifts, then gets on Tring. It has celebrities listed as Tarak Metha Ka Oolta Chashma and The Kapil Sharma Show. You can pick your favourite one of each show or multi-celebrity and make them a part of your D-day or your loved ones' special day. Celebrities you choose will be wishing them on their event and showering loads of blessings and love. These are the best personalised birthday gifts to give anyone. This will make them feel starstruck, and their day will be unforgettable.

Now, let’s talk about which one is better, about their characters and the personalised birthday gifts for your loved ones because of their existence -

TMKOC is the longest-running humour show and a pretty famous show which is too funny, every character in the show is excellent and favourite. One can imagine the show's scope Tarak Metha Ka Ooltah Chashma, as it is the only television show selected by Prime Minister Mr Narenda Modi in Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan. This is a massive thing as it was chosen because it is the most-watched show that has been running for 14 years. This show echoes the lifestyle of the middle-class family, which is connected with the viewers very quickly. It passes all the good messages, so parents are stress-free for their children watching it with them, and gifting personalised video messages from the show characters is going to be one of the best personalised birthday gifts for anyone who is a fan of these shows in your life.

There are multiple talented people in the show, and undoubtedly each of you has their favourite one. Any character's wishes and messages could be one of the best personalised birthday gifts. So, here are some of the actors listed on Tring who could help you choose the best personalised birthday gifts for your loved ones. Pick your loved ones' favourite and give them their personalised birthday gifts by choosing multiple stars. This will make this birthday a memorable one and such personalised birthday gifts by you will be cherished all your life.

Amit Bhatt (Champaklal) is hilarious, and his love-hate relationship with Jethalal (his on-screen son) makes everyone love him even more. If your near and dear one is the greatest fan, give them personalised birthday gifts like Amit Bhatt’s personalised video messages. This will make their birthday a humorous one.


Tapu Sena, a bunch of the most lovable people's messages and wishes, can be one of the best personalised birthday gifts. Everyone loves this cute-little gang, and the show is unfinished without them. Nidhi Bhanushali (Ex- Sonu), Palak Sindhwani (Current Sonu), Kush Shah (Goli), Samay Shah (Gogi), or Azhar Shaikh (Piku) - if your near and dear ones have a huge crush or a die-hard fan of one of them or all of them then gifting their personalised video messages would be one of the best personalised birthday gifts. The wishes from Tapu Sena will shock and surprise them. 

Tapu Sena - Personalised Gifts Online

Shyam Pathak (Popatlal) will shake the world with his wishes and is one of the best choices for personalised birthday gifts. A handsome young bachelorette person who is always a complete package of enjoyment. If your near and dear one is a massive fan of his, then what are you waiting for? Select him and his messages and love will be one of the best personalised birthday gifts.

The list is on and on for the celebrities, Tring has many other stars listed of TMKOC.

TMKOC Cast on Tring - Personalised Gifts Online

Now, let’s not forget The Kapil Sharma Show, which is equally entertaining and funny, and the personalised birthday gifts for your special ones from this show’s cast.

TKSS is vast and garners many people's love all over. Any age group enjoys this show. Some people love them because their performance allows them to connect with viewers' favourite Bollywood actors. Not only do people love Kapil Sharma, but co-actors such as Kiku Sharda, Vishal Vishu, Ravji Thakur, and many more receive much love. These stars’ personalised messages can be a part of your or your loved one’s B-day, which would fall into the variety of unique and unexpected personalised birthday gifts.

Kiku Sharda's wishes and messages are the best personalised birthday gifts because he is one of the funniest guys in the show. He is not only funny but also extremely cute. If your loved ones love this cute guy and are a massive fan of him, then don't think much and just have a personalised video wish/messages by him for your special ones and make their day the cutest with these kinds of personalised birthday gifts.

Kiku Sharda - Personalised Gifts Online

Vishal Vishu is the pillar of the show, which makes the show much more entertaining by his presence. Book his personalised video messages and give your loved ones the best personalised birthday gifts.

Vishal Vishu - Personalised Gifts Online

Tring has a few more actors listed of TKSS, which could be one of your family's best personalised birthday gifts.

Choosing between two of the most entertaining shows is difficult, and we know it. So, let’s enjoy both the shows and make them a part of your celebration. The celebrity wishes will significantly impact the day for your loved ones and family.

Personalised Video Messages From Your Favourite Celebrity - Personalised Gifts Online

Tring gives you the excellent opportunity to connect with the stars of TMKOC and TKSS. Let’s not miss on that as choosing the best personalised gifts online can give your special one an unforgettable day as a gift and you the undying attention of the whole family!

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